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The iconic sativa strain of Strawberry Cough has such a large following due to its distinct strawberry fragrance and flavor, and its tendency to impart a sugary vibrant high that serves to reinvigorate and refresh, after you recover from the coughing, without eventually leaving you dreaming of strawberry fields forever.

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Strawberry Cough Feminized Seeds Viewed 415 times today. Purchased 61 times today. Purchased 351 times this week. What Are The Effects Of Strawberry Cough Cannabis? Happy Uplifted Euphoric Energetic Strawberry Cough marijuana seeds can be easily grown into plants that contain a sativa-to-indica ratio of 80:20 with a medium THC strength of 18%. While its exact parent strains are uncertain, it is believed to either be the resultant crossing of either Haze or Erdbeer with an indica-dominant hybrid strain. The two things that are known are that Strawberry Cough was originally bred by Kyle Kushman in a strawberry field on the East Coast, which is why this sativa-dominant hybrid has such a strawberry-sweet flavor and aroma. This euphoric sativa, which is aptly named for its sweet strawberry taste and cough-inducing ways, is generally considered to be a pretty gentle strain in that it doesn’t tend to blow new users out of the water with its potency when used in moderation. While most sativa varieties tend to hit hard and fast, Strawberry Cough is a creeper of a strain where its cerebral effects wash over you at a gentle pace slowly but surely increasing your energy levels as its blissful effects serve to uplift your spirits and put you in a much happier mood. Furthermore, as a creative strain, Strawberry Cough is an excellent choice when you want to approach a project from a more inspired place. Containing just 20% indica, its relaxing ways work to de-stress your mind and body of pent-up tensions without hampering your physical activity. If anything, Strawberry Kush’s soothing side helps to balance its dose of energy so that you don’t end up feeling as if you’ve been overly caffeinated. In addition, Strawberry Cough’s eventual burst of energy and clear-headed effects combined with the sense of euphoria and cheer it imparts doesn’t just make it well-suited as a daytime boost for accomplishing work or tasks throughout your day. It also makes for a great option, after the initial and unavoidable coughing, when headed out to a social setting, as all of its positive vibes will put you in a more vivacious state where you’ll likely feel more up for mingling, etc. without turning into someone who talks everyone’s ears off. What Are The Therapeutic Benefits Of Strawberry Cough Cannabis? When it comes to potentially alleviating both mental and physical medical conditions, Strawberry Cough’s numerous beneficial effects for recreational users may serve medical marijuana patients as well. To start with the fact that this euphoric sativa makes for such a fabulous daytime strain means that medical patients who want some pain relief without drowsiness can count on Strawberry Cough to meet both of those needs. As a hybrid cannabis strain that relaxes the mind and body, while also elevating spirits, Strawberry Cough is often prescribed for helping to manage and temporarily eliminate feelings of stress, negative thinking, blue moods, various mood-related disorders, and even symptoms commonly associated with PTSD. Also, with its cerebrally concentrating and lucid qualities, many ADHD sufferers say that this sativa-dominant strain makes for a smart choice when needing to take advantage of its sharp focus and concentrate on the task or project at hand. Physically, this enjoyable sativa is said to provide some relief to those experiencing chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea, and loss of appetite resulting from treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Lastly, because of how Strawberry Cough increases one’s energy levels, it’s considered to be very effective in helping those with fatigue get that extra charge they need to get and stay going. What Are Strawberry Cough’s Negative Effects? As already mentioned several times, Strawberry Cough almost always results in some initial coughing, which unless you have really sensitive lungs, is not considered to be much of an adverse side effect. Other negative effects that can occur, but rarely seem to, are some fleeting feelings of dizziness, which can cause some to feel more anxious. But again, this is not a common side effect at all. The most common side effects are the two that most all marijuana strains come with–cottonmouth and dry, itchy eyes, which can easily be remedied with drinking plenty of water and if need be using some eye drops. What Does Strawberry