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Once you try this three-time High Times Cannabis Cup award winner, you’ll understand why Super Silver Haze is known as both a sativa “super-strain” and a “one-hitter-quitter.” With its long-lasting effects, this award-winning hybrid is the ultimate way to quickly jump-start your day with a near-zero chance of leaving you couch-locked. In fact, one of the only things Super Silver Haze isn’t good for is as an all-natural sleep aid.

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Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds Viewed 333 times today. Purchased 73 times today. Purchased 608 times this week. What Are The Effects Of Super Silver Haze Cannabis? Happy Euphoric Uplifted Energetic With the right amount of cultivation expertise, Super Silver Haze feminized marijuana seeds can be nurtured into plants that contain a sativa-to-indica ratio of 80:20 and a THC level that can run from 18%-23% with an average of 20%. Also referred to as “SS Haze” or SSH,” Super Silver Haze was first developed by the two breeders of Shantibaba and Neville in the early part of the 1990s who had the ingenious idea to mix legendary parent plants Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1, and Haze together to create this incredible award-winning strain that has been and remains a choice strain amongst both recreational and medical users alike thanks to its physically relaxing yet high-functioning and stimulating cerebral effects. Within a matter of a puff or two, you should suddenly find yourself reveling in its energizing and euphorically uplifting effects that will likely have you happily grinning like a fool and motivated to tackle your day with renewed gusto and joy. What makes its soothing body effects so amazing is that the Super Silver Haze feminized strain can imbue you with long-lasting relaxation without hindering your body or mind’s ability to function at some of the highest productivity levels or without eventually leaving you snoring on your work desk. Its creative effects are another reason this sativa-dominant hybrid is so popular amongst artists and users needing the extra spark of inspiration to approach their work or projects etc. from a new and unusual perspective. With its mentally lucid and focusing effects, Super Silver Haze makes it easier to both concentrate and keep going without being easily distracted by random or chaotic thoughts, etc. Do remember that this cerebral strain is known for being a “one-hitter-quitter” for a reason, which means that those with low to maybe medium THC tolerance levels probably will be more than good with just one hit, and even seasoned users may want to start off more conservatively than their usual dosage level to see how this popular strain hits them. What Are The Medical Properties Of Super Silver Haze Cannabis? Along with its anecdotal ability to treat, manage, and even relieve various mental and physical medical conditions, Super Silver Haze is well-loved by medical marijuana patients for its powerful daytime effects that allow them to potentially address various medical issues during the day without having to deal with extra fatigue or a sense of sedation. Its blend of effects that are said to induce a state of clear-headed bliss, contentment, and happiness, may be quite useful to those who are struggling under the weight of stress, feelings of fretting too much, the malaise of mood swings, and feelings of despair. In addition, its vibrant and mind-focusing energy is reported to help those with ADHD be able to both concentrate and stay on task and to reinvigorate those who are feeling sluggish due to fatigue. For patients needing some outside assistance with relieving and soothing physical ailments, Super Silver Haze may be a fabulous option for those suffering from chronic aches and pains, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, PMS, nausea, and loss of appetite.   What Are Super Silver Haze’s Adverse Effects? Although minor headaches and dizzy spells, along with an increase in paranoia have been known to happen when a user overdoes with Super Silver Haze, all of these potential negative effects, while possible, are considered to be extremely rare. Its most common adverse side effects are the ones that are considered to be common to potent sativa strains, which are dry/itchy eyes and cottonmouth. What Does Super Silver Haze Smell And Taste Like? Super Silver Haze owes its vibrant fragrance and flavor to its sumptuous terpene profile that contains, amongst others, earthy and musky myrecene; sweet citrusy, cedar and cyprus carene;  leony and citrusy D-Limonene; and lavender and floral linalool that work to give this classic strain its highly-enjoyable fruity citrus pick-me-up. Smelling strongly of sweet and sour citrus, and spicy herbs, this sativa hybrid has some unmissable skunky notes that serve to provide your olfactory senses with a true treat aroma-wise. Super Silver Haze has a robust earthy flavor to it that is accented with some peppery kicks and dominant lemony overtones that will linger in your mouth after your last exhale. How Do I Grow Super Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds? Even though Super Silver Haze weed seeds are naturally resistant to common molds, mildew, diseases, and pests, it does require that you have at least a medium amount of previous cultivation experience in order to successfully grow it, which means it’s not a top choice for novice growers to attempt. However, since Growers Choice Seeds (GCS) only makes high-quality feminized seeds available to its customers, the chances of ending up with female plants is around 99%, and the likelihood of all of your seeds sprouting is 90%. In fact, GCS is so confident of this latter fact that we have a 90% germination guarantee in place if, and only if, you strictly adhere to the germination guide we provide here. Those interested in doing some outdoor growing with Super Silver Haze, know that it generally requires being grown in a setting that has hot and balmy, equatorial-like weather with copious amounts of sunshine. If this doesn’t match the description of the part of the world you live in, then you will want to grow this sticky strain inside–preferably in a hydroponic setup, but the soil will also work. Since this strain can grow to be tall, you will want to make sure you have plenty of space for it to grow upwards in such a way that your Super Silver Haze plants don’t end up becoming too squashed together as they mature. What Do Super Silver Haze Cannabis Plants Look Like? After sprouting into seedlings, Super Silver Haze weed weeds grow into pretty tall plants that can product incredibly large and fluffy nuggets that give this sativa its name with their shining silver haze resulting from their thick and abundant coating of small silvery-white super resinous trichomes that can become even more silvery in their luster the later you harvest the buds. Super Silver Haze’s nuggets, which are a combo of faded and forest greens, can sometimes display accents of rich and colorful purples and pinks, and even greys, all of which are threaded through with short orange pistils, making for one beautiful cannabis strain to gaze upon. When To Harvest Your Super Silver Haze Cannabis Plant Both indoors and out, Super Silver Haze should reward cultivators for their hard work by providing a bountiful yield that is a bit larger when grown inside instead of outside. In fact, its indoor yield of almost 540 grams per square meter is usually ready for picking after entering its flowering phase in about 9-11 weeks, which is a pretty average amount of time for a sativa. Outdoor growers who live in the right kind of setting that can meet Super Silver Haze’s climate needs can look forward to their crops entering their flowering period right around the middle of October, at which point it should then render approximately 425 grams per plant. Similar Cannabis Strains To Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds 1. Haze: This vintage sativa-dominant strain that is a parent to numerous well-known strains around the world is also one of Super Silver Haze’s parents. 2. Shiva Skunk: This near-pure indica that has a reputation for vanquishing stress is another of Northern Light No. 5 and Skunk No. 1’s offspring. 3. Neville’s Haze: This old-school, award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid also claims Haze and Northern Lights No. 5 as parent strains. 4. Candy Jack: happy and energetic 50/50 hybrid that’s not going to leave you couch-locked also has Skunk No. 1 as a parent 5. Goji OG: This uplifting and reinvigorating strain that gets the good times rolling also has an 80:20 sativa to indica ratio.


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