Presidential OG Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds


Power-yielding Presidential OG kicks in with its full-bodied high and mood-boosting effects as users ride its waves of happiness and serenity.

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Presidential OG Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 415 times today. Purchased 67 times today. Purchased 445 times this week.   Presidential OG, aka “Presidential Kush” and “Presidential OG Kush,” is the powerful result of its parent strains Bubble Gum and OG Kush.   What to expect with Presidential OG With a THC average of 20.5% and a high of 26%, power-yielding Presidential OG doesn’t waste any time kicking in with its full-bodied high and mood-boosting effects, allowing users to contentedly ride its waves of happiness and serenity. Although it works when socializing in terms of increasing your sense of well-being, its drowsy properties make it better as a way to kick back and dreamily melt into your couch after a long, hard day or overcome insomnia with some much-needed sleep.   Health benefits Presidential OG Apart from helping with sleep deprivation, Presidential OG’s other medical benefits may include addressing stress, depression, mild cases of PTSD, chronic and temporary aches and pains, mild migraines, and headaches. Those with a low tolerance may experience some paranoia, but generally, it’s considered a good option for those who are more susceptible to panic attacks.   Growing Presidential OG With healthy-sized frosty green buds interspersed with rust-colored hairs and heavily sprinkled with silvery, white trichomes that sometimes have a purplish tint to them, Presidential OG has an impressively strong fragrance of citrus and pine and a similar flavor with an undertone of sweet woodiness to it. Presidential OG can be grown indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses and tends to average 3 feet in height. While it’s not recommended for those who are new to growing, it’s on the easier end of the spectrum for experienced cultivators. Grown indoors, you can expect a yield of about 17 oz per square meter in 7 weeks if you have a good hydroponic setup. Outdoors, Presidential OG thrives in a warm, dry climate, yielding about 21 oz per plant in 8-9 weeks.


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