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The relevance of Stephen Hawking Kush’s name also comes from the disease that Stephen Hawking fought nearly his whole life, ALS, hence why the focal point of comfort for that partaking is an aid for muscles.

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Stephen Hawking Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 373 times today. Purchased 68 times today. Purchased 616 times this week. History Of Stephen Hawking Kush Named after the late, great king of the Cosmos himself, Stephen Hawking Kush (or SHK for short) is an indica strain that began from the Harlequin X Sour Tsunami Kush (thanks to Alphakronik Gene’s great minds) with a particularly notable profile. Mastered through a lengthy trial and error process, this particular cannabis plant offers a mild high with good THC content, perfect for those looking to have some assistance with muscle pain or suppressing other sickness symptoms. Overview Of Stephen Hawking Kush Seeds Stephen Hawking Kush seeds are high in CBD content, with a fruity aroma, a staple of the indica-dominant hybrid others like it is known for. It’s perfect for some beginners looking for a mild high, and with Low THC levels it’s great for those looking for a relaxed and happy vibe or those needing help getting a little extra sleep after a long day. It carries a distinct grape-like, berry, flavor but others have found it evocative of other delicious fruits. Stephen King Kush Seeds are excellent for novice farmers looking for something simple to grow at home. Characteristics Of Stephen Hawking Kush Like looking for the stars in the daylight, Stephen Hawking Kush Seed’s textural and beautiful visual elements won’t present themselves immediately at first glance, but upon a closer look, one can find beautiful colors evocative of a solar system, an aroma of berries that perfectly coincides with its purple and blue coloring on the leaves. A taste that’s been described as minty, sweet, and tangy. It’s an easy galaxy to get lost in thanks to its lower THC level compared to other strains. You’ll feel like you’re taking a gilded trip through the stars with this gorgeous galactic seed.  What Is The Appearance Of SHK Marijuana Plants? Stephen Hawking Kush is notable for its tall and stretchy phenotypes with heavy yields, along with its beautiful array of colors seen in more balanced hybrids. The medium-sized buds are beautiful spheres reminiscent of our planet’s solar system only adding to its near cosmic nature. The ragged look of Stephen King Kush is something very common with those familiar with pure sativas. People are often drawn to the beautiful purple and blue colors of its leaves, something one might expect to see in a black hole. These pigments are brought out during colder weather, and the trichomes that cover them add to an almost sticky sensation. What Is The Aroma And Flavor Of SHK? For those with a bit more of a sweet tooth, Stephen Hawking Kush seeds are a perfect fit. When lit it effectively releases a woody, earthy, herbal scent, thanks to pinene ( a scent associated with rosemary, basil, and of course its namesake: pine needles) but the distinct flavor profile leans more towards fruity profiles that remind many of berry flavors, grape, and even cherries. Some have even noted a surprising hint of mint It can effectively be described as an almost desert-style treat, based on how relaxing the feelings it can generate to match the sweet and tangy taste. While cosmic in name, it’ll remind you of nature and its gifts. How Much THC Does This Strain Have? Stephen Hawking Kush Seed’s like other indica is a CBD-Dominant strain, coming in at about 13%. It’s definitely for the pro smoker though, with a THC level between 10 and 12 percent, it also means that the high can be long-lasting and very intense, which might turn the more inexperienced smoker off. However, those long-lasting elements are also key to understanding its appeal as a helpful aid for those dealing with physical health ailments. Many highlight the seed’s high-yielding strength as its biggest selling point compared to the average CBD content found in other seeds. What Are The Effects Of SKK Parent Plants? Stephen Hawking Kush Seeds are ideal for any person looking to give their mind and body a rest after a long day, or those going through ongoing health agitators looking for pain relief. It’s been noted to give a happy and chill vibe to those partaking, and like other indica’s it can help give you a good night’s rest for all the sleepy heads out there hoping to count some stars. It’s also a great fit for daytime use without having to worry about couch-lock. Remember however that while the positive attributes are plentiful, this is a strain for the professional smoker, and less so for an up-and-comer who’s not been acclimated to High-CBD Strains. Growing Stephen Hawking Kush Cannabis Seeds At Home Stephen Hawking Kush Seeds are deceptively simple growers that need a little more attention than your run-of-the-mill weed plant. It’s best saved for those who’ve had a good amount