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Saying that Scott’s OG is potently effective reads like a cliche understatement, with its classic kush taste and astonishingly dynamic high.

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Scott’s OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 347 times today. Purchased 76 times today. Purchased 443 times this week. If you’re a fan of OGs, then you definitely need to invest in Scott’s OG cannabis seeds. To say that this indica-heavy strain is potent and effective reads like a cliche understatement. The offspring of Triangle Kush and Rare Dankness #1, Scott’s OG delivers users that classic kush taste with an astonishingly dynamic high.    What are the effects of Scott’s OG cannabis? Relaxed Sleepy Happy Creative With Scott’s OG cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to grow a strain that pretty much embodies what it is to be a mighty indica-dominant hybrid. Scott’s OG cannabis plants contain an almost-behemothic THC level of 26%! Even though Scott’s OG is heavy on the indica, its 20% sativa content is the first to kick in with its mood- and mind-boosting dose of euphoria, which is often followed by a rush of creative thoughts and ideas. However, this happiness- and inspiration-inducing strain isn’t known for resulting in a productive outpouring of work but instead landing you on the couch with interesting and out-of-the-box thinking to keep you entertained. Scott OG’s bone-deep relaxation combined with its initial waves of bliss and joy makes for a perfect way to spend your evening. The only thing you may find yourself wishing you had more of is…snacks. What are the therapeutic benefits of Scott’s OG cannabis? Scott OG’s massive THC content is not just something that recreational users benefit from, it also has the potential to greatly assist medical cannabis users. This hybrid’s powerful physical effects have been known to alleviate chronic pain and insomnia. These same effects also appear to work to temporarily relieve various mental health issues such as chronic stress and anxiety, depression, mood swings, and even PTSD. Scott’s OG, which has a reputation for bringing on the munchies, may be of great help to those struggling with a loss of appetite. In addition, the fact that it has a reputation for soothing nausea makes it an especially effective tool for  patients undergoing treatment.   What does Scott’s OG taste like? With senses like smell and taste being such subjective experiences and, therefore, subjective opinions, giving a 100% accurate description of what a strain’s fragrance or flavor is like is nigh near impossible. However, by taking the descriptions provided with a grain of salt and understanding that while one person may pick up on tastes of skunk and another may pick up on more diesel notes, neither description is inaccurate nor false. As such, Scott’s OG flavor profile might best be described as a combination of citrusy, zesty lemon kush; fresh pine; and earth with floral accents.    How do I grow Scott’s OG cannabis seeds? Whether you’re new to cannabis cultivation or have decades of experience, Scott’s OG is an excellent option as it’s a low-maintenance and easy strain to grow. Plus, to make things even that much simpler for you, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. This classic indica hybrid can be successfully grown indoors and out, as long as you remember to trim it on a regular basis.   What do Scott’s OG cannabis plants look like? With an easy-to-trim build, Scott’s OG is usually medium in height once fully grown. As is common for indicas, its buds are quite dense in structure and are round-ish in shape. Scott’s OG’s forest green nuggets are adorned in a bright display of wispy orange hairs with rich amber hues. To complete their look, Scott’s OG’s buds are frosted over in nubby crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Scott’s OG cannabis plant Perhaps the only thing better than having an incredibly potent and iconic indica that most any cultivator of most any skill level can successfully grow is it also producing good-sized, solid yields, which is exactly what Scott’s OG does. When cultivated indoors, this strain should provide a yield of around 450 grams per square meter in about 8-10 weeks. Grown outside, Scott’s OG will produce an approximate bounty of 550 grams per plant in the autumn months.   Cannabis strains similar to Scott’s OG I-95 this once near-impossible to obtain in seed form 50/50 hybrid also claims Triangle Kush as a parent strain Rare Darkness this highly-sedating, indica-heavy strain is a relative of Scott’s OG as they both share Rare Dankness #1 as a parent Hash Plant like Scott’s OG, this hybrid also has an indica/sativa ratio of 80:20 White Widow is one of the most famous and sought-after types of cannabis that also has a whopping 26% THC content Stinky Pink with its elating, sedating high, this indica-leaning hybrid also has the potential to help those suffering from PTSD


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