Night Terror OG Feminized Seeds


Indica-dominant Night Terror OG is a beloved nighttime strain that will have you sleeping soundly without any night terrors.

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Night Terror OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 384 times today. Purchased 80 times today. Purchased 438 times this week.   Far from being the stuff of blood-curdling nightmares, Night Terror OG cannabis seeds are more akin to a godsend to those seeking to grow a strain known for providing users with a peaceful way to end a long and stressful day. The offspring of illustrious Blue Dream and Rare Dankness No. 1, indica-dominant Night Terror OG is a beloved nighttime strain that will have you sleeping soundly without any night terrors.   What are the effects of Night Terror OG cannabis? Relaxed Sleepy Happy With Night Terror OG cannabis seeds you can grow an immensely popular strain whose plants have a THC content of 21%. While Night Terror OG cannabis is 75% indica, you’re likely to feel its sativa side first with happiness-inducing cerebral effects that can make even the most frazzled of minds feel lighter and much more at ease—all of which work together to uplift one’s spirits. As Night Terror OG’s cerebral bliss descends upon and throughout your being, its deeply relaxing properties soothe from the inside out, unclenching tensions in the mind and body.  Although some users report feeling an initial burst of energy, the fact is that this will be short-lived as sedation eventually sets in, sending you into a good, long night of healing sleep. In short, Night Terror OG is a wise choice if you’re looking to fully unwind at the end of a long and winding day. Generally, users of all experience levels looking to kick back and get a good night’s sleep should be able to handle Night Terror OG.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Night Terror OG cannabis? Highly sedative in its effects, Night Terror OG has much to offer medical users, with the first and most obvious being insomnia. In fact, many from the medical cannabis community say that with just a few hits your head will be hitting the pillow as fast as a weight being dropped to the bottom of a river. While on one hand it may help to address issues like chronic pain, migraines, and muscle spasms, the fact is you may well be fast asleep before you notice any of those issues being alleviated. However, those suffering from mental health issues like stress and depression should appreciate its fast-acting mood boost.   What does Night Terror OG taste like? Different strains stand out for different reasons. With Night Terror OG, one of its stand-out features is it mind-boggling delicious scent and taste of sweet blueberry accented with a hint of diesel. While no one would wish to have the taste of actual diesel gasoline as any kind of flavor component of something they were eating, when it comes to cannabis strains, the fragrance and flavor of diesel can actually be far from unpleasant, where it actually serves to complement or highlight other flavors.  This is to say, you’re highly unlikely to find many, if any, who dislike Night Terror OG for its taste profile, whereas you’re likely to meet user after user who raves about its flavor.   How do I grow Night Terror OG cannabis seeds? Of the many great things about ordering from Growers Choice is the fact that all of our cannabis seeds are feminized, which saves you from having to sort out the male ones or worrying about ending up with male plants that you can’t use. If you’re new to cannabis cultivation, Night Terror OG is a wonderful option for you to select as it’s considered quite an easy grow. Plus, this strain can be grown indoors or out. However, no matter where you cultivate it, know that it’s quite a tall-growing strain, so you’ll need plenty of space where discretion isn’t an issue.   What do Night Terror OG cannabis plants look like? As previously mentioned, Night Terror OG plants grow to be quite tall, which is a trait often associated with sativas as opposed to indicas, which tend to be short and bushy. Its nuggets are quite pleasing to the eye, appearing in vibrant shades of green with brilliant orange hairs and a generous dusting of gold, shimmering trichomes. These beautiful buds are usually medium in size and tapered in shape.   When to harvest your Night Terror OG cannabis plant Night Terror OG produces harvests that are average in size, which should be more than enough to suit the needs of the majority of cultivators, especially at-home growers.  If you have the space to do so and are growing Night Terror OG indoors, it could be harvest-ready in as few as 8 weeks. After which, you can anticipate a moderate yield of 350 grams per square meter. Cultivated outside, this indica-heavy hybrid should produce a harvest of approximately 400 grams per plant in the autumn.   Cannabis strains similar to Night Terror OG Rare Darkness a mood-boosting, body-sedating, and indica-heavy hybrid that also shares Rare Dankness No. 1 as a parent strain Scott’s OG this indica-heavy hybrid with its astonishingly dynamic high is another that can claim Rare Dankness No. 1 as one of its parents THC Bomb for indica fans, here’s a powerful indica-dominant strain known for its physically soothing and wonderfully uplifting effects Papa’s OG another incredibly potent nighttime strain that’s renowned for its relaxing and sedating effects Dream Queen this sativa-dominant hybrid, known for providing maximum physical and cerebral pleasure, is a relative of Night Terror OG’s as it also claims Blue Dream as a parent strain


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