Snow White Green Queen Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Sativa-leaning Green Queen will have you flying sky high and then drifting peacefully on the sea of tranquility.

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Snow White Green Queen Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 420 times today. Purchased 100 times today. Purchased 412 times this week.   For the best of the sativa and indica worlds, you’ll definitely want to get some Green Queen cannabis seeds today. With the exception of 10% ruderalis in it, Green Queen, which is also known as “Queen Green,” is basically a balanced hybrid that was created from the crossing of Green Crack and Space Queen. Green Queen will have you flying sky high and then drifting peacefully on the sea of tranquility.   What are the effects of Green Queen cannabis? Happy Focused Uplifted WIth Green Queen cannabis seeds, cultivators of all skill levels will be able to easily grow plants that contain 50% sativa, 40% indica, and 10% ruderalis, along with a THC level of 15% that’s stronger than you might expect. Green Queen cannabis provides users with a well-balanced high that starts off gently with some uplifting euphoric cerebral effects that build over time as you find yourself feeling happier and happier and more capable of focusing without the distraction of worried thinking. In addition, Green Queen is known for inducing creative energy that never becomes too intense thanks to its well-balanced physical effects. In terms of Green Queen’s indica effects, most users report experiencing a numbing body high that’s quite soothing without becoming overpowering or making you feel weighed down. However, some say that this sativa-leaning hybrid can have some sedative, couch-locking qualities to it, especially for those who have a low tolerance to THC or who choose to exceed using Green Queen in moderation.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Green Queen cannabis? Not only is Green Queen a wonderful recreational option, it also has the potential to greatly benefit medical cannabis users.  Thanks to its mood-boosting and mind-focusing cerebral effects, patients who suffer from stress, depression, mood swings, PTSD-related symptoms, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. Ironically, this is one of those strains that can induce anxiety in some users, and in others, it can help to reduce anxiety. On the physical side of things, Green Queen has a reputation for being an especially effective analgesic that can help to alleviate chronic aches and pains, headaches, migraines, and nausea. Depending on your tolerance level and dosage, it may also help you fall asleep.   What does Green Queen taste like? Some say that Green Queen smells of earth, wood, and nuts, while others say its aroma is more that of skunk with subtle sweet notes of citrus and pepper. Just to make things even more contradictory, there are those who say it reminds them of the smell of beef stew, garlic bread, and onion soup! Regardless, one thing all users seem to agree on is that they find Green Queen’s fragrance and flavor to be equally appealing. When it comes to its flavor, the general consensus is that Green Queen tastes of sweet and spicy pine, with undertones of nuts, sweet berries, citrus, and pepper.   How do I grow Green Queen cannabis seeds? Due to the fact that no one is certain of who Green Queen’s original breeder is, not a whole lot is known about how to grow it. However, what is known is that it’s an easy strain to grow, and that since all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, there’s only about a 10% chance of ending up with male plants. In addition, it’s known that Green Queen can thrive both indoors and out, and if you decide to grow it outside, you will want to do so in a setting where the climate is Mediterranean-like and where your crops are able to stay dry whilst getting enough sunlight.   What do Green Queen cannabis plants look like? Green Queen plants develop into plants that are medium in height and that produce medium-sized, round nuggets that display their indica genetics by being quite dense in structure. Its buds, which are coated in an incredibly sticky layer of sweet resin and frosty trichomes, are shades of dark olive and deep greens, which are interwoven with sparse smatterings of brilliant orange and dark amber pistils.   When to harvest your Green Queen cannabis plant If you’re growing Green Queen indoors, you can anticipate an above-average sized yield of approximately 400 grams per square meter in about 9 weeks or so. If you’re instead cultivating this near-evenly-balanced hybrid outdoors in the proper setting, it should be ready to harvest sometime around the end of September into early October with a yield of about 400 grams per plant.   Similar cannabis strains to Green Queen Green Crack this energetic and stress-relieving sativa-dominant hybrid is one of Green Queen’s parent strains Space Queen this 50/50 hybrid that’s known for an an out-of-this-world escape is Green Queen’s other parent strain M-39 chatty, uplifting, and soothing indica-leaning hybrid also might alleviate depression and bipolar disorder Jack Flash this uplifting and relaxing indica-leaning hybrid is another that’s should help with bipolar disorder and migraines Glass Slipper this lively and soothing sativa-dominant hybrid is also easy to grow   


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