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To use Vortex is to embark on a fun- and laughter-filled ride into an elated otherworldly spiral of euphoria.

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Vortex Feminized Seeds Viewed 424 times today. Purchased 84 times today. Purchased 675 times this week.   Vortex cannabis seeds are about the closest you can get to growing bliss on a tree, or, plant.  This heavily sativa-dominant strain was brought into this universe via illustrious parent strains Space Queen and Apollo 13. Vortex’s out-of-this-world sativa-fabulousness resulted in its capturing the High Times Cannabis Cup’s Best Sativa in 2010.   What are the effects of Vortex cannabis? Euphoric Uplifted Focused With Vortex cannabis seeds you’ll be able to nurture tropical-tasting plants with an 80:20 sativa/indica ratio and THC content of 18%. Taking advantage of all that Vortex cannabis has to offer is to embark on a fun- and laughter-filled ride into an elated otherworldly spiral of euphoria that you might wish worked like a black hole, as being able to always feel this good forever and ever and ever would be a hard thing to say “No” to. Vortex blasts off quickly, imparting happiness and increased energy and focus levels to users. Used in moderation, you’re likely to spend the entirety of its high feeling just how good and lovely life is as you merrily go about your afternoon. However, it’s also very easy to overdo it with Vortex, whereby you just keep using more and more thanks to its great taste and immensely bliss-inducing effects. Doing so will likely have you feeling like you’re no longer finding it so simple to clearly focus as you get lost in Vortex’s abyss.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Vortex cannabis? If you’re someone who’s generally prone to anxiety, then Vortex may not be the right medical option for you as even unintentionally exceeding your usual tolerance levels could result in an increase in anxious thoughts and feelings. However, if you’re not anxiety-prone or if you use Vortex conservatively, that most likely shouldn’t be an issue.  As such, used responsibly, Vortex has a reputation for alleviating stress, combating ADHD, and, used in incremental amounts, has been known to help those suffering from depression and anxiety-related issues. Medical cannabis users also look to Vortex to manage and reduce chronic aches and pains, headaches, and migraines. Its energy-boosting effects also mean it has the potential to help fuel patients who are dealing with fatigue.   What does Vortex taste like? As previously mentioned, one of the big reasons that users sometimes exceed their usual dosage tolerance is due to just how luscious Vortex tastes, with many describing its flavor experience as being transported to a tropical paradise. Vortex carries the flavors of mango, sweet fruits, spices, and a touch of diesel, all merged with a lovely, lingering lemony aftertaste.   How do I grow Vortex cannabis seeds? Vortex requires at least a mid-level amount of experience and a lot of caretaking in order to successfully cultivate it. The one thing that does make things a bit more manageable with growing this sativa hybrid is the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. While it can be cultivated outside in a sunny setting, it’s recommended that you grow Vortex indoors. Cultivated inside, you can use either soil or hydroponics, and its vine-like branches mean it’s a good candidate for employing the Screen of Green method. It’s also advisable to top it off early and prune its lower, heavier branches along with providing them with additional supports.   What do Vortex cannabis plants look like? Vortex grows to be medium in height with slender viney branches. This euphoric strain produces bright neon green buds that are frosted in a snowy coating of resinous crystalline trichomes. Vortex’s fiery orange pistils shoot out from between the leaves of its nuggets in stark contrast to this splendid background.   When to harvest your Vortex cannabis plant Cultivators don’t grow Vortex for the size of its yields, rather cannabis growers wisely invest themselves in this crop due to the incredibly high quality of its recreational and medical offerings. Grown indoors, which is where it was bred for, Vortex should flower in 7-8 weeks with a yield of 250 grams per plant. Using the Screen of Green method may result in an additional yield of 142 grams. If for whatever reason you prefer or need to grow Vortex outside, it will provide an approximate harvest of 200 grams per plant in the autumn.   Cannabis strains similar to Vortex Space Queen this hybrid beauty that helps users reach new heights of euphoria is one of Vortex’s famed parent strains Apollo 13 this rare, sativa-dominant strain also claims Vortex as one of its offspring UW a highly-popular strain among indica fans that has the same 80:20 ratio as Vortex, but this one is heavy on the indica Euforia this invigorating and elevating strain is also an 80:20 sativa/indica. Schrom a potent, sativa-heavy strain that’s similarly known for imparting immense euphoria  


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