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Dessert strains don’t come much sweeter than Sundae Driver. Cannabis plants with stellar genetics of this sort yield in-demand strains for those who want their cannabis seed strains to be as tasty as they are potent.

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Sundae Driver Feminized Seeds Viewed 403 times today. Purchased 94 times today. Purchased 469 times this week. The delightful taste is only one of the desirable traits that make up the strain profile of this particular cannabis variety. Plus, now that you’re an adult, you don’t have to finish your dinner before having your dessert. With the delicious aroma of this ideal strain for treating yourself, we’ll get it if you can’t wait before digging into your Sundae Driver stash. First, though, let’s dig into Sundae Driver’s strain profile so you know what to expect when you grow these marijuana plants at home for your personal use. The Combination Of Genetics That Gave Us The Sundae Driver Strain Some cannabis seed strains have parent strains that are shrouded in mystery, or at least uncertainty. Sundae Driver, though, has parentage we feel fairly confident in. Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles, two strains with solid genetics, are the parents of Sundae Driver. Those two strains are often seen as dessert strains in their own right, with distinct flavors of their own. Grape Pie also has some purple color to it, but while some have created lore around purple marijuana plants, that is merely a matter of coloring based on flavonoids found in the plants. These flavonoids don’t have any impact on THC levels or the effects smoking a plant has on you. What Does The Sundae Driver Strain Smell And Taste Like? Hey, we get it. We’ve leaned heavily into the idea of Sundae Driver being a standout, even among the dessert strain craze, but the flavorful taste justifies the hype in our minds. The rich aroma is largely a sweet fruit aroma but with hints of earthiness. In fact, what really makes this strain stand out is that it doesn’t merely have a fruity aroma and a fruity flavor. There is also an earthy flavor, even a creamy taste, in the mix. Effectively, when all these flavor elements and aroma profiles come together, the experience leaves you with a chocolate sundae-tasting dessert strain. That intrigues me, to be sure. Sundae Driver Is An Ultra-Fruity Hybrid Strain Like most modern marijuana strains, Sundae Driver is a hybrid marijuana strain. This particular strain is indica dominant. The indica genetics make up 70 percent of the strain, while the sativa genetics make up the remaining 30 percent. While Sundae Driver has a sweet aroma, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. The THC levels of this strain come in at around 20 percent. This is a sweet treat that packs a punch! As with the desserts you eat, don’t overindulge with Sundae Driver. The Experience Of Using Sundae Driver Sundae Driver plants tend to have balanced effects, even though it is an indica-dominant strain. Indicas are known for their relaxing effects, and this strain is no different. Feelings of relaxation permeate, and you may feel some pretty intense body relaxation, but in a good way. The sativa genetics, though, provide a nice balance that prevents you from experiencing couch lock or putting you to sleep. Sativas are also known for having cerebral effects. That combination of effects tends to work quite nicely. All in all, if things break right, Sundae Driver should leave you feeling relaxed, but not lazy, and have cheerful effects while still allowing you to chill out. This may be an indica-dominant hybrid, but it smokes like a balanced hybrid. Using Sundae Driver For Health Conditions Perhaps the ice creamy flavor is the proverbial spoonful of sugar that helps the “medicine” go down. Many look to marijuana for its benefits. This cannabis strain can benefit some folks dealing with certain conditions. The body-based high of indicas tends to make any strain heavily on indica genetics good for pain relief, be it discomfort, headaches, cramps, or more. Here, though, the cerebral, uplifting effects of a good sativa can help as well. You might get a mood boost from using Sundae Driver, and some will use this strain for dealing with stress or mood-related symptoms. No responsible advocate of any cannabis variety would ever tell you that it can cure psychological symptoms, but it can help you feel better, and ease some of the negative elements of certain emotional or mental issues. What’s It Like To Grow Sundae Driver Plants? Sundae Driver is still a fairly new addition to cannabis gardens, particularly for at-home growers. As such, it’s new to the cultivation game, and even we are still learning the ins and outs of growing this strain at home. Of course, we do know more about Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles, which can be illuminating, and every seed of Sundae Drivers planted, tended to, and harvested is good information for us to glean. Generally speaking, we would see Sundae Driver is on the easier end in terms of the difficulty of growth. One evident trait thus far is that Sundae Driver plants tend to grow tall, perhaps owing to the sativa element of their parentage. Be prepared, especially if you engage in indoor cultivation. The flowering time tends to occur within seven to nine weeks, which is not an atypical number. The yield of this strain is considered moderate, but healthy, and it doesn’t really lend itself more to indoor versus outdoor growing based on yield or profile. At harvest time, you can get up to 400 grams per square meter indoors, and also around 400 grams per plant outdoors, though some estimations of yields come in closer to 300 on both fronts. Perhaps consider 400 grams an absolute ceiling, an unexpectedly, but plausibly, impressive yield if all breaks right. Get Sundae Driver Feminized Cannabis Seeds Growers Choice Seeds is a cannabis seed bank offering feminized seeds for dozens of great strains, including Sundae Driver, of course. Why feminized seeds? Well, only female marijuana plants have buds, which is where almost all the THC is found. There is a reason why harvesting marijuana plants involves buds. Fully-feminized cannabis seeds effectively guarantee you female plants, with a nearly 100 percent rate of female plants, the best modern science can do for us. We also offer a fast, reliable, and discreet delivery method, which allows you to order cannabis seeds and have them shipped right to you. Every order also comes with a germination guarantee, provided you use the germination guidelines that we lay out for you on the Growers Choice Seeds website. Of course, what would a cannabis seed bank be without variety? If you are into the dessert strain thing, here are five other strains of that ilk you might want to try alongside Sundae Driver. 1. Wedding Cake: Wedding Cake is a balanced hybrid that leans indica, but it is also a really potent strain. While it may be a sweet treat, it comes in at 25 percent THC, so take it easy with this one! 2. Pineapple: A balanced hybrid with a creamy, citrusy flavor compare to a pina colada, this anytime strain is considered a fine choice for medical usage, in addition to being a delightful dessert strain option as well. 3. White Russian: Names for the sweet, creamy cocktail, the top selling point of White Russian is an easy grow and a bountiful harvest, with a plant capable of yielding up to 500 grams when grown outdoors. 4. Thin Mint GSC: Named for a cookie and bringing spice to mix with the sweet, our Thin Mint GSC seeds are auto-flowering. That means your plants will enter the flowering period automatically based on age, not based on light cycle exposure as photoperiod cannabis plants do. 5. Marionberry Kush: A berry aroma highlights this fruity dessert strain. This indica-dominant, powerful strain has genetics famous for the yield they provide, making this a choice for cultivators who appreciate quantity as much as quality.


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