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An indica-dominant hybrid that leaves you happy and relaxed, you may just want to store a slice of Wedding Cake marijuana in the freezer to keep yourself from overindulging!

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Wedding Cake Feminized Seeds Viewed 452 times today. Purchased 93 times today. Purchased 467 times this week. Known for its potent ability to induce euphoria, the Wedding Cake strain is one of the most popular strains of Indica today. Packed with the sweetness of pastry and the aromatic blends of vanilla spices, it is no wonder why more and more people are taking an interest in growing their own Wedding Cake seeds at home. Wedding Cake Feminized Seeds A true example of the marriage that is sativa and indica, Wedding Cake marijuana is the kind of cannabis strain that will reward you time and time again with its potency, pungency, and drama. Consistently testing beyond THC levels of 20%, with a ceiling of 30%, Wedding Cake marijuana is considered one of the most potent strains going today. The indica-dominant treat takes effect quickly, with a mind-enveloping head-rush of euphoria that slowly settles into the body to unwind even the deepest knots in stressed and tired muscles. Consumers are urged to exercise caution with the strongly sedating yet bliss-inducing effects of Wedding Cake marijuana. Powerful notes of sweet and savory vanilla are apparent in both the aroma and flavor of Wedding Cake marijuana, which has become a popular strain among the medical set, for its versatility (and deliciousness). Its cannabinoids make quick work of stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Wedding Cake can also help relieve aches and pains, cramps, and stimulate the appetite. Wedding Cake marijuana seeds favor their indica genetics and produce short, sturdy plants that can be cultivated almost anywhere. Densely packed buds marvel in forest green with dark undertones and have a noticeable heft when placed in the palm. Beginner gardeners will want to bone up on proper pruning techniques if planting Wedding Cake marijuana seeds, as the dense foliage will need to be carefully removed to allow the plant to maximize its potential. Your care and attention to detail will reward you with anywhere between 18-20 ounces of marijuana per square meter indoors, or 21 ounces per plant outdoors come harvest. Is Wedding Cake Easy To Grow Wedding Cake or Birthday Cake seeds developed as a hybrid of Sativa and Indica strains. While both strains have their ups and downs in terms of growing procedure, investing in hybrids like Wedding Cake strain seeds will give you the best of both options. Specifically, Wedding Cake feminized seeds are often recommended by growers to produce a bigger yield. If you’re considering growing your own Wedding Cake seeds at home, you can expect to have an overall easy experience in terms of flowering time. Whether you are considering growing them inside your home or as an outdoor harvest, your Wedding Cake seeds will definitely flower only within a matter of weeks and with a large yield. Should you be able to follow the proper procedure and take note of several handy tips, you will be able to see your Wedding Cake strain seeds flower into your desired product in no time. How Do You Grow Wedding Cake Seeds As we’ve mentioned, growing Wedding Cake Cannabis seeds is not a difficult procedure, even for a complete beginner. If you find yourself with some Wedding Cake feminized seeds, you can expect a great yield. To make the most of your Wedding Cake strain seeds, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. In terms of temperature, Wedding Cake seeds thrive in a warm environment of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. So if you are considering growing your Wedding Cake seeds inside your home, consider the temperature and make sure to adjust accordingly. Some growers recommend putting up artificial lights for your plants, but it will all depend on your area’s climate. Likewise, make sure that the temperature level is just right if you are planning to grow your Wedding Cake seeds outside. Similarly, you should also take note of the humidity levels of the environment where you are planning to grow your Wedding Cake strain seeds. As much as possible, the humidity level should be balanced to help your plant thrive. This goes the same for the soil as well as airflow. When exposed to extreme changes in the environment, your Wedding Cake seeds may take longer to grow if at all. While Wedding Cake feminized seeds promise good results, it is still important to follow the recommended procedure to get your money’s worth. Overall, the key to helping your Wedding Cake seeds flower properly is maintaining a balanced environment. How Long Does It Take For The Wedding Cake Strain To Flower The length of time it takes for Wedding Cake seeds to flower depends on its environment. Similar to other cannabis strains, there are some factors to consider. If you are able to follow the recommended conditions, however, you can expect this amazing strain to flower in about 8 – 10 weeks. It is important to keep in mind that a properly thriving Wedding Cake strain seed will be tall and have dense foliage. Although Wedding Cake feminized seeds appear small, they will most certainly thrive in the proper environment. Once ready, the Wedding Cake strain can typically produce an average yield of about 400 to 500 grams. How Much Does Wedding Cake Strain Cost Per Gram Typically, Wedding Cake strain seeds are sold per piece, but one gram can cost about $30 to $40 which equates to about 3 to 4 seeds in a pack. As Wedding Cake seeds are still a relatively difficult yet highly potent strain to find, they can get quite pricey and have a tendency to sell out immediately. Due to its unique pastry-like taste and medicinal benefits, many people take advantage of this Indica-dominant hybrid to grow for themselves. However, the investment in Wedding Cake strain seeds is arguably worth it as the plant produces a large yield with an alluring vanilla scent once fully grown. Aside from its soothing effects, one of the many benefits of Wedding Cake feminized seeds is also its medicinal properties once fully grown. How Strong Is Wedding Cake Bud To give you that relaxing sensation of euphoria, Wedding Cake feminized seeds measure about 25-27% of THC content once harvested. For reference, this percentage sits relatively high as far as THC percentages go. While the THC content of a specific strain has limited correlation with its proposed benefits, it remains an intriguing subject of interest for Cannabis enthusiasts who put high regard on potency. Experienced users typically enjoy strains with higher THC content while beginners tend to stick to lower percentages. Still, the unforgettable journey of growing Wedding Cake feminized seeds allows anyone to do it. As long as you are able to tolerate its effects, the Wedding Cake strain remains a great choice for its sedative effects and its use for pain relief. Some also praise its balanced effects of relaxation and awareness after use, which is great if you wish to stay alert while feeling eased at the same time. Additionally, some users also opt for Wedding Cake marijuana as a choice for nighttime use due to its benefits to chronic pain conditions and alleviating insomnia. Is Wedding Cake Strain Indica Or Hybrid Due to its sweet aroma and earthy scents, many people are interested in the origins of the Wedding Cake strain. While it remains unclear, this hybrid of Indica and Sativa strains still remains a popular option for those seeking its sedative benefits. As for its composition, Wedding Cake marijuana is believed to be a mix between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. As both strains are Indica-dominant, so too are Wedding Cake seeds. With a general composition of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, however, Wedding Cake strain seeds are still treated as a hybrid mixture despite being indica-dominant. It is also important to note the variations of the Wedding Cake strain. Some growers report that there are allegedly at least two variants of Wedding Cake seeds in the market, but their composition is not too far off from one another. Specifically, there is the Wedding Cake strain that developed from Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, and the other variant which is derived from a mix of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. Both strains, however, contain the same sweet taste and vanilla flavors popularly associated with a single taste of the Wedding Cake strain.


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