White Fire Alien OG Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


The only otherworldly realms to which White Fire Alien will abduct you are the planet of euphoria and the multiverse of sleep.

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White Fire Alien OG Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 386 times today. Purchased 66 times today. Purchased 501 times this week.   For a long time, White Fire Alien OG cannabis seeds were as difficult to get a hold of as being abducted by aliens. However, now that you can easily obtain White Fire Alien OG from Growers Choice, you too can begin to grow your own crops of this indica-dominant hybrid. Descended from and named for its parent strains Fire Alien OG and The White, which was formerly known as “Triangle,” this hybrid won’t be abducting you anywhere otherworldly except maybe to the planet of euphoria and the multiverse of sleep.    What are the effects of White Fire Alien OG cannabis? Relaxed Euphoric Uplifted Sleepy White Fire Alien OG cannabis seeds mature into plants with a THC level of 18%–making this hybrid a fan-favorite amongst seasoned cannabis users. White Fire Alien OG cannabis is a fast-acting kind of strain that immediately slams into the head and body with the speed and force of a spaceship entering hyperdrive. Its cerebral effects immediately grab hold, lifting spirits and filling you with warm feelings of happiness. As your mood lifts off into the next dimension, White Fire Alien OG’s indica side begins to release the tension from every muscle in your body as you find yourself drifting deeper into a state of relaxation. Depending on your tolerance level, you may also begin to experience spacey brain fog, which nicely accompanies the desire to sink deeply into the recesses of your couch.  In short, White Fire Alien OG is the perfect choice for having your mind and body transported to the intergalactic realms of bliss, dreams, and soothing rest, unless you use it in extremely small quantities during the day, at which point sleep is less likely.    What are the therapeutic benefits of White Fire Alien OG cannabis? White Fire Alien OG inherited its OG family’s trait of being something of a stress destroyer. This potent strain has been known to help patients not only manage their stress levels but also find temporary and joyful relief from depression and chronic anxiety.  White Fire Alien OG also has a reputation amongst medical users for alleviating chronic pain, muscle spasms and tremors, inflammation, arthritis, migraines and headaches, and, of course, insomnia.   What does White Fire Alien OG taste like? Often compared to Pine Sol cleaner in regards to its smell, White Fire Alien OG’s flavor, while similar to its fragrance, is also tamer and better. The flavors of White Fire Alien OG are a combination of earth, lemon, and citrus along with musk…all of which create a very unforgettable taste.   How do I grow White Fire Alien OG cannabis seeds? Not only does Growers Choice make it possible to easily obtain White Fire Alien OG’s seeds, all of our cannabis seeds are feminized, which saves you the labor-intensive task of sorting out the males.  White Fire Alien OG is generally recommended for those with at least some previous cultivation experience. This plant can thrive both indoors and out, where outside it needs a warm climate in which to grow. White Fire Alien OG makes for a great indoor-growing plant, as its odor when grown outside is likely to make itself known.   What do White Fire Alien OG cannabis plants look like? White Fire Alien OG is usually medium in height when fully grown, but can sometimes grow to be rather tall. It produces oval-shaped nuggets that are dense and small in structure and size, both of which are traits common to indicas. White Fire Alien OG’s buds are dark green with blazing orange pistils and a thick layer of opaque crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your White Fire Alien OG cannabis plant When cultivated inside, White Fire Alien OG, which will thrive indoors using either soil or hydroponics, should provide you with a yield of about 300 grams per square meter in 8-9 weeks. While this may not seem like the largest yield, remember that its relatively short vegetative growth time means you have the possibility to increase the number of harvests you have in a year. Grown outdoors, this indica-leaning hybrid is usually harvest-ready in the last couple weeks of October with a yield of 300 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to White Fire Alien OG Mickey Kush a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s also known for smelling and tasting of household cleaning products, in a positive way White Fire OG shares matching indica to sativa ratios with White Fire Alien OG that’s also of the OG family and can claim The White as a parent strain too Chemdog #4 an indica-dominant hybrid that also has a THC level of 18%  Candy Kush an indica-driven hybrid that may also provide significant relief for those suffering from arthritis Purple Punch another indica-dominant strain that sends your mind soaring above and your body sinking deeper into the couch  


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