Sour Tsunami Feminized Seeds


Sour Tsunami marijuana delivers waves of relief for a range of chronic conditions. With high CBD (and low THC), this medically-leaning strain is a challenge in the garden, but worth its weight in gold.

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Sour Tsunami Feminized Seeds Viewed 457 times today. Purchased 77 times today. Purchased 463 times this week. Developed with the intention of treating chronic, debilitating pain, Sour Tsunami marijuana is a CBD-rich example of how cannabis can improve your quality of life.  Unlike recreational strains, Sour Tsunami marijuana features low levels of THC (only topping out at 10%), with high levels of CBD – around 10%. Any euphoric effect is mitigated by the presence of CBD. Sour Tsunami delivers wave after wave of pure relief and relaxation. The hybrid is nearly unmatched in its ability to soothe pain, from chronic conditions to simple aches like headaches and muscle spasms. Sour Tsunami marijuana has also gained popularity among patients for its ability to treat seizures in both adults and children.  Due to its highly specialized nature, experience is recommended in order to maximize the potential of Sour Tsunami marijuana seeds, which can involve submitting samples to a reputable lab to test CBD levels before the plant has reached its flowering phase. But to enjoy this aromatic strain (a whiff of which and you’ll understand its title: these sticky buds are redolent of musky diesel and sour citrus), Sour Tsunami marijuana will require roughly 8 weeks of flowering before it is ready for harvest, and will offer about 12 to 16 ounces per plant or square meter, depending on your chosen growth environment. 


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