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As a 50/50 hybrid, Phantom OG’s relatively balanced effects make it a must-have for sativa and indica fans alike.

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Phantom OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 403 times today. Purchased 72 times today. Purchased 404 times this week.   While Phantom OG cannabis seeds have been available for some time, their supply is often limited. Thankfully, with Growers Choice Seeds scarcity isn’t an issue. Phantom OG, which is a 50/50 hybrid, is believed to be the offspring of OG Kush and Phantom Cookies. Its relatively balanced effects make it a must-have for sativa and indica fans alike.   What are the effects of Phantom OG cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric Energized Easy-to-grow Phantom OG cannabis seeds mature into plants with an impressive THC content of 23% and a 1% CBD level. Phantom OG cannabis starts things off with a big caffeinated wave of energy that will eventually shift into sheer relaxation. Phantom OG’s cerebral effects can be quite stimulating and generous in their distribution of euphoria. In fact, you’ll likely feel motivated to get a lot of things done as creative thoughts and ideas rush through your head. However, Phantom OG isn’t a wake-and-bake, productive kind of strain as once its indica side begins to really take hold, you’re likely to feel more and more inclined to hang about doing not much of anything except be wonderfully lazy.  Basically, Phantom OG is a fabulous choice for a day or evening when you need a mood boost that will leave you feeling happy and giggly along with experiencing some de-stressing, unwinding, and a deep body chill. If you don’t want to end up falling asleep, just take it easy with your intake of Phantom OG .   What are the therapeutic benefits of Phantom OG cannabis? It’s not uncommon for some cannabis strains to have two different therapeutic benefits that seem contradictory in nature. For example, Phantom OG is often used to effectively combat insomnia, but it’s also known to help combat fatigue. The reason both can be true depends on your dosage. Used conservatively, you’re more likely to experience an uptick in your energy levels, and, used in relative abundance, you’re more likely to get some shut-eye. Phantom OG is also known to help medical users suffering from chronic stress, negative thoughts and feelings, depression, and potentially bipolar disorder. For patients suffering from various physical ailments, Phantom OG has a reputation for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, backaches, headaches and migraines, arthritis, and loss of appetite.   What does Phantom OG taste like? Phantom OG’s nose-pleasing, aromatic blend of pine, sweet earth, and fresh lemon carry over to its immensely enjoyable flavor profile. Combined with its mouth-watering pine, earth, and tangy lemon tastes is a lovely hint of pungent skunkiness. Despite its tart citrusy and skunky notes, Phantom OG’s smoke is actually quite smooth when combusted.   How do I grow Phantom OG cannabis seeds? As a strain that’s highly resistant to common molds, mildews, and diseases, Phantom OG is a wonderful option for cultivators of all skill levels, including first-time growers. In addition, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. What this means is that the chances of ending up with male or hermaphrodite plants is somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% or so. Phantom OG can be grown in and outside, and is fairly resistant to cold weather. That said, in order for it to thrive outdoors, it does require a warm, sunny, and dry setting where daytime temperatures stay between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.   What do Phantom OG cannabis plants look like? Phantom OG plants tend to be medium in height, growing to somewhere in the 4-foot range. Its elongated buds that are usually medium to large in size, as is common for sativas, show their indica side in that they’re extremely dense in structure. Phantom OG’s buds, which are a mix of dark forest and soft minty greens, sometimes display a random dash of purple hues, and are intermittently threaded with twisty orange and yellow pistils. Topping things off, Phantom OG’s nuggets are covered in sweet, sticky, resinous white trichomes.   When to harvest your Phantom OG cannabis plant Low-maintenance Phantom OG should provide cultivators with solid, average-sized harvests.  If you’re growing this evenly-balanced hybrid indoors, you can anticipate an approximate yield of 350 grams per square meter in about 8 weeks. Cultivated outside, Phantom OG should be ready to harvest sometime around the middle of October with a larger bounty of 450 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Phantom OG OG Kush this popular, near-balanced hybrid is generally agreed upon as being one of Phantom OG’s parent strains Phantom Cookies this sativa-dominant hybrid, known for delivering clear-headed, elated mental effects, is believed to be Phantom OG’s other parent God Bud this exclusive and in-demand strain is also a 50/50 hybrid Killer Queen this extraordinary wake-and-bake is another evenly-balanced hybrid Sour Tsunami a CBD-rich medical hybrid with a low THC content that’s also known for alleviating muscle spasms


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