MK Ultra Feminized Seeds


MK Ultra is a hard-hitting 50/50 hybrid that’ll likely have you glued to your couch in a state of ecstasy.

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MK Ultra Feminized Seeds Viewed 427 times today. Purchased 71 times today. Purchased 589 times this week.   Fortunately, MK Ultra cannabis seeds are not a product of the mind-control program run by the CIA from the 1950s-1970s (that we know of).  In fact, despite its namesake, MK Ultra isn’t anywhere close to nefarious, although this hard-hitting 50/50 hybrid that leans indica in its effects will likely have you glued to your couch in a state of ecstasy. As the offspring of OG Kush and G13, MK Ultra is a multi-award-winning strain that captured 1st at the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup and 2nd place in 2004 in the indica category.   What are the effects of MK Ultra cannabis? Relaxed Euphoric Happy Easy-to-grow MK Ultra cannabis seeds will develop into plants that contain equal parts indica and sativa with a THC content of 22% that those with a low THC tolerance level should approach with caution. MK Ultra cannabis, which is considered one of the strongest indicas available despite being a 50/50 blend, is best used when your plans for the day are all centered around “doing nothing,” because once you’ve indulged in this powerhouse, you won’t be getting much of anything done. MK Ultra hits hard and fast with its narcotic-like cerebral effects that can uplift you into a state of sheer giggle-induced euphoria and happiness. It imparts an overall sense of contentment and positivity, while physically locking you to your couch with its giant wave of pure relaxation and calm. Used in larger doses, MK Ultra will likely send you off to the land of nod, making it a fabulous way to get some well-deserved rest after a long hard day or week. It does also have a reputation for bringing on the munchies, so you’ll want to have some snacks nearby for when your body craves food but is feeling too heavy to move.   What are the therapeutic benefits of MK Ultra cannabis? As a highly-potent hybrid, medical users are best off using MK Ultra as an evening strain as it’s definitely not going to make it easier to work, but it will make it so much easier to rest without dealing with various mental and physical ailments. Thanks to its mentally uplifting and physically calming effects, MK Ultra is said to be highly-effective at alleviating chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and symptoms related to both PTSD and bipolar disorder. When it comes to addressing physical aches and pains, MK Ultra has the potential to help those who are suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, arthritis, chronic back pain, gastrointestinal disorder, and insomnia find some respite. What does MK Ultra taste like? While MK Ultra’s highly-pungent aroma could be described as “odd” at best with its scents of lemon, diesel, and some even saying “burnt plastic,” its flavor is far more enjoyable. When combusted, MK Ultra gives off a sweet smooth velvety smoke that tastes of fresh pine, wood, earth, and a subtle hint of skunk.   How do I grow MK Ultra cannabis seeds? MK Ultra, which is easy for growers of all skill levels to cultivate, is well-suited for indoor growing due to its short stature, but does just as well outside. In addition, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that there’s about a 90% chance of ending up with all-female plants.  Grown outside, MK Ultra does best in a frost-free, temperate, Mediterranean-like climate. Indoors, it will do well in either soil or hydroponics and need to be in a warm and dry setting.    What do MK Ultra cannabis plants look like? MK Ultra produces short, leafy plants that reach about 3-4 feet in height, and yield buds that are tightly-packed together, which is a common indica structural trait.  Its nuggets, which are extremely sticky with resin, have leaves that are green with shades of brown and orange, and can appear almost white thanks to their generous coating of resinous trichomes.   When to harvest your MK Ultra cannabis plant If you’re able to grow MK Ultra indoors you’ll probably want to, as it provides larger yields inside as opposed to outside. Cultivated indoors, this 50/50 hybrid should be harvest-ready in 8-9 weeks with an approximate yield of 350 grams per square meter. Grown outdoors, MK Ultra should provide a harvest of about 200 grams per plant around late September to early October.   Similar cannabis strains to MK Ultra OG Kush this popular sativa-leaning hybrid can claim MK Ultra as one of its numerous offspring G13 this indica-dominant hybrid that’s rumored to have been created by government agencies is also MK Ultra’s parent Tangerine Haze this outstanding ​​sativa-leaning hybrid also has G13 as a parent strain Love Potion #1 this libido-boosting sativa-dominant hybrid is another offspring of G13 XXX OG this heavily indica-dominant hybrid also claims OG Kush as a parent strain  


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