Cough Smell And Taste Like? Strawberry Cough has quite a range of terpenes that are too numerous to list here, but two of its most common terpenes are those of myrcene and α-Pinene. Smelling of garden-fresh strawberries, Strawberry Cough has a beautifully sweet aroma with some earthy tang and herbaceous goodness. As for its amazing taste, this delightful sativa has a standout flavor reminiscent of ripe strawberries and the spicy and sweet taste of earth, making Strawberry Cough a true treat for the taste buds. In addition, when combusted, it leaves a wonderful fresh strawberry taste that lingers after you’re done smoking. How Do I Grow Strawberry Cough Cannabis Seeds? Strawberry Cough isn’t just easy on new users, it’s also considered to be easy for everyday growers from the inexperienced to the connoisseur repeat growers to cultivate. Making things even better is the fact that Growers Choice Seeds only makes feminized seeds available, which come with a 99% chance of growing into female plants, plus a guarantee that 90% of your seeds will germinate, provided you precisely adhere to our prescribed germination process here. When it comes to outdoor growing, Strawberry Cough marijuana plants require a hot, humid, tropical setting where both daytime and nighttime temperatures stay between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, a lot of experienced cultivators recommend making your Strawberry Cough seedlings indoor plants where you can create, control, and maintain their required environmental growing conditions. Or, if you’re able to–a greenhouse garden setup would be the ultimate ideal. Some other cultivation tips for indoor growers are that this particular strain will do well in soil provided you give it the proper nutrients and regular care that most any low-maintenance cannabis seed strain would require, and pruning it regularly is important so as to ensure that enough air and light can circulate to its lower growing nodes. All of which is to say, provided you take care of its basic needs, Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds grow into pretty low-maintenance plants. What Do Strawberry Cough Cannabis Plants Look Like? Strawberry Cough matures into medium-height plants, multi-branched plants that don’t tend to grow as upwardly tall as most sativa cannabis seed varieties, which is why even those with indoor gardens that have average ceiling heights should have plenty of space for these particular crops. This sativa-dominant hybrid’s buds are akin to strawberries in their shape and embody their indica genetics by being small in shape and quite dense in structure. As for their coloration, Strawberry Sough nuggets are most pleasing to the eye with a vibrant array of sugar leaf colors that include bright neon greens, yellows, and shades of colorful purples and violets, all of which are complemented by vibrant twisty orange pistils and a thick abundance of milky-white trichomes that glisten like a freshly fallen snow under the full moon. When To Harvest Your Strawberry Cough Cannabis Plants Whether cultivated inside or out in nature, Strawberry Cough provides good-sized yields that are easily achieved. Grown inside, this sativa-dominant strain usually completes its vegetative growth stage and enters its flowering phase after 9-11 weeks, after which it should render approximately 395 grams per square meter. Cultivated out of doors in a hot and tropical climate, Strawberry Cough tends to yield about 395 grams per plant come harvest time after completing its vegetative period and starting its flowering period sometime around the end of October. Similar Cannabis Strains To Strawberry Cough 1. Haze feminized seeds: this strain that is unmatched in its sativa-dominant creative, energetic, chatty high, and indica-balanced body-tingling buzz is thought to be one of Strawberry Cough’s parent strains. 2. Strawberry Lemonade feminized seeds: this award-winning, sativa-leaning hybrid with its loyal fanbase is one of Strawberry Cough’s offspring. 3. Silver Haze feminized seeds: this dynamic near-pure sativa hybrid that’s beloved for its highly-enjoyable wake-and-bake effects may share some genetic lineage with Strawberry Cough as Haze is one of Silver Haze’s parent strains. 4. Quantum Kush autoflowering seeds: this 75% sativa hybrid is considered one of the strongest strains around with its soaringly powerful sativa characteristics, making it the kind of sativa that cannabis connoisseurs will love. 5. Biscotti feminized seeds: this mouth-watering treat that will have you giggling and blissfully zoned, and, eventually, zonked out, is on the opposite end of the spectrum as an indica-dominant hybrid with an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio.


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