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Recon is a premium indica-dominant hybrid that unlocks the door to unwinding and letting go, making it every indica lover’s ideal.

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Recon Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 324 times today. Purchased 80 times today. Purchased 415 times this week.   Indica fans can now rejoice! Recon cannabis seeds are easily available via Growers Choice! (that was a rhyme; we do it all the time). This premium indica-dominant strain that unlocks the door to unwinding and letting go is the offspring of LA Confidential and Cannadential. Recon, which captured 2nd place at the 2008 South African Cup and 3rd at the 2010 Outdoor Spannabis, also answers to the name of “ReCon,” “Recon Kush,” and Recon OG.   What are the effects of Recon cannabis? Relaxed Euphoric Happy With Recon cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow a classic indica-dominant hybrid that has a 20% THC content. Recon cannabis is somewhat unique in its effects as the majority of users say that, despite being 30% sativa, its cerebral effects are less pronounced than one might expect. However, this is not to say that users don’t experience a mood boost and a decompression of worried and anxious thinking. Instead, Recon is known for providing users with a relaxing yet reinvigorating full-body buzz that makes kicking back at the end of a long and difficult day possible. By allowing your mind and body to free themselves of stress, the euphoria and happiness that were being blocked by physical and mental tensions are able to flow freely. While Recon does tend to inspire creativity, its physical effects are profound enough that you’re more likely to end up lying on your couch thinking outside the box while doing very little to actualize those thoughts. That said, despite being a fully relaxing strain, Recon may also end up causing you to feel more sociable, whereby hanging out and just chilling with friends is how you end up spending your lazy afternoon or evening.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Recon cannabis? Recon’s ability to thoroughly put one’s body at ease means it has the potential to serve as a highly effective pain reliever for medical cannabis users. For example, many medical users have said that using Recon has allowed them to experience respite from aches and pains that are either chronic or the result of an injury, arthritis, headaches, and nausea.  When used in higher doses, this hybrid has also been known to combat insomnia. Although Recon’s cerebral effects are not as prominent as with other strains, the soothing bliss that recreational users tend to experience can translate into providing temporary relief from stress, anxiety, and depression.   What does Recon taste like? Recon tastes as extraordinary as it smells. This strain is high in the terpenes of fenchol, which tastes of sweet lemon and lime, and fresh herbs; limonene, a terpene tasting of tangy citrus and fresh mint; B-caryophyllene, which is a peppery terpene; and linalool—a marriage of tropical fruits and wood. All of these combined together create a very pleasant and enjoyable blend of flavors that serve to balance and enhance one another. In more general terms, you could say that Recon tastes of sweet fruits and berries with zesty citrus and peppery notes.   How do I grow Recon cannabis seeds? This dream of an indica-dominant hybrid is considered easy to grow and can be successfully grown in and outside. In addition, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which makes things that much simpler for cultivators of all skill levels. If you decide to raise your Recon crops outdoors, know that it will need to be in a semi-humid, warm maritime or Mediterranean-esque setting where temperatures hover in the range of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is recommended that you plant your seedlings near the start of summer. Indoors, Recon responds well to the majority of growing mediums and methods. While this isn’t the hardest strain to grow, some important things to be aware of no matter where you cultivate it are as follows: Recon is susceptible to mold, mildew, and root rot, which means you will need to keep a close eye on humidity levels; and you’ll need to top, trim, and prune your plants so that air and light are able to circulate around and to lower growing nodes.   What do Recon cannabis plants look like? As is common for an indica, Recon, which is quite an attractive-looking plant, produces small, tightly-packed, rounded buds.  Its forest and light green nuggets are threaded through with wispy orange pistils and are completely encased both inside and out in a frosty coating of white crystal trichomes that give Recon’s buds their incredibly sticky texture. In fact, this hybrid’s nuggets are so resinous that you’ll need a grinder to break them up.   When to harvest your Recon cannabis plant Recon provides cultivators with average-sized yields that are so insanely sticky, you’ll want to have a good pair of scissors that are built to handle so much resin. When cultivated indoors, you can anticipate an approximate yield of 300 grams per square meter in roughly 8-9 weeks. Grown outdoors, Recon should be harvest-ready around late September into early October with an estimated yield of 400 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Recon LA Confidential this well-rounded 50/50 hybrid can claim Recon as one of its offspring Death Bubba with the same 70:30 indica/sativa ratio as Recon, this one won’t induce death, but it’ll knock you out with its powerful effects Grease Monkey another 70:30 indica/sativa that makes for an idyllic lazy day lounging at home Sweet and Sour Widow also has a 70:30 indica/sativa ratio but with a very mild THC content of 6% and phenomenal 10% CBD level California Love on the opposite end of the spectrum, this cerebrally-focusing hybrid has a 30:70 indica/sativa ratio


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