Raskal OG Feminized Seeds


Wake up and greet the day with Raskal OG marijuana, an anytime strian with 17% THC to banish negative vibes and fuel a day of creative productivity.

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Raskal OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 330 times today. Purchased 83 times today. Purchased 422 times this week. Creativity waning? With a sativa-driven euphoria that has the power to lift spirits, Raskal OG marijuana is the powerful hybrid you need to imbue your day with creativity and purpose.  Raskal OG packs a potent, sativa-punch into its indica-like structure (its dense, tight nugs alone will put a smile on your face). Reeking of citrus fruits, the THC-rich strain can top out at 19%, fueling an energetic high that can carry you through the activities of the day, right through to the evening. Raskal OG marijuana has become well known among the medical community for its ability to banish negative vibes and reduce chronic stress, pain, headaches, and inflammation.  FLowering in a sea of olive green and purple, Raskal OG marijuana seeds are as impressive in the garden as the pot is lit. With a structure that favors its indica genetics, an indoor environment will provide complete control over its environment, and choosing the right growing medium can help maximize its unique aromatic profile. Given the standard 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, you’ll come out of harvest with a sticky crop of cannabis to inspire your mind and soul. 


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