Mimosa Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Mimosa seeds excite the taste buds with a delicious flavor profile and a most alluring aroma of cannabis. Combined with this strain’s dreamy effects, Mimosa might be the perfect choice for experienced and novice cannabis growers!

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Mimosa Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 359 times today. Purchased 68 times today. Purchased 416 times this week. Benefits Of Growing Mimosa Seeds Seismonastic Quality The Mimosa strain has a wide range of benefits, but one of the most notable is that it is one of the most sensitive of the cannabis plants, offering extraordinary quality. But what exactly does seismonastic mean? Mimosa plants possess a fascinating ability to respond to touch and movements, captivating growers with their unique folding and bending of leaves in reaction to stimuli, such as darkness. This mesmerizing characteristic makes tending to your Mimosa garden a rare immersive experience, bringing an additional element of wonder and connection to the cultivation process. Eye-Catching Appearance If the seismonastic quality wasn’t enough, the Mimosa strain adds another touch of magic with the delicate pink blooms adorning them. These ethereal blossoms add a touch of elegance to any garden, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and inviting admiration from all who encounter them. Picture yourself basking in the glory of your garden, surrounded by these enchanting pink blooms, completely enamored by the beauty that you helped create. Supercharged Yields Under the right growing conditions, Mimosa seeds can produce bountiful yields that are both impressive and rewarding. When cultivated indoors, this strain can produce around 400 grams per square meter and approximately 550 grams per plant if grown outdoors. The flowering period is around 9-10 weeks and definitely one of the most fun plants to watch grow! To achieve these magnificent results, it is crucial to provide Mimosa plants with specific care and attention. Planting Tips For Growing Mimosa Seeds Soaking/Germinating The Seeds When planting Mimosa Pudica seeds, it is advisable to soak them in hot water overnight beforehand. This process helps to promote germination and ensures a successful start. It is ideal to start the seeds indoors in small pots for approximately 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Leave the seeds uncovered after pressing them into the soil. Plant the seeds approximately ¼ inch deep, leaving at least 15 inches of space between each seed to allow ample room for growth. Germination generally takes place within 21-40 days, at which time you can transfer pots directly into the garden or into larger containers. Mimosa plants prefer well-drained soil and partial shade during hot summers and, while they are resilient, they can be susceptible to leaf spots, mold, and stem rot, so regular monitoring is essential to maintain their health. Location And Soil Selecting the right location to grow Mimosa feminized seeds is paramount due to their sensitivity and specific needs. It is suitable to grow this strain indoors or outdoors, growing approximately 3 feet tall outdoors and around 2-2.5 feet indoors. Keep in mind that these plants thrive in well-drained soil, requiring an optimal balance of moisture and air circulation. When preparing the soil, ensure it is loosened to a depth of at least 12 inches and blend it with nutrient-rich compost to improve its texture. By creating a nourishing environment, you set the stage for the optimal growth and development of your Mimosa plants. Consistent Moisture To ensure the continued thriving of your Mimosa plants and the production of rewarding yields, proper care is essential. It is important to keep your seeds moist, as these plants do not do well in dry conditions. Regular watering (but not waterlogged), is vital for the overall well-being of your plants. During severe summers, it is advisable to provide partial shade to protect the plants from excessive heat and sun damage. Additionally, monitoring your plants for potential infestations by spider mites or mimosa webworms is crucial to address any issues promptly and preserve the plant’s health. Temperature And Light Unlocking ginormous yields from your Mimosa Pudica feminized seeds relies on creating and maintaining pristine growing conditions. Temperature, light, and water all play imperative roles in the growth and long-term health of your plants. Maintaining the ideal temperature range of 65-70°F during the day, combined with nightly temperatures that are slightly cooler, ensures optimal growth. Mimosa plants thrive in full sun to partial shade, requiring approximately 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day. Balanced watering, providing enough moisture without overwatering, supports healthy growth and prevents issues such as root rot. Fertilization And Pruning Fertilization and pruning are crucial steps in maximizing your Mimosa plant’s yield potential. Applying a balanced, organic fertilizer during the vegetative stage and transitioning to a phosphorous-rich fertilizer during the flowering stage aids in robust growth and abundant bud production. Pruning your plants helps promote airflow, reduces the risk of mold or mildew, and encourages larger, denser buds. Seed Storing After a successful harvest, it is prudent to store any extra Mimosa seeds for future use. To ensure their longevity, gently dry the seeds on a damp paper towel to remove excess moisture before placing them in an airtight container. Store the container in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to preserve the seeds’ quality and viability. Mouth-Watering Flavor Profile Mature Mimosa plants offer a delicious taste profile, bursting with sweet, earthy flavors, that connoisseurs will savor and dream about at night. The citrusy touch, complemented by hints of berries and an invigorating orange punch, create a sensory experience like no other. These delightful flavors are partially attributed to a combination of terpenes, particularly the plant’s beta-caryophyllene terpene. While contributing to the unique taste, Beta-caryophyllene also offers potential therapeutic effects, including anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to smoking or vaping The Mimosa Strain, it is also known for being a delectable addition to baked goods. The flowers and extracts allow enthusiasts to explore and savor the strain’s remarkable flavors, tailoring the experience to their preferences. Effects On Medicinal & Recreational Users At a mind-blowing THC level of approximately 22% and CBD level of about 1%, Mimosa Pudica seeds offer an array of benefits. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid and is known to have energetic, uplifting, and creative effects at moderate doses, and a calming body high that transports the user into a state of euphoric rest at higher doses. This strain is an excellent choice for alleviating stress and is also helpful for muscle relaxation and easing minor pains. Observing the plant’s response to touch and movements, witnessing its leaves fold and bend in reaction to darkness, can also provide a calming and soothing effect. This connection with nature, and the mindfulness that comes from nurturing a sensitive plant like Mimosa Pudica, can promote relaxation and offer stress relief, making the growing process a truly rewarding and therapeutic endeavor. Optimizing Quality Evaluating your Mimosa plant harvest for taste and quality is an exciting endeavor. The potential yields of this strain are noteworthy, with growers often experiencing generous amounts of high-quality buds. THC level, density of the buds, and energy-driven effects contribute to the strain’s appeal and popularity. As with any cannabis cultivation, the precise results may vary depending on various factors such as growing conditions, genetics, and cultivation techniques. Similar Strains Purple Punch feminized seeds are one of the parent strains of Mimosa and no less delicious! It is an indica-dominant hybrid with a THC content of around 21%. This strain will have you feeling euphoric, happy, and relaxed, and is a great choice for a cozy day in. Clementine feminized seeds are the other parent to Mimosa and are a sativa-dominant hybrid with a THC content of about 20%. Expect a sour and sweet citrusy flavor that helps the user feel focused and uplifted, while also easing nausea and migraine symptoms. 


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