Snow Day Seeds Combo Pack


Everyone loves a good snow day! The next time you have the day off work (or you take the day off, because who could blame you?) due to flurries, you’ll be so glad you have this Snow Day combo pack curing in your cupboard. Jack Frost, Sugar Cookie, and White Fire OG combine to deliver all the cozy comforts of an evening curled up by the fire.

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Snow Day Seeds Combo Pack Viewed 462 times today. Purchased 53 times today. Purchased 602 times this week. When winter falls, a snow day is inevitable for many of us. And if you don’t live where you could wake to the fluffy white stuff covering the lawn, you probably wish you could experience a snow ball fight just once. That’s what the discount-priced Snow Day Cannabis Combo Pack is all about. Jack Frost to remind you to build a snowman, Sugar Cookie to dip in your hot chocolate, and White Fire OG to warm up beside after a chilly adventure. Snuggle up with this selection. Jack Frost-y the snowman This balanced hybrid is a great snow day strain. With an easy-to-grow heritage and a sweet, earthy flavor, you’re sure to be rewarded by this THC-rich choice. Feel uplifted and creative thanks to the sativa-inspired effects of Jack Frost, and enjoy relief from symptoms of stress and depression while you’re at it. Do you want to build a grow room? Sweeten up with a sugar cookie Boasting a vanilla-sweet taste and body-easing indica benefits, Sugar Cookie cannabis seeds are an obvious pick for the Snow Day combo pack. You’ll be saying “what insomnia?” as you nod off in your relaxed and happy state, with all the pain and stress slipping away. This evening strain is just what you need if you spent the morning shoveling and the afternoon skating at the park. The White Fire OG is so delightful Light a spark under it! White Fire OG is a popular strain that will leave you feeling creative and euphoric thanks to indica-rich genetics and anxiety-easing benefits you can feel free to tap into any time of day. The pine-like flavor and good yield will have you reaching for these seeds the very next time you’re planning a grow Our Snow Day cannabis seeds combo pack isn’t just an excellent deal thanks to our combo discount. It’s also a thoughtfully chosen collection of three strains that really suit the stay-inside mentality. And whether you grow them inside in your coziest corner or plan ahead and plant them outdoors earlier in the year, you won’t regret purchasing this premium pack!


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