The Best Winter Seeds


Cannabis plants might not push through the snow, but some strains stand up to the winter cold better than others. Growing in the cooler weather? Pick up this frosty combo. Blue Cheese is a classic chill indica, Northern Lights Auto gives you a cool nudge toward sleep, and Critical Kush is a forever fan favorite.

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The Best Winter Seeds Viewed 493 times today. Purchased 100 times today. Purchased 462 times this week. The winter months can feel practically endless, what with being trapped inside because of frigid temperatures and barely seeing the sunlight thanks to the shorter days. What’s better to fight the cold-month blues than a winter cannabis seeds combo of strains that thrive in cooler climates? Try easy-to-grow Blue Cheese on for size this season. Back it up with the impressive yields of Northern Lights, and round out your sweater weather with hard-hitting Critical Kush. Blue Cheese: The Best Kind of Baked Blue Cheese doesn’t mess around. While you’re busy donning your knitted hat and gloves, this indica-dominant strain is working double-time to give you an impressive yield and a nice, impactful-but-not-over-the-top THC high. It’ll even throw in a little CBD to tone down the mental effects—how do you like that? Look forward to deep relaxation and an end to that pesky insomnia with this hard-working winter cannabis strain. Nod Off With Northern Lights Just because Northern Lights is a cannabis original doesn’t mean it’s passé. This strain features indica-heavy effects like sleepiness and body-wide chill, and you can kiss muscle pain and stress goodbye while you’re at it. The high yield will make a nice dent in your flower-gifting pile, but don’t give too much of this 18% THC strain away. Be sure to squirrel some into airtight containers so you have enough to last you all season long. Northern Lights is a no-brainer when it comes to winter cannabis seeds. Kick It With Critical Kush Last but absolutely not least, your winter cannabis combo includes the much-loved Critical Kush…obviously. It’s “critical” because it boasts a sky-high THC of around 25%, and it’s kush because, well, that indica ancestry will leave you feeling all cushy. (We’re kidding, that’s probably not where the word came from.) Expect a mega yield of 600 grams or more when you’re growing this baby indoors, followed by a happy euphoria and pain-beating benefits once you light it up.  The winter cannabis seeds combo is a clear choice, whether you’re getting ready for a late-season grow or you just want an excellent collection of seeds. Either way, the right decision is as clear as the ice on your driveway!


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