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As a multiple-award winning near-pure indica that walked away with first place at the 1994 High Times Cup for Best Hydro Strain, ever-popular Platinum Kush is an indica lover’s dream come true with its heavy, couch-locking, comatose, stone-cold indica effects.

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Platinum Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 439 times today. Purchased 99 times today. Purchased 354 times this week. What Are The Effects Of Platinum Kush Cannabis? Relaxed Happy Sleepy Euphoric Usually only available as a clone-only strain, you can now get Platinum Kush cannabis seeds, which grow into plants that have a 90:10 indica to sativa ratio and an average THC level of about 18% that can be as high as 21%, from Growers Choice Seeds. Created by using OG Kush genetics, this indica-dominant hybrid strain, which is all about delivering sleepy sedation, starts things off with come cerebrally euphoric effects that serve to leave you feeling optimistic and happy as it improves your spirits and outlook on life, while its body effects get to work on relaxing and sinking you deeper and deeper into your couch. As a powerhouse of a deeply narcotic nighttime strain, there’s no question about whether or not Platinum Kush is going to leave you completely dozy and cozy, the only real question is whether or not you’ll be able to muster the strength to satisfy the massive munchies craving this indica induces before you pass out. For those who like to use a bong, you might want to refrain from hitting it too hard as Platinum Kush has the strength to steamroll you like a bulldozer. In fact, speaking of bulldozers, you are not going to be wanting to even try to operate any kind of heavy machinery when under the influence of this all-powerful indica. If you’ve had a long hard day or are just really struggling to unwind and fall asleep, Platinum Kush is sure to provide you with the lazy kind of relaxation that you deserve. What Are The Therapeutic Benefits Of Platinum Kush Cannabis? As you may already know, indicas are known for containing some powerful analgesic properties that have the potential to significantly benefit medical marijuana users in treating physical medical conditions. On top of that, despite only containing 10% sativa its deeply soothing effects combined with its positive vibes, Platinum Kush is said to crush feelings of stress, symptoms related to bipolar disorder, as well as negative thoughts and feelings and worried thinking. However, this near-pure indica’s biggest selling point for those in the medical cannabis community is its anecdotal ability to vanquish all kinds of aches and pains, including long-term chronic pain, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, and chronic back pain. In addition, thanks to its notoriety for inducing a case of the munchies, Platinum Kush is often prescribed by medical professionals to patients who have lost their appetite due to the nausea-inducing side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Finally, it pretty much goes without saying that insomnia doesn’t stand a chance when introduced to Platinum Kush’s potent effects. What Are The Adverse Effects Of Platinum Kush? As a powerhouse of an indica, Platinum Kush may end up leaving you with dry and itchy eyes as well as cottonmouth–both of which are common side effects for the majority of marijuana strains. In addition, some users with a low tolerance to THC have reported feelings of dizziness when using this formidable strain. Other adverse effects that happen rarely are minor headaches and, for those who are already predisposed to paranoid thinking, sometimes Platinum Kush can leave one feeling more anxious than usual. What Are Platinum Kush’s Fragrance And Flavor Profiles Like? Platinum Kush gives off a very strong earthy, diesel-like aroma that comes with notes of sweet berries, grapes, and strong contrasting accents of pepper and spice. However, others describe its fragrance as being skunky and funky with more musky and earth-like notes–thereby proving that smell and taste are very subjective experiences. In terms of this indica’s taste, it provides users with an inviting and tempting complex flavor profile that can easily lead one astray into the land of “excessive dosing” due to just how tasty it is. With flavors of earthy sweetness and fresh and sharp pine, mixed with sweet and sugary grape and berry notes, Platinum Kush is a highly addicting strain in regards to its delicious and distinct flavor profile. When combusted, this indica gives off a cough-inducing thick and acrid smoke. How Do I Grow Platinum Kush Cannabis Seeds? When it comes to growing Platinum Kush seeds, there’s not a huge amount of information out there on account of it having been a clone-only strain for so long. However, what we can tell you is that it’s a pretty easy strain to grow, which means it’s a solid choice for cannabis growers of all skill levels, including those who are first-time or novice growers. In addition, since Growers Choice Seeds only make high-quality feminized seeds available to its customers, you have a 99% chance of ending up with female marijuana plants and a guaranteed 90% chance of all of your seeds sprouting provided you strictly follow the easy-to-follow germination guide provided here. As a strain that can be grown indoors and out, know that in order to thrive outside, you will need to plant your Platinum Kush seedlings in a setting that is warm and dry with access to abundant sunshine. If you are going to grow this indica-heavy hybrid indoors, you will need to do so in a room or space that is well-ventilated. Regardless of where you cultivate Platinum Kush, you will need to trim it on a regular basis to help ensure its health. Lastly, if you want to bring out its purple hues you will need to shock your plants near the end of their vegetative growth stage just before they enter their flowering period by exposing them to cooler, but never frosty, overnight temperatures. What Do Platinum Kush Cannabis Plants Look Like? When fully grown, Platinum Kush plants are medium in height and produce funnel-shaped buds that are medium to large in size, and very dense in structure, as is to be expected of a near-pure indica strain. In regards to its coloration, this indica has some real deal bag appeal with its soft sea green leaves that can proudly display mixed streaks of both muted and rich deep purples, which are highlighted with a platinum coating of trichomes that cover the inner and outer sides of Platinum Kush’s colorful leaves. When To Harvest Your Platinum Kush Cannabis Plants Popular for its effects, and looks, and being an easy-to-cultivate cannabis strain, Platinum Kush is also well-loved for its hearty yields. When grown in a well-ventilated indoor space, this indica-dominant hybrid strain usually enters its flowering time in about 8-9 weeks after which it should provide happy cultivators with a generous harvest of about 510+ grams per square meter. Cultivated outside in the kind of warm and sunny setting it needs, Platinum Kush should produce an approximate above-average yield of 397 grams per plant after flowering sometime between late September and early October. Similar Cannabis Strains To Platinum Kush 1. OG Kush: this always-fashionable and popular sativa-dominant hybrid that dates back to the early 1990s, which is parent to many a celebrated hybrid, is also responsible for Platinum Kush and its exceptional effects. 2. Diablo OG Kush: aka “Diablo OG,” this sativa-leaning hybrid that stimulates the mind whilst providing physical relief with its soothing properties is another OG Kush offspring. 3. Tahoe OG Kush: this well-balanced indica and sativa hybrid, which is all about delivering happy and sleepy feelings with a strong dose of the munchies, can also claim OG Kush as a parent strain. 4. Oregon Diesel: bred to “make you stupid and lazy,” Oregon Diesel, like Platinum Kush, also boasts an indica to sativa ratio of 90:10. 5. Silver Haze: this dynamic strain that’s extremely popular and beloved for its highly-enjoyable and impressively invigorating wake-and-bake effects is on the opposite end of the spectrum with a sativa to indica ratio of 90:10.  


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