The White Feminized Seeds


Now available in seed form, The White’s a hard- and fast-hitting indica that’lll deftly K.O. all that weighs you down.

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The White Feminized Seeds Viewed 425 times today. Purchased 64 times today. Purchased 401 times this week.   Until now, procuring The White cannabis seeds has been near-impossible as this indica-heavy hybrid was only available for cultivation as a clone-only strain. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case here at Growers Choice. Originally known as “Triangle,” which some say is due to its connection to Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa, and others as it’s the result of a three-way cross, The White remains a lineage mystery.   What are the effects of The White cannabis? Relaxed Euphoric Happy Now that you can get The White cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, you’ll be able to grow a powerhouse hybrid with an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio and mind- and body-bending THC content of 25%  from seed to plant. The White cannabis is known for being a heavyweight indica that lightweights should avoid getting into the ring with. This hard- and fast-hitting hybrid will deftly land a K.O. square in the jaw of all that is weighing you down and will leave euphoria, elation, ecstasy, and ease in its wake. Its cerebral effects, though definitely intense, don’t stupify or paralyze. Instead, when used in moderation, The White imbues a sense of immense happiness, acute clarity, and razor-sharp focus.  This joy-filled hybrid then creeps and sweeps users off their feet with bone-deep, body-warming relaxation and the feeling of levity as tensions melt away. Although some say The White makes for great usage any time of the day, it does make for a better evening strain as the likelihood of feeling drowsy and falling asleep is quite high with this indica-heavy hybrid.   What are the therapeutic benefits of The White cannabis? The White’s recreational properties can all serve as therapeutic benefits to medical users.  Its ability to clear the mind of worries, boost spirits, and even increase focus mean that The White has potential to alleviate and re-set the button for those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. In terms of The White’s physical health effects, patients report that this mighty indica works to temporarily relieve chronic pain, arthritis, PMS, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, nausea, and loss of appetite—the latter two of which may be especially helpful to those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.   What does The White taste like? While The White’s indica-heavy effects can be overpowering to those with low THC tolerance levels, its fragrance and flavor fall more in the “wonderfully underwhelming” camp. Just because The White’s flavor profile is definitely mellow and mild, that doesn’t mean it lacks any kind of taste. In fact, most users describe its gentle sweet pine and woody taste as quite enjoyable.   How do I grow The White cannabis seeds? The White is a rather high-maintenance strain to grow, which means you’ll want to have at least a medium amount of cultivation experience in order to successfully grow it. Fortunately, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means that the chances of ending up with male plants is quite low. The White, which can be grown indoors and out, has a lot of care requirements. Its plants need to be topped early on to encourage lateral growth, its lower branches will need to be pruned regularly, and its branches will require supports. In addition, The White requires heavy feeding.   What do The White cannabis plants look like? One look at The White and you’ll be able to quickly deduce that it got its name due to its insane coating of white crystals that coat its medium-sized dense, conical buds that many compare to snow-covered Christmas trees. The White, which grows to be medium in height, produces mint green nuggets that are intermittently adorned with deep amber-colored pistils. Many say The White, apart from looking like a snowy evergreen, is reminiscent of an OG Kush plant.   When to harvest your The White cannabis plant This high-maintenance strain rewards cultivators with above-average indoor yields and very generous outdoor harvests. Grown inside, The White should be harvest-ready in just 8-9 weeks with an approximate yield of 450 grams per square meter. Cultivated outside, this indica-heavy strain should gift growers with a bounty of about 600 grams per plant near the end of September into early October.   Cannabis strains similar to The White Shishkaberry a deeply sedating hybrid that also has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio Medicine Man named as such for its incredibly potent medicinal and recreational effects, this hybrid too has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio Pennywise also has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio, but with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD of 14% Warlock has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio that sedates, uplifts, blisses out, and focuses Strawberry Cough this easygoing and smooth hybrid is on the opposite end of things with an 80:20 sativa to indica ratio


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