Pineapple Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


With a name like Pineapple Autoflower, you can expect this smoke to taste sweet and tropical—like a mini vacation in your mouth. You may also notice a jolt of energy as this hybrid leans heavily toward sativa with only 30% indica.

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Pineapple Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 470 times today. Purchased 52 times today. Purchased 441 times this week. If your favorite cannabis strains tend to fall into the realm of fruity flavors and energizing effects, then Pineapple is a mouth-watering combination of what you are looking for in a marijuana variety. Not only that, but at Growers Choice Seeds we offer cannabis seeds for the auto-flowering variety to our customers. Auto-flowering cannabis strains are a great choice for many growers, but novice growers can particularly benefit from auto-flowering seeds. Here’s what to know about Pineapple auto-flowering as a strain, including what it means to go with auto-flowering seeds Pineapple Auto-Flowering Genetics The parent strains of Pineapple are Pineapple Chunk and Skunk No. 1, a combination of genetics that have yielded a wonderful hybrid strain. On top of that, though, the Pineapple auto-flowering cannabis seeds contain the genetics of Cannabis ruderalis as well. It is ruderalis that gives us auto-flowering seeds for popular marijuana strains. The ruderalis has an impact on how Pineapple grows, but it does not really impact the pleasurable effects of this strain. What Kind Of Strain Is Auto-Flowering Pineapple Plants? Pineapple is a sativa-dominant hybrid, and the auto-flowering genetics means that the strain is 60 percent on the sativa strain side of things, 30 percent of indica parentage, and then 10 percent of the ruderalis. The THC levels in these marijuana seeds come in at around 15 percent, which is on the low side to the moderate side. That’s ideal for people overwhelmed by high-THC strains. THC is the psychoactive element of marijuana, and to some, too much THC can lead to feeling overwhelmed or paranoid. The THC levels of Pineapple auto-flowering plants are manageable for most. The Perfect Combination Of Unforgettable Aromas And Tropical Flavors Pineapple provides you with an amazing-smelling plant, which is great for those growing marijuana at home. Not every cannabis variety is pleasant to waft over you on a regular basis. The fruity aroma has an intense pineapple smell that pairs well with its juicy pineapple flavor. Sweet pineapple isn’t the only flavor of ripe fruit you may detect in Pineapple. Though it is the tropical fruit that lends its name to the strain, you may also notice delicious mango undertones for good measure. This flavor profile might floor you, in a good way. Pineapple Might Be Your New Favorite Strain The tropical aromas of Pineapple pair with uplifting effects that lean on the sativa side of this strain’s parentage. Sativa strains are energizing, and they also provide you with more of a heady high. That makes Pineapple a strain you can use to get a bit of an energy boost. The combination of sensations does bring some of the indica effects into the mix as well. While the energizing effects of Pineapple can help turn your frown upside down, as they say, physically you might feel muscle-relaxing effects as well. Some find Pineapple to be an ideal combination of the ways sativas and indicas can affect you. There are those who claim that there is a pleasant surprise to using Pineapple as well. Those with hedonistic palates find Pineapple to be not only a delicious dessert strain but a fantastic aphrodisiac. We’re just saying. Is Pineapple Good For Medical Use? Recreational smokers enjoy this above-average sativa-dominant hybrid, but medical marijuana patients also enjoy the benefits of smoking Pineapple auto-flowering cannabis plants. The mood-boosting many experiences with Pineapple can help those dealing with stress and anxiety, and in fact, patients with depression report positive results from using Pineapple as well. Additionally, some of the secondary effects of this strain help medical patients as well. If you have issues with chronic pain, be it chronic migraines or cramps or what have you, Pineapple could help. Growing Pineapple Auto-Flowering Plants The “regular version” of Pineapple is photoperiod. That means the beautiful flowers of the plant require exposure to a certain light cycle. Traditionally, this is how marijuana goes. Cannabis plants need a specific light cycle to flow, and novice gardeners can find that stressful. Auto-flowering marijuana seeds, on the other hand, don’t flower based on certain hours of light during the different times in the light cycle. No, these plants flower automatically based on age. Beginning growers can benefit from auto-flowering strains, but experienced growers, and even advanced growers, can find a lot to like in Pineapple’s auto-flowering variety as well.  One of the distinctive characteristics of auto-flowering marijuana plants is that they are more compact in terms of size. Some cannabis plants take plenty of space for them to grow, and you may not have the proper space for that in your indoor setup. Going with auto-flowering seeds allows you to grow great plants that don’t take up as much space. Plus, even advanced growers don’t mind having marijuana plants that flower automatically as well. Yield Size For Pineapple Auto-Flowering Plants The ideal environment for growing auto-flowering strains is an indoor climate. While auto-flowering strains are easier to grow, the yield for outdoor growers tends to be a bit less. Now, maybe you won’t get insane yields, but outdoor growers can get up to 200 to 300 grams per plant. An experienced grower with an environment suitable to the Pineapple plant could do better outdoors. However, indoor growers of all experience levels can manage a decent yield size, at least, and possibly even may manage a sizeable yield when all is said and done. For indoor growers, anticipate 400 to 500 grams per square meter. That’s a fruitful harvest! You might also enjoy fairly rapid flowering times. The flowering stage tends to begin after 60 days, which is about eight weeks. Get Quality Seeds For Pineapple Autoflower Growers Choice Seeds is a cannabis seed bank dedicated to providing quality seeds to all our customers. Pineapple is a great strain, but not all marijuana seeds are cut from the same cloth. All of our cannabis seeds for sale are fully feminized. You want the feminized version of any cannabis seeds you buy for your at-home growing because only female marijuana plants have buds, which is where almost all the THC is found. A male marijuana plant popping up in the mix could also pollinate your female plants and compromise your entire harvest. We also lab-test all our seeds for quality and offer a germination guarantee on every order. If you follow our proscribed germination process, we guarantee a germination rate of 90 percent, or we will replace your seeds. We pay special care to the customer experience! If you are looking for other options, Growers Choice Seeds has you covered. Here are five strains to consider aside from Pineapple. 1. Pineapple Express: This strain was made famous by a Seth Rogen movie, but don’t think this strain is some gimmick. Pineapple Express is a quality strain to be sure. This is a high-THC strain with citrusy flavors you will savor if you like to hit the THC levels higher than Pineapple offers. 2. Pineapple Kush: Pineapple is one of the parents of Pineapple Kush, the other being Master Kush. That leads to an average yield of 450 grams per plant even when grown outdoors. It also makes for a balanced hybrid that leans on its indica effects. 3. Pineapple Diesel: A sour pineapple taste is at the forefront of this strain. The balanced hybrid is good for daytime use, so save this one for social situations. 4. Kushberry: Sweet, but indica-dominant, the average yield of Kushberry is a real treat. You can get up to 500 grams per square meter with indoor plants. The fresh smell of berries is also a delight. 5. Watermelon: Your mouth will water when you get a whiff of the aroma of Watermelon. It’s indica-dominant, but the 17 percent THC level is manageable for those who don’t want to be overwhelmed by THC.


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