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The Middlefork strain is the one that packs a real punch thanks to its THC content. Tasting like ripe, juicy blueberries, this strain offers a sweet berry flavor and a fruity aroma that draws smokers into this weed.

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Middlefork Feminized Seeds Viewed 434 times today. Purchased 89 times today. Purchased 485 times this week. If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that doesn’t play around, then you’ve come to the right place because Middlefork isn’t for the weak or the timid. Known for its sky-high THC levels and delicious fruity taste, this amazing strain is well-regarded for providing users with a surge of happiness to elevate their mood. Everybody who comes in contact with Middlefork can’t get enough of it! What Is The Origin Of Middlefork? Middlefork was created outside of Bellingham in Washington State by Royal Tree Garden. Named after a fork where two rivers converged, Middlefork thrived and grew into a top choice for cannabis users. Since Middlefork is a cross between Dutch Treat and DJ Short Blueberry, these legend strains give Middlefork only their very best Dutch Treat is an indica-dominant hybrid that provides users with an almost instantaneous rush to the head. Afterward, it moves through the body to give you a serious case of chilling out! With a sweet taste with notes of pine and smelling like eucalyptus, it’s no wonder that smokers see this strain as a real treat. The full-flavored DJ Short Blueberry is a legendary strain that’s a West Coast mainstay. Over time, the strain has been used to breed numerous strains just as popular. In fact, indica-dominant Blueberry Kush marijuana seeds are related to DJ Short Blueberry. With this strain, you get plenty of sweet and tasty blueberry flavor. When you choose Middlefork, you know you’re going to get a strain with some world-class genetics to give you marijuana that you’ll be proud to puff on! Why Is Middlefork So Popular? Well-rounded and balanced Highly potent Strong, lasting buzz Enhances creativity Promotes positive mood As far as popular strains go, Middlefork is one of the top ones for numerous reasons. This indica-dominant strain is a favorite since it’s so well-rounded and balanced, where it gets you high by lifting you up and not bringing you down. You can think of this as a feel-good strain! By now, you should realize that this marijuana strain is revered for its high THC content which averages around 25%, so take heed because this isn’t for you if you want something a bit more docile. Middlefork really brings it! Since we’re talking about THC, it’s one of the main factors that cause this strain to give you a strong, long-lasting buzz. Basically, you get a nice buzzy energy! You’ll feel that high for a while as it gives you a big burst of energy to enhance creativity and focus. Once you toke on Middlefork, the creative juices will start to flow! Smoking on Middlefork promotes a positive mood that provides loads of happiness. After all, who doesn’t like to be happy?! Whether you use this strain at home or with friends, everybody will get a blast of enjoyable smoke! What Is The THC Content And Potency Of Middlefork? As you’re well aware, Middlefork is a strain that’s high on the THC meter. At the low end, you can expect a THC level of around 16%, which is still a good amount. On the higher end, you can get THC that reaches 25%-26% or possibly higher. Anyway it goes, you can definitely feel comfortable knowing that this marijuana is extra potent. You’ll especially love this potency as you feel a dominant body rush envelop your entire body for a nice buzz you can really feel. Since this strain is so powerful, you can count on it to give you a bit of everything, including blissful effects, cerebral effects, and energizing effects. Whatever effects you need, Middlefork can provide it as this happy-making strain gets to work! What Is The Terpene Profile? The terpene profile of Middlefork enables the balanced hybrid to be a fragrant strain with plenty of berry flavor. The most dominant terpene in this hybrid cannabis strain is Terpinolene. It is herbaceous and flowery and found in things like nutmeg and apples. Another terpene is Myrcene, which is also herbal, peppery, and a bit perfume-y to provide a pleasant aroma. Ocimene is sweet, minty, and herbal to provide woody and citrusy undertones. All these terpenes combine to give Middlefork billowing, uplifting smoke! CBD levels are relatively low in this strain and average between 0% and 0.3%. Although you don’t get a lot of CBD in Middlefork, you get plenty of goodness with the combo of delicious terpenes and sky-high THC levels.  What Are The Effects Of Middlefork? As an all-around comfortable and relaxing strain, this is a favorite for feeling good since it’s known for high levels of euphoria and is great for any time of day. Because of this, it’s great to enjoy while alone or in group activities. So, you can be happy on your own or spread the joy to others — the choice is yours! Since this isn’t one of the strains that makes you all antsy, it would be perfect for something mellow and relaxing like a fishing trip. You can kick back, relax, and expect a day of happiness and joy. It gets no better than that! What Should I Consider When Growing Middlefork? When growing Middlefork, cannabis growers should expect this beautiful cannabis strain to develop dense buds that are small to medium-sized. One of the top draws of growing this strain is that it’s resistant to common molds and mildew, so you don’t have to worry so much about pests killing your plants.  While this weed grows best in a warm and humid Mediterranean climate, it can still survive in colder temperatures. In fact, the plant achieves increased coloration in lower temperatures. You can expect your plants to look just as bold as they taste! For indoor growing, the flowering time occurs in 7-8 weeks. Outdoor growers should expect the cannabis to flower in early October. When you grow your weed indoors, it’ll yield an average of about 11 ounces per bud. Healthy plants grown outdoors can yield around 15 ounces per bud.  What Is The Flavor And Aroma Profile Of This Strain? The delicious flavor of Middlefork is one of the top reasons that keep cannabis smokers coming back time and time again. The mash-up of tastes will leave your mouth exhilarated as you get a blend of berry flavors. They give you sweetness, juiciness, and ripeness that makes you want more.  Along with the hints of berries, you’ll also get citrus notes like lemon. This adds to the sweetness of this strain and adds a bit of tanginess to make the flavor profile more complex. It’s no wonder that the smell, with an aroma of berries, is just as sweet-smelling and delicious as its taste. How Do I Purchase Middlefork Seeds? If you want to purchase Middlefork marijuana seeds at great prices, then you’ve come to the right place. Growers Choice Seeds is known for providing an extensive inventory of premium seeds perfect for growers of any experience level. With Middlefork seeds, expect them to grow into beautiful, potent plants! 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