White Diamond Feminized Seeds


Evenly-balanced White Diamond, which also answers to the glittering names of “White Diamond OG” and “White Diamonds,” will have you blissfully twinkling like a diamond in the sky.

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White Diamond Feminized Seeds Viewed 351 times today. Purchased 74 times today. Purchased 495 times this week. What Are The Effects Of White Diamond Cannabis? Euphoric Happy Relaxed Energetic While not a lot is known about how to grow White Diamond cannabis seeds due to its breeder Alphakronik Genes keeping this information under lock and key, what is known is that they grow in plants that contain 50% sativa and 50% indica, and a THC content that averages around 20%. This delightful evenly-balanced marijuana hybrid is the proud descendant of luminary parent strains The White and Space Queen. With a reputation for being a stimulating and chatty hybrid that imparts a healthy balance of energy and soothing relaxation, the White Diamond strain embodies perfectly balanced effects like no other. Its upliftingly euphoric cerebral high is likely to leave you feeling happy and giggly, and without a worry in the world, thereby making socializing and hanging out a completely unfettered and carefree experience filled with laughter and good times. Its peaceful body effects are strong enough to provide full-body relaxation without leaving you completely obliterated and couchlocked. Instead, as its even, body-warming effects immediately wash over you after your first exhale, White Diamond will have you feeling at ease and comfortable as it soothes out tensions and stresses that can prevent one from being able to fully unwind and enjoy their day or evening. While White Diamond is touted as an energizing strain, it’s not exactly a wake-and-bake option as the kind of energy it provides isn’t about helping to motivate you to get more work done, but instead is about helping to motivate you to just let go and settle into its fun-filled social and soothing sides. As such, this 50/50 hybrid strain is an excellent choice for a day at the beach or lake with friends or when you’re having a day off at home and want to just happily flit about your day tending to your garden and enjoying the fact that you don’t have to be at your highest levels of productivity every single second of every single day. What Are The Therapeutic Benefits Of White Diamond Cannabis? As an evenly balanced hybrid marijuana strain, White Diamond has the best of both worlds to offer medical marijuana patients who are looking for a strain that has the potential to manage and even alleviate various mental and physical health medical conditions. For patients who are feeling bogged down by mental health issues such as chronic stress, worried or fearful thinking, dark and gloomy moods, negative feelings of self-loathing and/or despair, as well as other mood-related disorders may find that White Diamond’s elevating euphoric onset help to lift them to a more shimmering state of mind. As for White Diamond’s ability to alleviate various physical health conditions, it is said to work wonders in treating and soothing ailments like chronic aches and pains, muscle spasms and/or cramps, headaches, migraines, gastrointestinal disorders, and nausea–the latter of which may be of particular aid to those who are undergoing the harsh, yet necessary,  treatments of chemotherapy or radiation. Lastly, when taken in higher doses, those who suffer from sleep-related disorders say that White Diamond can be very effective in leading to a good night’s sleep. What Are The Adverse Effects Of White Diamond? Provided you use this hybrid weed strain in moderation, it doesn’t really come with any significant side effects beyond the usual possibilities of maybe experiencing some dry and itchy eyes and cottonmouth–both of which are easily remedied by using eye drops and staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. What Are White Diamond’s Fragrance And Flavor Profiles Like? White Diamond gives off some incredible aromas and extremely enjoyable flavors that are sure to leave users reveling in their harmonious blend. In fact, while White Diamond isn’t necessarily a powerfully overwhelming strain when used in moderation, it can be easy to accidentally exceed your actual tolerance level on account of how tempting and tasty its aroma and taste are. This 50/50 hybrid offers growers and users a nose-pleasing aroma of citrus and flowers combined with sweet vanilla and a dash of earth. For those with a particularly keen sense of smell, you will likely also pick up some lovely scents of lavender as well. White Diamond’s taste offers users a mouthwatering blend of peppery floral flavors with a sweet and spicy vanilla overtone that is accentuated by sublime notes of lavender. How Do I Grow White Diamond Cannabis Seeds? As mentioned at the start, there is not a whole lot that is known about how to grow White Diamond. However, if you look at the growing needs of its parent strains The White and Space Queen, you will be able to get an idea of what this 50/50 hybrid might require in your indoor or outdoor garden. (As an aside, for those who are less familiar with cannabis cultivation, figuring out the cultivation needs of a strain by looking at what its parent strains require is pretty common practice when the strain’s exact needs are unknown.) In addition, another thing that is certain is that because Growers Choice Seeds (GCS) only sells feminized cannabis seeds, there’s a 99% chance of ending up with all-female bud-producing plants. Furthermore, Growers Choice is so confident in the quality of seeds that it makes available to its customers that they come with a germination guarantee that 90% of them with sprout, or germinate, so long as you carefully follow the very easy germination steps provided by GCS here. Both Space Queen and The White require enough attention and care that they are best grown by cultivators with at least a medium amount of growing experience under their belts. As such, it is safe to assume that their offspring of White Diamond is also best grown by intermediate-level and above cultivators In addition, since both of White Diamond’s parents can be grown indoors and out, and both require plenty of nutrients and some regular trimming and branch support, it is not wildly speculative to make the educated hypothesis that their offspring will have similar needs. What Do White Diamond Cannabis Plants Look Like? Named for its stunning and sparkling looks, White Diamond plants can be anywhere from 2.5 to 5 feet tall when grown inside, and 5 to 6.5+ feet tall when raised out of doors. The buds that it produces are shaped like grapes and embody their indica genetics by being incredibly dense in their composition. Boasting luminous neon green nuggets that are woven through with thick pistils that are the color of rust, White Diamond buds are completely frosted over in a snowy blanket of small, lustrous white crystal trichomes that remind one of the clusters of stars spread out against the night’s sky, or… a treasure trove of white diamonds! When To Harvest Your White Diamond Cannabis Plants While White Diamond may take a little figuring out in the cultivation department, once you’ve put in the work, you can look forward to bountiful harvests of this gorgeous-looking and versatile strain. When cared for in an indoor setting, this 50/50 hybrid should enter its flowering period in about 7.5 to 9 weeks, after which it is said to provide as much as 600 grams per square meter. (However, some growers say that they’ve ended up with yields about half that size as well.) Grow out in Mother Nature, White Diamond should render similarly-sized harvests to its indoor yields and usually enters its flowering stage in the month of October. Similar Cannabis Strains To White Diamond 1. The White: this hard- and fast-hitting indica that’ll deftly K.O. all that weighs you down is one of White Diamond’s parent strains. 2. Space Queen: this evenly-balanced hybrid that leans slightly sativa in its effects providing users with an out-of-this-world escape is also proud to call White Diamond one of its offspring. 3. Querkle: this joy-filled and sedating indica-heavy hybrid also has Space Queen as a parent. 4. Glass Slipper: as the belle of the ball with its energy- and morale-boosting effects, this lively and soothing sativa-dominant hybrid is another descendant of The White. 5. God Bud: this exclusive and in-demand hybrid that captured the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup is also a 50/50 strain like White Diamond.


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