Thin Mint GSC Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Thin Mint GSC is an exquisite, evenly-balanced dessert strain that refreshes and invigorates the mind while simultaneously relaxing it.

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Thin Mint GSC Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 350 times today. Purchased 63 times today. Purchased 611 times this week.   If you’re a fan of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)—both the infamous treats sold by actual Girl Scouts and the strain that should never be sold by Girl Scouts—then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on Thin Mint GSC cannabis seeds. Thin Mint GSC, aka “Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies,” is a rare and exquisite, evenly-balanced dessert strain brought into being by legendary parent strains Durban Poison and OG Kush.   What are the effects of Thin Mint GSC cannabis? Relaxed Creative Happy Easy-to-grow Thin Mint GSC cannabis seeds produce an incredible 50/50 hybrid that contains 20% THC, which can be too potent for novice users. Psychoactive Thin Mint GSC cannabis refreshes and invigorates the mind while simultaneously relaxing it so that you’re able to more easily focus on the task at hand in a more creative manner, something artistic types really love about it. In addition, its euphoric cerebral effects will have you feeling more positive, upbeat, and energized without putting you over the edge and having you bouncing off the walls. Physically, Thin Mint GSC offers a long-lasting, full-bodied high that works to release tensions pent up in the body, making it easier for you to stay on track and get things done without being distracted by various aches and pains. All in all, Thin Mint GSC is a wonderfully inspiring and lively hybrid that can help reignite you and your day with greater zest and zeal, all while soothing your mind and body.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Thin Mint GSC cannabis? Thin Mint GSC has gained quite the following among medical cannabis users thanks to being such a versatile strain. It’s quite popular among patients who are seeking temporary respite from chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. It may also be of help to those suffering from insomnia.  When it comes to physical ailments, Thin Mint GSC is reported to be effective at providing relief to those suffering from back and joint aches and pains, cramps, PMS, muscle spasms, and migraines. With a reputation for soothing nausea and stimulating the appetite, Thin Mint GSC is regarded as particularly useful to those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation as well as individuals struggling with an eating disorder.   What does Thin Mint GSC taste like? Perhaps the only thing that could make Thin Mint GSC taste even better would be if you paired it with a box of thin mint cookies purchased from your local Girl Scout troop.  This delicious, evenly-balanced hybrid is renowned for its mint chocolate cookie flavor enhanced by notes of spice, herbs, and nuts.   How do I grow Thin Mint GSC cannabis seeds? Thin Mint GSC, which can be successfully grown inside and out, is rated an easy strain to grow, making it an excellent option for newbie cultivators. Plus, since all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, the chances of being stuck with male plants, while not impossible, are quite low.   Grown outdoors, Thin Mint GSC will thrive in a warm and dry setting, and indoors it does best when grown in soil. No matter where you decide to cultivate your Thin Mint GSC plants, you will want to make sure they’re getting extra nutrients so they can achieve their full potential. Expert growers recommend using composted organic teas and other nutrients so that your plants are getting plenty of food.  What do Thin Mint GSC cannabis plants look like? Thin Mint GSC matures into medium-height plants with eye-catching colors.   This evenly-balanced strain produces forest green nuggets with purple hues that can be brought about when exposed to cool, but never freezing, temperatures late in its vegetative growth stage. Its green and purple buds are accented by stunning orange pistils and distinct crystal trichomes. When to harvest your Thin Mint GSC cannabis plant Thin Mint GSC’s yields are so easily achieved that it’s rare to hear a cultivator complain about them being slightly below average in size.   Cultivated indoors, this 50/50 hybrid should begin to flower in 9-10 weeks with a yield of about 220 grams per square meter.   Grown outside, Thin Mint GSC produces an approximate harvest of 300 grams per plant sometime around the middle of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Thin Mint GSC Durban Poison this energizing and mood-boosting pure sativa is one of Thin Mint GSC’s parent strains OG Kush this iconic, near-evenly-balanced hybrid also claims Thin Mint GSC as one of its numerous offspring Girl Scout Cookies if you like Thin Mint GSC you won’t want to miss out on this sativa-leaning hybrid  Dragon’s Breath an exhilarating strain that’s also a 50/50 hybrid  Jack Frost another perfectly-balanced hybrid that’ll leave you elated and giggling  


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