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Once known by the rather unusual name of “CI #5 F1,” the Northern Lights marijuana strain is an award-winning near-pure indica-dominant hybrid that is infamous for its potential to lighten one’s mental and physical load so that getting a good night’s sleep is an easily obtainable feat.

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Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 461 times today. Purchased 85 times today. Purchased 407 times this week. What Are The Effects Of Northern Lights Cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric Sleepy Northern Lights cannabis seeds can be easily nurtured into plants that contain 90% indica, 10% sativa, and a THC level of around 18%. Infamous for its ability to deeply relax users to the point of sleepy sedation, this 90% indica-dominant strain is thought to be the resultant cross of two potent landrace strains–Afghani indica and Thai sativa. In fact, it is so beloved by indica users that it is also a parent strain of many a renowned hybrid. In short, Northern Lights is an all-time classic strain that has built an ever-growing following amongst seasoned indica users for good reason. Dubbed by many experienced users as a “two-hit and quit” hybrid, Northern Lights may be too much for newbies as it does not mess around in making its presence known in the mind and body by flooding a user’s system with some welcome deep-seated, tension-relieving relaxation that imparts a powerfully numbing body high that will likely have you glued to your couch. While this is most definitely an indica-dominant strain, Northern Light’s does contain enough sativa to also impart a refreshing sense of happiness and euphoric levity that make it that much easier to let go and surrender to the sedating tranquility of inactivity that this hybrid has to offer. In short, any worries and woes plaguing your mind will quickly evaporate into the ether after a puff or two of this supremely soothing indica, leaving only positive vibes and good feelings behind. Before Northern Lights have you sawing logs, it will probably first have you satisfying the hunger cravings it’s known to induce. As such, you will want to have a nice little stash of snacks stored by your couch as once the munchies hit, you probably won’t feel capable of getting up to go look through your pantry and fridge for something to nosh on. What Are The Therapeutic Benefits Of Northern Lights Cannabis? As a powerful indica that has the potential to offer medical cannabis consumers some significant pain relief and upbeat and bliss-filled cerebral effects, Northern Lights has a huge following amongst patients seeking to alleviate various conditions as they relate to their mental and physical health. As for patients in need of relief from physical ailments, Northern Lights is considered to have some powerful analgesic effects that have the potential to temporarily relieve discomfort, spasms, PMS symptoms, and an upset stomach. Its reported ability to soothe stomach issues and restore a loss of appetite. Finally, Northern Lights is a favorite strain amongst people with sleep issues thanks to its solid reputation for being an all-around relaxing strain that quickly puts users to sleep. What Are Northern Light’s Adverse Effects? Another reason that this potent strain has such a huge fan following amongst those in the indica community is that it has relatively few negative effects. In fact, its most common side effects are dry and itchy eyes and cottonmouth. On the extremely rare occasion, Northern Lights has been known to leave some users, usually, those who have used it in excess or who have a very low THC tolerance level, with some slightly dizzy feelings or a headache. What Does Northern Lights Smell And Taste Like? When it comes to Northern Lights’ taste and smell, it does not disappoint. However, it is worth pointing out that if discretion when growing or using is important to you, this amazing strain is the kind that will be sure to let your neighbors know that it’s being cultivated and/or combusted with its powerful yet most pleasing aroma. Outdoorsy types are near-guaranteed to love the fragrant earthy scent of Northern Lights, which can invoke the feeling of camping out in a luscious forest or just hanging out by a lake in the woods one evening to stargaze. Its room-filling fragrance is that of wood and pine with some subtle hints of spice and citrus aromas. Northern Lights’ earthy and pine scents carry over into its flavor, gifting users with a lively and flavorful blend of sweetness and tart lemon with some skunkiness–all of which work together to provide users with the most enjoyable smoke to end their day with. How Do I Grow Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds? Northern Lights, which is highly resistant to common molds, mildew, diseases, and pests, is rated as a very easy hybrid to grow, which makes it a perfect strain for cultivators of all skill levels from first-time and novice growers to experienced growers to cultivate both indoors and out. In addition, since Growers Choice only makes the finest of feminized seeds available to its customers, the chances of ending up with a crop of all-female plants is extremely high at around 90+%. For those who wish to grow this near-pure indica hybrid strain outside, outdoor growers will want to keep in mind that it prefers warmer climates with plenty of sunshine that is similar to what you might find in California or the Mediterranean. In terms of cultivating Northern Lights inside, it can thrive in either soil or hydroponics so long as you create and maintain the same kind of climate that it requires outside by controlling the temperature and using bright grow lights. One last thing, because Northern Lights plants don’t grow to be too tall, you don’t have to worry about this one taking up a lot of indoor space, and if you’re only growing one or two plants at a time they should easily fit and thrive in a smaller indoor grow tent set up. What Do Northern Lights Cannabis Plants Look Like? Northern Lights matures into beautiful plants that are usually small to medium in height. The nuggets that this classic strain produces are quite dense in structure, which is a typical indica trait, and are conical in shape. Northern Lights buds, which are various shades of medium and dark greens, can sometimes display purple and blue streaks throughout where even deep blue accents can occasionally be spotted on the tips of the sugar leaves. Thickly coasted in highly-resinous trichomes, Northern Lights’ nuggets are threaded through with rust-colored and dark orange pistils. When To Harvest Your Northern Lights Cannabis Plant Thanks to how easy Northern Lights is to cultivate, its already above-average yields can seem to be that much more massive due to how little effort they require to obtain. When cultivated inside, this near-pure indica can take 8-9 weeks before entering its flowering stage, but many cultivators report it taking more like 6-8 weeks. Once Northern Lights is ready for the plucking, it should leave you with a bountiful harvest of about 500-600 grams per square meter. Grown outdoors in the right conditions, Northern Lights usually enters its flowering period sometime around the early to middle part of October and usually renders a very impressive yield of somewhere in the vicinity of 600-700 grams per plant. Similar Cannabis Strains To Northern Lights 1. Afghani: it could very well be that this 100% pure indica Afghani landrace strain is a parent strain to Northern Lights, and even if not, it’s an excellent example of an indica landrace strain from Afghanistan 2. Lemon Thai: this upbeat, sativa-leaning hybrid that’s known for being a cheer-inducing strain also has a Thai landrace sativa as one of its parent strains 3. Atomic Northern Lights: this indica-leaning hybrid that’s considered to be a lively strain that’s both physically and mentally uplifting is one of Northern Lights’ many offspring 4. Silver Haze: you might be surprised to know that this dynamic near-pure sativa hybrid that’s extremely beloved for its highly-enjoyable and impressively invigorating wake-and-bake effects also has near-pure indica Northern Lights as a parent 5. Cactus: this easy-to-grow, sativa-heavy hybrid that makes for excellent day or nighttime usage has both Afghani and Northern Lights as its parent strains


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