of harvesting under their belt, less they end up wasting a fantastic product. Patience is a must with its unique germination period and be prepared for the warmer temperature to create a moist but not soggy texture. Seeing as these are feminized seeds, expect only female plants with a gorgeous green color and bright orange-brown pistils. Parent Strains For Stephen Hawking Kush Seeds Stephen Hawking Kush Seeds originate as a byproduct from Alphrokronik Gene’s breeders who combined Harle-Tsu (itself a cross of the CBD strain Harlequin and Sour Tsunami) and Sin City Kush to create a rich CBD-infused plant. This wonderful fusion only highlights the best elements from its originators, such as Harlequin’s citrusy flavor profile and the soothing mental properties that many use to help with mental stimulation and maintaining uplifting moods without overwhelming psychoactive properties. It’s a perfect marriage for those who lean more toward the best CBD products, and the physical attributes carry over beautifully as well. Germinating The Cannabis Seeds Properly When germinating Stephen Hawking Kush seeds, it’s important that the ideal conditions are upheld. It’s implored that one uses a damp paper towel and a germination tray, as well as maintaining a growing temperature of between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping those temperatures consistent and with those tools will help keep the seeds moist, but not soggy or flooded. Germination can take around two to seven days, so it’s important to maintain patience during the germination process. It also helps that SHK can thrive both indoors and outdoors, but the semi-humid climate is pivotal to getting the best product available. Vegetative Growth Stage As mentioned earlier, the ideal growing conditions of Stephen Hawking Kush Seed’s semi-humid temperature range are important for its simple vegetative growth stage. As it grows you’ll quickly notice the medium-sized nuggets while some are on the long and thin spectrum, you’ll see plenty of stocky ones as well. Thanks to the trichomes on the outside, you’ll be able to feel the sticky consistency as it develops. If one exposes it to cooler, but not freezing temperatures, you might even be able to see blue and purple hues on its leaves. Make sure to maintain soils with rich nutrients, and it’s flexible enough that they can be grown indoors and outdoors. Flowering Stage And Harvest Time The optimal harvesting time for Stephen Hawking Kush cannabis plants, generally speaking, is in the autumn season. When dealing with indoor cultivation, you can anticipate your plants to flower in around seven, to at most, nine weeks with a yield of around 350 to 400 grams per square meter. Outdoor cultivation however can net you a range between 450 and 550 grams per square meter, truly allowing you to maximize your exploits with this easy-to-grow plant. Make sure you’re keeping an extra eye on the development, and bear in mind a little extra time goes a long way with these seeds, regardless of indoor or outdoor growth. Uses For Therapeutic Cannabis Patients With Pain Conditions Stephen Hawking spent his life battling ALS, a degenerative muscular disease. It’s important for those looking to get the best health benefits out of Stephen King Kush Seeds that they know it’s an ideal selection for anyone going through physical, mental, or ailments of both types. Very quickly you’ll be able to notice the optimal benefits when it comes to muscle relief, mental clarity, relief from headaches, and more. It’s not just that this strain is a delicious treat, but it’s one that prioritizes one’s self-care first and foremost. Pain Relief Benefits From Stephen Hawking Kush Stephen Hawking Kush Seeds are a perfect match for those looking for relief from chronic pain, migraines, tension headaches, and arthritis just to name a few. Stephen King Kush seeds also have a specialized balance of CBD to THC which helps maximize the effectiveness of its pain management. It’s also a wonderful aide for those looking to stimulate appetite and help with stress, mood swings, and sleep issues. Thanks to the terpenes located in SHK as well, you’ll see benefits to your memory and mental focus strength. It’s the perfect mental stimulus suited to be named after a genius mind like Stephen Hawking’s. Physical Effects Of Indica-Dominant Hybrid Strains It wouldn’t be uncommon to refer to the physical effects of Stephen Hawking Kush Seeds as therapeutic properties. They elicit a newfound euphoria for those struggling and help bring a stabilizing, relaxation-based feeling that you’ll find in similar indica-dominant hybrid strains. Within a short span of time, even a couple of weeks, you’ll quickly notice the changes to your body that Stephen Hawking Kush supplies you with. Similar Strains To Stephen Hawking Kush Seeds Jack Herer Feminized Seeds Blueberry Kush Feminized Seeds AK Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds Purple Kush Feminized Seeds Blueberry Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds


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