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Winner of the 2001 High Times Cup, feel-good Sweet Tooth, is a long-lasting, euphorically uplifting and soothing high beloved by insomniacs.

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Sweet Tooth Feminized Seeds Viewed 371 times today. Purchased 74 times today. Purchased 607 times this week.   Winner of the 2001 High Times Cup, beloved, feel-good indica-dominant hybrid Sweet Tooth is the descendant of the landrace strains Afghani, Nepalese, and Hawaiin created by Barney’s Farm. With a THC content of 16%-19%, aptly-named Sweet Tooth, with its indiscreet, strong, sweetly fruity, floral flavor and similar aroma isn’t the most potent strain out there, but it’s definitely one that is euphorically uplifting and soothing.   Effects of Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth is best for nighttime or a do-nothing kinda day high, giving users an instantaneous,  long-lasting combo of an indica-induced happy, lazy feeling and some sativa-balanced cerebral lucidity and rejuvenation. In higher doses, Sweet Tooth cannabis will not only inject you with elation that lasts the entirety of the high but will help you get some delicious shut-eye.   Medical benefits of Sweet Tooth cannabis Medically, not only is Sweet Tooth a go-to for insomniacs, it is known to be effective in helping patients who are seeking relief from chronic migraines and headaches, stress, depression, loss of appetite, chronic back pain, muscle spasms, and general aches and pains.   Growing Sweet Tooth With its dense, deep green buds adorned in orange hairs and a crystal frosting, Sweet Tooth is pretty easy to grow as it is resistant to pests and molds. Although it will grow indoors reaching up to 4 feet, it thrives best outdoors where it can grow 6-8 feet tall! Sweet Tooth will yield around 16 oz per square meter in 8-9 weeks when grown indoors. In a warm and temperate outdoor climate, Sweet Tooth cannabis will be harvest-ready from late September to early October, yielding approximately 18 oz per plant. Note that it will require some trimming and support as its flowers can be quite weighty. All in all, pleasant-smelling and tasting Sweet Tooth is a buoyant and relaxing high that you can’t really go wrong with.


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