Skunk No. 1 Feminized Seeds


When it comes to classic marijuana strains, it doesn’t get more old school than Skunk feminized seeds. This OG strain does have a somewhat wonky, stinky smell, but the body buzz it gives you is unparalleled. Not to mention it comes with 18% THC which may make you feel uplifted and energized.

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Skunk No. 1 Feminized Seeds Viewed 403 times today. Purchased 100 times today. Purchased 608 times this week. Even among classic cannabis strains, we are talking about a true classic here. To many, Skunk No. 1 remains the epitome of cannabis excellence. A wide range of marijuana strains, including some of the most popular strains, owe their excellent to Skunk genetics. However, have you actually tried the iconic marijuana strain? Why not try your hand at the strain that is arguably the apotheosis of cannabis cultivation? Its children have racked up Cannabis Cup wins. It is a truly classic strain and the ancestor of all Skunk strains. Maybe Skunk No. 1 is going to be your number one once you get your hands on these cannabis seeds. Skunk: The Makings Of A Classic Strain There are old-school cannabis strains, and then there is a strain like Skunk No. 1. We are talking about a strain that has been around since the 1970s. Yeah, when we say Skunk is a classic variety of cannabis, we aren’t being hyperbolic. Cannabis cultivators began the cannabis journey that led to skunk all those decades ago with strains such as Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold. These cultivars honed and honed their creation until we got the top-shelf cannabis strain known as Skunk. Since then, Skunk cannabis plants have permeated the world of cannabis connoisseurs and Skunk genetics have been passed on time and time again. What Does The Skunk Strain Smell Like? This is where the idea of marijuana having a skunky smell began. Now, those who are not well-versed in the world of marijuana may balk at the idea of a skunky aroma. In a vacuum, it does seem odd. However, when those cannabis cultivators crafted Skunk No. 1, they noticed a distinct aroma coming from it. Trying to evoke the experience, they labeled it a skunky fragrance. This iconic marijuana strain, and its children, don’t literally smell like skunk spray, which evolved to be so unpalatable as to keep predators away. It’s a funky, distinct smell that we label as “skunky” because that’s what the creators did. Now, this sweet and sour skunkiness still isn’t for everybody, but some people absolutely love that aroma. There is something different happening in the flavor as well, with a spicy taste balanced by earthy notes to be found. Skunk Is A Sturdy Hybrid Skunk’s strain type is that of a balanced hybrid. While this is an old-school strain, it is not a landrace strain, as we noted, but a hybrid. It comes in at 50 percent indica content and 50 percent sativa content. Indeed, this is a truly balanced hybrid. This illustrious cannabis strain, being old school as it is, has a sensible, but still moderate THC level. THC is the psychoactive chemical compound found in marijuana plants. Our Skunk weed seeds contain roughly 18 percent of the psychoactive THC. It’s not a potent strain in terms of THC, though it is in terms of aroma, to be sure. What Are The Effects Of The Skunk Strain? As a balanced hybrid with moderate levels of THC, Skunk No. 1 is arguably an ideal strain. There is a reason why this strain, and its progeny, have won numerous cannabis competitions over the last few decades. The long-lasting buzz has uplifting effects. Skunk is known for energizing, mood-boosting effects, common elements of sativas, but with a body buzz that takes you into the realm of relaxation, which comes from the indica parentage. Does that sound like the ultimate cannabis experience? You aren’t alone in that assessment. if you want to boost your energy level, but in a way where you feel relaxed and not wound up, then Skunk should be added to your selection of cannabis seeds. How To Grow Skunk Plants You don’t need to be an experienced grower to handle raising up Skunk No. 1 for harvest. In fact, even novice growers can handle this easy-to-grow strain. The only thing we’ll note is that during the flowering stage, Skunk effectively requires a dry climate. Do that, though, and after eight to nine weeks of flowering time, you should get yourself a fine yield. Indoor growers get an impressive yield of 500 grams per quiet meter. Outdoor cultivation meanwhile, tends to offer up a yield of 450 grams per plant. Get Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds When you buy marijuana seeds, you are going to want feminized seeds. Why is that? Only female plants of the marijuana family have buds, which is where almost all the THC is found. The fully-feminized seeds we offer here at Growers Choice Seeds provide you with a near guarantee of female plants each and every time. We feel like we offer exceptional quality in our cannabis seeds, in part because we lab test all our seeds for quality. Of course, we have many exceptional varieties of cannabis seed strains available in our online catalog. As we have said, cannabis cultivation owes so much to the Skunk strain. So many popular cannabis seed strains have Skunk No. 1 as a parent and offer skunkiness to cannabis consumers. Our huge selection of strains owes so much to Skunk No. 1, and here are five strains built on sublime cannabis genetics. 1. Shiva Skunk: Shiva Skunk is the child of two iconic strains, Skunk No. 1 and Northern Lights No. 5. That has resulted in an indica-dominant hybrid with a little more THC than Skunk, with a bit more of a sweet taste (but with plenty of skunky aromas, of course). 2. Hindu Skunk: Notably, there is a fruity taste to this indica-dominant hybrid. Also, our version of Hindu Skunk is an auto-flowering strain. That means it flowers based on the age of the plant, not the light cycle. It makes it easy for even beginners to handle. 3. Blueberry Skunk: If you are looking for deep relaxation, look no further than Blueberry Skunk. With high levels of THC and a lot of indica, this is a strain that will have you dreaming in no time, even if you have sleep issues. 4. Skunk Kush: This is another blending of two elite cannabis strains. Skunk and Hindu Kush need no introduction, and the hybrid of these strains known as Skunk Kush has powerful effects prized by medically-minded marijuana users. 5. Island Sweet Skunk: Here’s a skunky hybrid that is sativa dominant, a change of pace from the rest of these strains. If you like bountiful cannabis plants, then Island Sweet Skunk is the one for you. Outdoor growers have been known to get up to 600 grams per plant, a truly massive yield.


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