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The enigmatic and beautiful cannabis strain known as Trinity is a very in-demand sativa-dominant hybrid that, up until recently, has been near-impossible to come by in seed form. Read on to learn how to grow Trinity pot seeds at home!

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Trinity Feminized Seeds Viewed 339 times today. Purchased 99 times today. Purchased 649 times this week. Considered the ideal go-to when you’re suffering from a case of the blues or are feeling creatively stuck, Trinity has the power to lift your mood and open up the floodgates to some productive out-of-the-box problem-solving while soothing the body. What Are The Effects Of Trinity Cannabis? Euphoric Happy Uplifted Relaxed If Trinity cannabis seeds were being sold at your local gardening shop, the line to get some would loop around the block–that’s how popular this hybrid is with its sativa-to-indica ratio of 75:25 and surging THC content of 20%. Some say this sativa strain was originally bred in Northern California, and others swear it was brought to Oregon from Kansas by an individual named Jeremy P. Regardless of its origins, it is generally agreed upon that this blissfully euphoric hybrid is the offspring of at least a few different parent strains. Once you try Trinity you will understand why cannabis cultivators and consumers clamor for it so much. Starting with some electrifyingly enlivening cerebral effects that serve to lift your mind and mood from the bottom of a weary abyss of melancholy and exhaustion onto the oceanic shores of happiness, uplifting Trinity gets one’s creative juices flowing whilst transporting one into a beatific state of being. As time passes, this powerful hybrid’s indica side makes itself more and more known, and despite being sativa dominant, the utter relaxation it imparts can end up resulting in feelings of lethargy and drowsiness. In fact, if you abscond from using Trinity in moderation as recommended and use it in larger quantities, you could end up finding yourself feeling incapable of getting up from your couch. What Are The Therapeutic Benefits Of Trinity Cannabis? Thanks to Trinity’s vigorous THC level and dazzling effects, it has the anecdotal ability to address various mental and physical health ailments despite not containing much CBD. As such, if you’re a medical user in a state that has a medical marijuana program, you should definitely ask your healthcare provider or medical marijuana dispensary budtender if Trinity is a good option for whatever issues you need treatment and management for. In terms of this sativa’s potential to offer relief to those struggling with chronic stress, feelings of doom and gloom, worried cyclical thinking, symptoms consistently associated with PTSD, and other mood-related disorders, its optimistic and calming effects should help to put you into a much more cheerful and positive state of mind. For patients who are seeking an alternative method to addressing physical medical conditions like chronic aches and pains, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, arthritis, and gastrointestinal disorders. Depending on your dosage, some medical patients say that versatile Trinity helps to vanquish fatigue, while others say that it’s effective in combating insomnia. What Are The Adverse Effects Of Trinity? The most common possible side effects of Trinity include the usual dry eyes and cottonmouth. In addition, for those who are already prone to high anxiety levels, there have been cases in which users report experiencing a greater sense of paranoia, but, not only is this rare, but it also tends to be directly related to when a user exceeds their own THC tolerance level. Finally, whilst also occurring infrequently, some particularly sensitive users may find that  Trinity leaves them feeling a titch dizzy or with a wee headache. What Does Trinity Smell And Taste Like? While the fragrance of some strains gives you a clear indicator of what their flavor will be like others, like Trinity, have a scent that is quite misleading in that it bears little resemblance to its actual taste. As such, don’t let Trinity’s infamously potent chemical and skunky aroma that has citrusy pine notes to it fool you into thinking that its flavor will be nearly as pungent. In fact, the majority of users describe its taste as being quite lovely and delicious. With a flavor profile that consists of sweet citrus, tart lemon, fresh pine, wood, and berries, the only complaint you might end up having is that you ended up having a few puffs too many on account of its delectable taste. How Do I Grow Trinity Cannabis Seeds? On account of so little being known about Trinity’s actual roots (pun intended), and the fact that just getting your hands on some Trinity seeds or clippings has been so difficult, not a lot is known about exactly how to cultivate it. However, provided you already have some basic knowledge about how to grow sativa-dominant hybrids and you pay attention to their humidity levels and nutritional needs, you should be able to get some successful harvests out of your first few plants. Also, considering that Trinity is believed to have come from Northern California or Oregon, that should give you a good idea of what kind of outdoor conditions it requires in order to thrive. What is known is that since Growers Choice Seeds only sells feminized cannabis seeds, there’s a 90% chance that all of your seeds will germinate. In addition, feminized seeds generally have a 99% likelihood of producing bud-producing female plants. Another thing that prospective growers should know is that because Trinity produces such small plants, it can easily be grown in a grow box small grow tent, or a in pot out on your balcony. What Do Trinity Cannabis Plants Look Like? Despite having a 75% sativa content, Trinity cannabis plants are more like indica in their size as they are notorious for developing into short and stocky plants, which is great news for indoor growers and those with very limited outdoor growing spaces. When it comes to looks, Trinity is a “10” with its rainbow cascade of colors that include various hues and shades of green, orange, white, and purple–making for one eye-catching strain. When To Harvest Your Trinity Cannabis Plants Trinity has a reputation for providing growers with pretty bountiful yields, especially when it’s grown out in Mother Nature. When cultivated indoors, this highly-desired sativa-dominant kush strain usually enters its flowering time in about 6-7 weeks and should render a very pleasing yield of somewhere around 550 grams per square meter. Grown outside, Trinity can provide a very hearty and generous yield of 700 or so grams per plant sometime in the autumn after it completes its flowering stage. Cannabis Strains The Cannabis Community Loves That Are Similar To Trinity 1. Platinum Wreck: this upbeat, wake-and-bake sativa-dominant hybrid that’s known for its good vibes and stimulating effects is an offspring of Trinity’s. 2. Cat Piss: like Trinity this delightful wake-and-bake that offers an uplifting cerebral high that comes on nice and gentle has a 75:25 sativa to indica ratio, but without the risk of couch lock. 3. Montana Silvertip: this exhilarating hybrid that provides a unique mental boost and welcomes physical calm is another with a sativa-to-indica ratio of 75:25. 4. Mickey Kush: this hybrid which has the potential to fill you with joyful giggles and energetic delight is one more kush strain with a sativa to indica ratio of 75:25. 5. Ghost OG: offering a delightful, never frightful, indica-heavy experience that delivers uplifting cerebral and physical relaxation without overwhelming, Ghost OG is on the opposite end of the ratio spectrum with an indica/sativa content of 75:25.


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