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Think of the sativa-leaning hybrid Mob Boss not so much as an enforcer, but as an uplifter and decompressor.

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Mob Boss Feminized Seeds Viewed 352 times today. Purchased 61 times today. Purchased 302 times this week. You don’t have to be a mafia wiseguy to know that investing in Mob Boss cannabis seeds is a truly wise decision. This sativa-leaning hybrid is the offspring of parent stains Chemdawg and Tang Tang. Despite its name, Mob Boss actually has a reputation for gently yet clearly making its presence known in a way that’s more likely to leave you feeling blissful and heightened in your senses as opposed to knocking you out flat and leaving you locked to the couch.   What are the effects of Mob Boss cannabis? Happy Euphoric Uplifted Mob Boss cannabis seeds will grow into plants with a THC content of 21%. Unlike many sativa-dominant strains, the cerebral high from Mob Boss cannabis is more on the clear and light buzz side of things as opposed to being a powerful tour de force. With its nice mental buzz comes feelings of euphoria and happiness, which effectively serve to lift a user’s spirits. The way in which Mob Boss serves to amplify all of one’s senses can sometimes feel on the more psychedelic side for some. On the physical end of things, used in moderation, Mob Boss soothes and relaxes without overwhelming and sedating, although there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself lurking about the kitchen in search of snacks. In general, Mob Boss makes for good usage most any time of the day or evening, as, unless you choose to exceed your tolerance, it pretty much just leaves you feeling happier, more content, calmer, and probably hungrier. Think of Mob Boss not so much as an enforcer, but an uplifter and decompressor.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Mob Boss cannabis? With a name like Mob Boss, this strain might not sound like it has a lot to offer medical users. However, it’s actually a hybrid that’s frequently sought after by patients for its potential ability to alleviate headaches and migraines, inflammation, muscle spasms and pains, and loss of appetite. Mob Boss also has a good reputation amongst those who find cannabis helps with temporary relief from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and stress. It may also help with symptoms related to PMS and even PTSD.   What does Mob Boss taste like? As is typical for most strains, there are a lot of different opinions on how Mob Boss tastes and exactly what its main flavors and notes are. Some say that Mob Boss, which does have quite a few flavors going on, is a combination of citrus, lemon, spicy sweetness, and wood. Others tend to pick up on its sour, pungent, floral, and skunky notes. While users give different descriptors for its flavor, more seem to agree that when combusted, its smoke can be quite harsh–stinging users’ eyes and sinuses–and result in some coughing with a distinct sweet and sour aftertaste.   How do I grow Mob Boss cannabis seeds? Although Mob Boss does require some experience to achieve successful cultivation, two good pieces of news are that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, and this strain will do well both in and outside. If you’re able to legally grow outdoors, then Mob Boss will require a Mediterranean-like climate where temperatures hover in the 70s (Fahrenheit). Choosing to cultivate Mob Boss indoors generally results in a shorter vegetative growth period, especially if you use the Sea of Green method. If you don’t have a ginormous indoor space, it’s recommended to top Mob Boss early on and maintain its height to around 4 feet.   What do Mob Boss cannabis plants look like? Mob Boss, which is usually medium in height and is best when maintained at 4 feet for indoor growing, produces quite colorful buds that are covered in sticky and resinous trichomes that glisten silvery and dewy. Its light green nuggets, which are usually small to medium in size, are known for being quite dense and intertwined with stunning red pistils, aka “hairs.” Note that due to how sticky Mob Boss’ buds can be, they generally require the use of a grinder when breaking them up.   When to harvest your Mob Boss cannabis plant When it comes to yields, Mob Boss is a boss with its sizably rewarding harvests. Grown indoors, Mob Boss should provide an approximate yield of 650 grams per square meter in about 8.5-10 weeks, although this time could be reduced a bit when using the SoG method.  Cultivated outdoors, you could get an even larger bounty of 800 grams per plant around the first half of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Mob Boss OG Kush a sativa-leaning hybrid that also can claim Chemdawg as a parent strain Cinderella’s Dream another euphoria-inducing, sativa-dominant hybrid with the same THC content as Mob Boss Neville’s Haze a heavily sativa-dominant happy kind of strain with a matching 21% THC level Sour Amnesia  an uplifting and energizing sativa-heavy hybrid that, like Mob Boss, is unlikely to result in sedation Grapefruit a well-rounded sativa that invigorates the mind and body for a cheerfully productive day and also has the potential to alleviate PMS-related symptoms


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