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A combination of classic Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, Purple Kush is a much sought-after cannabis seed strain, and its beautiful appearance, sweet and earthy scent, and fruity flavor only serve to further enhance the therapeutic benefits.

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Purple Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 368 times today. Purchased 93 times today. Purchased 499 times this week. One of the most sought-after marijuana strains in the world, Purple Kush seed harvests emit an earthy scent that encourages deep relaxation in those who use it. While this fantastic strain requires optimal conditions and a sophisticated germination guide to cultivate properly, the numerous benefits and beautiful appearance of purple weed seeds are worth noting to both outdoor growers and commercial customers alike. Purple Kush Feminized Seeds An indica dream, Purple Kush feminized cannabis seeds deliver a long-lasting, deeply calming sensation that will leave you relaxed, happy, and euphoric for hours. A combination of classic Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, Purple Kush is a much sought-after cannabis seed strain, and its beautiful appearance, sweet and earthy scent, and fruity flavor only serve to further enhance the therapeutic benefits. Is Purple Kush Strong A Purple Kush seed harvest averages about 20.8% in terms of THC content which establishes its demand among experienced growers. Some users report that, aside from strength, this excellent strain also keeps the euphoric sensation for a long time once consumed. What Are The Benefits Of Purple Kush Seeds Aside from its beautiful purple leaves and fruity flavor, this powerful strain is packed with various benefits. Among its most popular effects is its ability to provide the user with a relaxing sensation, which earns its title as a “happy-making strain”. Ideal for those suffering from anxiety attacks, this beautiful plant is perfect for treating an extreme level of stress in users. Additionally, this Indica-dominant strain is also famous for its use as medical marijuana. Specifically, Purple Kush seed harvests are beneficial to growers suffering from chronic pain and constant stress. For growers, Purple Kush seeds also pose a great benefit as they are a great deterrent to common pests. What Are The Side Effects Of Purple Kush Although this versatile plant poses numerous benefits, growing Purple Kush seeds also come with its fair share of side effects. For instance, heavy consumption of Purple Kush may leave users feeling hungry. While this effect may take some time to wear off, a great tip to curb your possible cravings is to sip a cup of water. Similarly, the all-over relaxation effect of a Purple Kush seed harvest can potentially leave you feeling groggy. Some users report its beneficial cerebral effects, but the results are not always the same for everyone. Is Purple Kush Good For Headaches One of the recommended uses for Purple Kush seeds is for the treatment of headaches. When consumed properly, this ideal strain can help alleviate feelings of migraine due to its numbing effects. Be prepared, however, as its sedative properties can definitely put you to sleep as a solution to your headache. Additionally, Purple Kush seed harvests are also used as a prevention for migraines aside from simple treatment. While further research on the subject is still an ongoing matter, some medical professionals recommend taking Purple Kush seeds to their clients as a means to put off unnecessary headaches. Does Purple Kush Make You Hungry As mentioned, purple weed seeds can leave users feeling hungry as a side effect after consumption. This is often a common result when consuming any kind of leaf Indica, so this side effect is not to be worried about. What Temperature Does Purple Kush Like For those interested in taking advantage of Purple Kush seeds’ classic, award-winning genetics, there are plenty of growth management techniques you can make use of. Specifically, ensuring that your Purple Kush seed is growing at the right temperature is crucial to attaining optimal conditions. On average, you would have to monitor a temperature of about 60-75°F range to ensure the most favorable flowering time. As it can be difficult and time-consuming to monitor temperature, it is best to consider growing your Purple Kush seeds indoors to ensure that they will be kept an eye on. Not adhering to the proper temperature or extreme changes in weather can definitely impact the growth cycle and quality of your Purple Kush seeds. How Do You Know When Purple Kush Is Ready Once your Purple Kush seed has entered the flowering stage, you should be able to smell its earthy aromas and see its broad leaves. It is also important to note that Purple Kush seeds only attain their notable color once they have reached the flowering period. If you see that your Purple Kush seeds remain a brownish color, it is not ready yet. Additionally, growers can also take note of Purple Kush seeds’ height once they are ready for harvest. Typically, purple weed seeds grown outdoors will reach about 1 to 1.5 meters tall, while indoor growing conditions can result in 0.6 to 0.8 meters in height. It is generally recommended for beginner growers to plant their Purple Kush seed indoors, but always be prepared for trimming once it has grown to its maximum height. Does Purple Kush Have Seeds Similar to other bushy plants, Purple Kush also yields seeds. Generally, the cultivation of cannabis can be done either indoors or outdoors, but Purple Kush thrives better in a controlled environment. As Purple Kush seeds differ in terms of genetics compared to other cannabis seeds, their flowering period calls for a more advanced cultivation technique. Still, the growth management techniques for Purple Kush seeds are not too complicated. Aside from cool temperatures, adequate light, and healthy airflow, you simply need to keep a close eye on this potent strain to keep it from decaying due to moisture. While Purple Kush seeds can definitely be grown anywhere, it cultivates best when in the recommended humidity and temperature levels. How Many Weeks Does Purple Kush Take To Flower Like other cannabis seeds, this hardy plant averages about an 8-10 week yield time. Since its chlorophyll levels will take time to give the plant its natural purple tint, constant monitoring of Purple Kush seeds is crucial to its harvest time. With the right amount of light per day and assurance of cool conditions, however, you can expect to take advantage of the Purple Kush plant’s earthy undertones and calming effects in no time. How To Grow Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds Purple Kush cannabis seeds might not be ideal for brand new gardeners, but nor are the plants overly difficult to successfully cultivate. Relatively short in stature, Purple Kush grows best indoors where you can easily control temperature and humidity, and the strain’s short height — it rarely reaches above three feet — also makes it ideal for small interior spaces. The flowering stage usually lasts seven to nine weeks, and at harvest time you can expect a moderate yield of about 300-400 grams of flower per square meter. If you’re lucky enough to live in the perfect outdoor climate, you should see about 250 grams per plant. At Growers Choice, we guarantee the genetics of all our strains, so you know that the Purple Kush cannabis seeds you buy will flourish into healing, natural Purple Kush plants. It’s easy to order your seeds right on our website, and we always promise complete privacy for both your information and your delivery. Take advantage of our germination guarantee, and find out why customers love Growers Choice. Place your order of Purple Kush cannabis seeds, today!


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