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Being unable to stop smiling is a pretty common “side effect” of the inner elation brought on by soothing New Glue.

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New Glue Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 424 times today. Purchased 57 times today. Purchased 407 times this week.   New Glue cannabis seeds, which used to be hard to come by due to limited availability, are now easily obtainable via Growers Choice. Highly-potent New Glue, aka “Gorilla Glue #5” and “GG #5,” is a member of the famous Gorilla Glue family. This particular indica-heavy strain came into being via the crossing of Original Glue and Sister Glue.    What are the effects of New Glue cannabis? Happy Euphoric Tingly Relaxed New Glue cannabis seeds mature into particularly powerful plants with a 23% THC level.  Despite being so indica heavy with only 20% sativa, New Glue cannabis actually makes for good usage almost any time of the day or night depending on the size of your dosage. When used in smaller doses, New Glue works as a cerebrally motivating stimulant that can be especially useful in the first half of your day. Taken in larger doses or when you choose to exceed your own tolerance levels, its strong body stone can result in couch-locking relaxation that will most likely lead to a long nap or good night’s sleep. Initially, New Glue’s effects are felt quickly in the mind, with a nice uplifting head rush that leaves one feeling happy and blissed out. Being unable to stop smiling is a pretty common “side effect” of the inner elation brought on by New Glue. As its physical high settles in, one tends to experience a soothing and relaxing tingling sensation throughout the body. Depending on the size of your dosage, you’ll then most likely either end up feeling New Glue’s full-on, heavily sedating, couch-stranding effects or more of a relaxing but physically stimulating experience.   What are the therapeutic benefits of New Glue cannabis? New Glue’s strong THC level is not just something that recreational users greatly enjoy, it’s also something that can significantly benefit medical users.  Its energetically upbeat and bliss-inducing effects mean it has the potential to provide temporary relief to those who live with chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD.  Other uses for New Glue include combating chronic aches and pains, insomnia, and cramps. Additionally, its ability to stimulate the appetite and settle nausea may be quite beneficial to those who are struggling with eating disorders or who are undergoing harsh treatments.   What does New Glue taste like? As soon as you get a whiff of New Glue’s acrid sour diesel and earthy smoke that permeates any space, you can pretty much know exactly what you’re in for taste-wise. When combusting New Glue you can anticipate flavors of diesel, fruit, and wet earth that many say helps to balance out its overall tangy taste. Combined with all of these flavors are chocolatey, herbaceous, and pine overtones that make this quite a unique strain to experience.   How do I grow New Glue cannabis seeds? Those who are in the intermediate to experienced levels of cultivation will find much success with growing New Glue, where, just like all cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, New Glue seeds are feminized. New Glue can be a pretty fickle plant to work with as it’s susceptible to humidity-related issues like mold, mildew, and root rot. It can also die rather easily if its nutrient levels aren’t carefully monitored and maintained. Grown outside, this strain actually does best in a cooler environment. Indoors, it will do best with the Sea of Green method. If you use hydroponics then you might be able to not only double your yield but also shorten its vegetative growth stage. However, using soil is the way to vastly improve its fragrance and flavor.   What do New Glue cannabis plants look like? New Glue, which tends to be medium in height when fully grown, is more branchy and compact in its overall structure, which is why it should respond well to the Sea of Green method. It produces elongated, tightly-packed, chunky nuggets that are olive green in color with eye-pleasing purple undertones and a healthy threading of brown and amber pistils. New Glue’s horn-shaped buds are coated in an icy frosting of crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your New Glue cannabis plant New Glue is another strain where its harvest size is about quality over quantity.  Grown indoors, New Glue should begin to flower in 7-9 weeks with an approximate harvest of 300 grams per square meter. However, indoor cultivators can do a few things in order to possibly increase yields and quicken its flowering stage. One thing is to use hydroponics, which may actually double the size of your harvest as well as shorten the vegetative growth stage. Another piece of advice is to plant, at a minimum, four plants together to improve your yield sizes. When cultivated outdoors, New Glue should produce a harvest of about 300 grams per plant around the last week of September into mid-October.   Cannabis strains similar to New Glue Gorilla Glue a crowd favorite that’s easy to grow and is also a member of the illustrious Glue family Grease Monkey this indica-dominant strain that makes for for an idyllic lazy day is a relative of New Glue with Gorilla Glue #4 as one of its parent strains Original Glue aka “Gorilla Glue #4” or “GG4” is an award-winning, indica-leaning hybrid that’s also a member of the Glue family Purple Skunk this popular sativa-dominant strain is also known for helping patients combat loss of appetite Hash Plant provides a laid-back, sleepy high with the same indica/sativa ratio as New Glue  


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