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Up until now, Suzy Q, with its CBD:THC ratio of 15:1, has been extremely rare and hard to find.

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Suzy Q CBD Medical Feminized Seeds CBD Viewed 387 times today. Purchased 64 times today. Purchased 545 times this week. Suzy Q cannabis seeds are incredibly rare and hard to come by, which is exactly why you will want to take advantage of being able to obtain them here! Not only is Suzy Q hard to find, it’s also extremely rare in beinga a cannabis plant that has almost no THC and a massive CBD content with a CBD to THC ratio of 15:1! Another thing that adds to Suzy Q’s elusive mystique, and therefore desirability by both recreational and medical users and cultivators, is that the lineage of this perfectly-balanced hybrid strain is known only to its original creators at Burning Bush Nurseries. So, if you are one who values possessing the rare and mysterious, Suzy Q is definitely one you will want to get your hands on right away.   What are the effects of Suzy Q cannabis? Relaxed Sleepy Uplifted Subtle Productive Now that you’ve found the once-scare Suzy Q cannabis seeds, chances are you might be asking yourself: “What makes getting them so worthwhile as a recreational user?” With a 1% THC content, it may seem that Suzy Q cannabis is only for medical users. However, if you’re either new to recreational cannabis use and are wanting to gently ease your way in or are wanting the relaxation and uplift that cannabis can offer without any of the psychoactive high, Suzy Q is exactly what you’ve been looking for. In lieu of a strong cerebral high, Suzy Q comes on as a slow and gentle uplift where new users are likely to experience its soft buzz. Regardless of your experience, provided you use enough to match your usual tolerance levels, you’ll quickly realize that your mind has cleared and your mood has improved without “feeling high.” Suzy Q also provides full body relaxation that, thanks to its incredibly low THC content, does not result in couch lock, but ironically might result in a titch of the munchies. In fact, the kind of relaxation that this strain provides tends to result in feeling more productive and up to accomplishing what needs to be done, because it relieves the mind and body of stress and tensions that can often act as inhibiting obstacles to motivation and lucid thinking.  If you have an extremely low tolerance and use enough Suzy Q, it can help draw you into some nice deep and restful sleep.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Suzy Q cannabis? Suzy Q is regarded as one of the premium medical cannabis strains available, thanks in large part to its impressive 15% CBD content! While no medical cannabis strain is a magic cure-all for mental and physical health issues, Suzy Q does have quite a solid reputation for helping to provide relief for a plethora of ailments. One of Suzy Q’s greatest strengths is its potential to work as a muscle relaxant and to reduce redness and swelling resulting from muscle spasms. Other physical issues that it may help treat are cramps, inflammation, and arthritis.  For those seeking some temporary alleviation from mental health issues, Suzy Q has been known to help those who struggle with stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD.   What does Suzy Q taste like? In general, CBD strains tend to be high in the terpene myrcene, which is earthy in both aroma and flavor. Not surprisingly, CBD-heavy Suzy Q has a prominent earthy taste with strong notes of pine and hints of spicy herbs. If you choose to combust Suzy Q, its smoke is rich, and some find it to be somewhat harsh leading to some coughing. Many note that upon exhaling they taste the pine notes more strongly and experience a nice lingering aftertaste of wood.   How do I grow Suzy Q cannabis seeds? Before getting into some of the specifics of growing Suzy Q, one important thing to bring attention to is that all of the cannabis seeds you get from Growers Choice are feminized, which means you don’t have to go through the hassle of sorting out the male ones. Suzy Q can be a bit complicated to grow, but it is a pretty robust plant as well. While it can be successfully grown in and outdoors, each presents its own small set of challenges. Cultivated indoors, you’ll need to be mindful that it can grow to be pretty tall, so you might need to shorten its vegetative period in order to control its height as opposed to topping it early on, but you will want to start trimming it in its early stages of growth if you don’t have a lot of space. Grown outdoors, while you won’t have to worry as much about its height, you do need to grow it in an environment that is semi-humid with daytime temps that hover between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.   What do Suzy Q cannabis plants look like? Despite being a tall-growing strain, Suzy Q’s buds lean more to the small to medium size. That said, when it comes to looks, Suzy Q does not disappoint with its semi-dense, deep olive green tapered nuggets that are generously adorned in wispy brown and orange hairs. Due to having a very low THC content, Suzy Q isn’t heavy on the trichomes, which makes breaking the buds apart by hand a lot easier than sticky, trichome-heavy ones.   When to harvest your Suzy Q cannabis plant Knowing when to harvest your cannabis plants is always an important thing and can help keep you motivated if and when growing a difficult strain gets discouraging. Since Suzy Q isn’t the easiest to grow, being able to anticipate its harvest can serve as encouragement along the way. If you choose to cultivate Suzy Q indoors, it should begin to flower at around 8-10 weeks, providing an approximate yield of up to 400 grams per square meter. If you live in location where growing cannabis outdoors is not going to be an issue, then you can look forward to a yield of about 400 grams per plant near the second to final week of October.   Similar cannabis strains to Suzy Q Sweet and Sour Widow also high in CBD and low in THC providing relaxed and uplifted effects too Ringo’s Gift another great 50/50 hybrid with a 1:20 THC to CBD ratio Stephen Hawking Kush this one will also give you relaxed, sleepy, uplifted effects with 5% THC and 13% CBD without the “stoner high” Blue Mango one with a lower THC content than most non-CBD-heavy strains that is also effective in treating PTSD


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