Resin-Rich Snowball Seeds Combo Pack


Every cannabis lover knows about resin. This initially sticky, eventually sugary bud topping contains many of the beneficial effects of marijuana. Those tasty trichomes are a sought-after feature, and our Snowball Strains combo pack contains three of the most resin-rich strains we offer! You definitely won’t mind getting hit with White Diamond, White Widow, and White Berry!

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Resin-Rich Snowball Seeds Combo Pack Viewed 326 times today. Purchased 60 times today. Purchased 560 times this week. So much of the benefits of every cannabis strain can be found in the trichomes that make up the so-called “frosting” on your buds. After drying, when harvesting the flowers, it’s extremely important not to lose this wonderful coating as you separate and cure your plants—the psychoactive properties, as well as the taste and flavor, are concentrated here. If that’s what you’re looking for in a harvest, we highly recommend the three resin-rich strains in our Snowball Strains combo pack! And did we mention it’s on sale? Marvel at the mantle of the White Widow A classic choice for good reason, White Widow is known for its sky-high THC level and its ability to ease pain and stress. A sativa-dominant hybrid, this popular pot pick is rich in the resin department, and you’l find it’s surprisingly easy to grow, too. With a good yield and a citrusy taste, there’s simply no reason to brush off this powdered strain. Sweeten the deal with White Berry A fruity strain with a sweet temperament, White Berry cannabis seeds will give you a straightforward grow you can be proud of, indoors or out. The short, indica-dominant plant leaves you happy and relaxed, sending headaches and anxiety packing in place of berry-flavored chill. It’s comparatively low in THC, too, so you won’t get any heavy duty mental effects from this white-robed stunner. White Diamond is a girl’s best friend White Diamond cannabis seeds deliver a perfectly balanced hybrid that will never disappoint. Be gentle with the heavily frosted buds and you’ll discover a world of anxiety and stress relief perfect for an evening toke. Get all happy-sleepy and nod off in the best of moods, feeling like you’re absolutely shining bright like the diamond you know you are. New to the game or an old-hat weed gardener, you’d be remiss to skip this awesome discount combo pack. The Resin-Rich Snowball Strains combo rounds up the finest trichome-coated cannabis around; you’ll wonder if fairies came to dust your frosted plants when you see these beauties blooming. Act now!


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