White Fire OG Feminized Seeds


Boasting high THC and a high yield, White Fire OG marijuana (aka WIFI OG) is an impressive and pungent strain that will help you reconnect with your happier self.

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White Fire OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 335 times today. Purchased 52 times today. Purchased 525 times this week. Fickle in the garden, those who attempt to cultivate the White Fire OG marijuana strain will be impressed with both its yield and enviable cannabinoid content. Topping out at around 28%, White Fire OG is not the type to be taken lightly – a predominantly cerebral high characterizes this indica-dominant hybrid, providing fuel for happiness and creativity without zapping your energy.  Reeking of diesel, pepper, and pine, White Fire OG marijuana can overwhelm the senses with its aromatic presence. This does little to dull its effect, however, and the versatility of White Fire OG can be seen in its healing prowess, courtesy of its naturally occurring levels of CBD. Patients have turned to White Fire OG marijuana to treat all manner of ailments, from nausea and inflammation to pain, anxiety, and depression.  White Fire OG marijuana seeds can be cultivated successfully indoors or out, but this strain prefers a more acidic and spacious environment to flourish. With an average of 9 to 10 weeks spent flowering, White Fire OG has been known to yield upwards of 21 ounces per square meter, provided optimal conditions are met. Outside, the strain can yield around 18 ounces per plant. 


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