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Tora Bora is such an impressive recreational and medical strain that it’s often referred to as a “perfect” powerhouse pure indica.

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Tora Bora Feminized Seeds Viewed 491 times today. Purchased 98 times today. Purchased 533 times this week.   For a highly-prized, pure indica strain, make sure to get yourself some Tora Bora cannabis seeds ASAP. Tora Bora, which is the offspring of parent strains X18 Pakistani and LA Confidential, doesn’t just offer some body-numbing relaxation for recreational users, it’s also said to boast powerful medicinal properties. In fact, Tora Bora is so impressive that it’s often referred to as a “perfect” indica.   What are the effects of Tora Bora cannabis? Relaxed Sleepy Happy With Tora Bora cannabis seeds you should be able to easily grow a 100% pure indica with a moderate, yet heavy-hitting THC content of 22%. While Tora Bora cannabis doesn’t have the highest THC content around, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a powerful punch that can knock even the most seasoned of users off their feet. Tora Bora starts off with a euphorically ascendent feeling that immediately calms the mind and body, and leaves users feeling good and happy. Interestingly, the reason that users are likely to experience these uplifting cerebral and physical effects isn’t because of Tora Bora’s psychoactive properties but because of its intense, long-lasting body high. As Tora Bora’s physically relaxing effects move throughout the body, users are likely to experience a soothing buzz that results in a feeling of deep physical tranquility. Many users report that they go into a zoned-out state of bliss, and others find that while their body is completely inert their minds are busy mulling over deep thoughts. Tora Bora is definitely best used at the end of your day or on a day when the only thing you need to accomplish is “nothing,” as chances are you’ll be fast asleep within a couple hours or so of using this wonderfully sedating indica.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Tora Bora cannabis? As you may already know, indicas are infamous for their mentally and physically relaxing effects and anecdotal analgesic properties, all of which are traits that can be extremely beneficial to medical users. To start with, Tora Bora is said to be an effective stress reliever that has the potential to temporarily alleviate PTSD-related symptoms.  In addition, patients suffering from physical ailments such as chronic aches and pains, muscle spasms, inflammation, and arthritis may find that Tora Bora works to provide them with some real pain relief. Finally, as a pure indica, Tora Bora is known for being a potent vanquisher of insomnia.   What does Tora Bora taste like? Tora Bora is another strain where its fragrance will give you a very strong indicator of its flavor. This indica is said to have a pungent smell of wood, earth, pine, and subtle notes of sweet and fruit berries. Tora Bora’s taste, reminiscent of its aroma, also offers users notes of mildly sweet hash that nicely complements its strong earthy pine flavors and soft berry accents.   How do I grow Tora Bora cannabis seeds? Tora Bora is a sturdy, low-maintenance strain, which makes it an excellent option for first-time and novice growers to green their thumbs with. In addition, since all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, the chance of ending up with male plants, while not impossible, is highly unlikely–hovering somewhere in the 10% range. Many cultivators recommend growing Tora Bora outside if possible, as doing so tends to produce better flavor profiles. Plus, while this indica does best in a warm environment, it’s hardy enough to tolerate colder, but not freezing, temperatures. Tora Bora also does well indoors and in a greenhouse with soil or hydroponics.   What do Tora Bora cannabis plants look like? Easy-to-grow Tora Bora plants grow to be medium in height and produce elongated nuggets that are surprisingly fluffy. This pure indica’s forest green buds are something of a sight to behold as they have blueish overtones that are interwoven with orange and amber pistils. Furthermore, Tora Bora’s beautiful nuggets are covered in a soft dusting of large chunky trichomes and a generous coating of sweet sticky resin.   When to harvest your Tora Bora cannabis plant Tora Bora produces some very pleasing harvests that are sure to delight cultivators, especially as they are so easily obtained. Grown indoors, this 100% indica can take anywhere from 8-9 weeks before flowering, and tends to produce a yield of about 500 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, Tora Bora should render an approximate harvest of 600 grams per plant somewhere in the first two weeks of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Tora Bora LA Confidential this well-rounded 50/50 hybrid is one of Tora Bora’s parent strains Yumboldt a heavy-hitting, near-pure indica that offers 100% relaxation Blue God this is another easy-to-grow, pure indica that’s sure to result in sleep White Rhino a pure indica that hits hard with happiness, relaxing you deeply from head to toe Dark Star one more 100% pure indica that deeply relaxes and unwinds  


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