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High-yielding, easy-to-grow Shishkaberry is a deeply sedating, indica-heavy hybrid that makes for the perfect post-dinner, pre-bedtime ritual of winding down.

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Shishkaberry Feminized Seeds Viewed 404 times today. Purchased 87 times today. Purchased 695 times this week.   For an award-winning and high-yielding nighttime strain, Shishkaberry cannabis seeds are the way to go. Shishkaberry, aka “Kish” or “Shishkeberry,” is an indica-heavy hybrid that was brought into being when DJ Short Blueberry and an unknown Afghani indica were crossed with one another. This highly sedative strain really made a name for itself when it captured second place for Best Indica at the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup.   What are the effects of Shishkaberry cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric Sleepy With Shishkaberry cannabis seeds, cultivators of all skill levels from newbies to veterans should be able to easily grow this 80:20 indica to sativa hybrid that contains a couch-locking 24% THC level. As is often the case for indica/sativa hybrids, Shishkaberry cannabis starts off with a euphorically uplifting sativa cerebral high that’s known to fill users with happiness and a sense of calm. Many report that the early stages of a Shishkaberry high include feeling more focused, so much so that novices may be tricked into thinking that this indica-heavy hybrid is going to result in an evening of immense productivity as opposed to ending up blissfully sinking into the couch. As Shishkaberry’s physical effects creep in, you’re likely to feel more and more relaxed until, after about an hour or so, you find that doing anything beyond lounging about requires way too much effort. This deeply sedating strain makes for the perfect post-dinner, pre-bedtime ritual as it allows both your mind and body to fully unwind and settle into the evening before you willingly succumb to the embrace of its strong body stone and siren’s song of peaceful slumber.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Shishkaberry cannabis? While Shishkaberry cannot end global pandemics, that doesn’t mean it lacks incredible therapeutic benefits for medical users. Its powerfully calming and bliss-filled mental and physical high brings with it immense temporary relief for those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and symptoms related to PTSD. In fact, it’s worth noting that stress relief is one of Shishkaberry’s top selling points in the medical cannabis community. In addition, Shishkaberry has much to offer those dealing with various physical ailments and issues such as chronic aches and pains, insomnia, headaches, migraines, nausea, PMS, and even asthma. Some patients have also said that Shishkaberry works to improve loss of appetite.   What does Shishkaberry taste like? This very pungent-smelling, indica-heavy strain has one of the most enjoyable fruity aromas around. Shishkaberry’s delightful fragrance of sweet succulent berries and the dankness of earth also carries over into its mouthwatering flavor profile with added accents of herbs, with little to no aftertaste.   How do I grow Shishkaberry cannabis seeds? Shishkaberry, which can be grown indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse, is considered a fabulous option for those new to the cannabis cultivation game as it’s one of the easiest strains to grow. Plus, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means that the likelihood of ending up with male plants is quite low. Expert growers recommend using hydroponics and the Sea of Green method when growing Shishkaberry inside, and though it’s not particularly choosy about its outdoor habitat, it is important to keep an eye on it as it’s relatively susceptible to pests and diseases.   What do Shishkaberry cannabis plants look like? When allowed to grow outside, Shishkaberry plants are known to reach heights of 6-7 feet. This relatively low-maintenance strain produces beautiful olive and mint green buds with rich purple hues and an array of dark amber pistils. Finally, Shishkaberry’s vibrant, conical nuggets, which proudly demonstrate their indica genetics in being quite dense in structure, are thickly coated in a white frosting of resinous trichomes.   When to harvest your Shishkaberry cannabis plant Shishkaberry is a high-yielding hybrid, especially when grown outside.  That said, its indoor yield, which should be ready for harvesting in as little as 6.5-8 weeks, of 450 grams per square meter is nothing to sneeze at. When cultivated outside, Shishkaberry is known to produce an approximate abundance of 600 grams per plant come late September or early October.   Cannabis strains similar to Shishkaberry DJ Short Blueberry this award-winning, indica-dominant hybrid is one of Shishkaberry’s parent strains Afghani while it’s unknown exactly which Afghani indica Shishkaberry’s other parent strain is, this pure indica is an excellent possibility Grape Ape another popular strain often prescribed for patients seeking to soothe away stress and manage chronic pain 9 Pound Hammer described as “an iron fist in a velvet glove,” this hybrid also has an indica to sativa ratio of 80:20 Acapulco Gold on the other end of the spectrum with an 80:20 ratio of sativa to indica with caffeine-like effects minus the pesky jitters


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