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If you need to make an extra effort to get some pep in your step, a sativa-dominant marijuana plant like Mexican Haze could be perfect for you. Sativa is the energizing force in the world of cannabis.

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Mexican Haze Feminized Seeds Viewed 489 times today. Purchased 59 times today. Purchased 303 times this week. If you are looking for feminized seeds so that you can grow your own cannabis plants at home for your personal enjoyment, you might also be looking for a new cannabis strain to enjoy. Let us clarify the picture for you, because Mexican Haze may be the one for you. Haze is one of the most popular cannabis varieties out there, but what makes this specific marijuana strain from the Haze family so enjoyable? Here’s the scoop on Mexican Haze, a classic strain that still works for so many marijuana users today. Haze And Mexican Heritage Make For A Cannabis Classic There are few cannabis strains with a name as straightforward as Mexican Haze. The hybrid is a Haze blend that comes from Mexico. Landrace strains from the country of Mexico are at the basis of this marijuana strain. Haze is one of those varieties of cannabis that is found in an assortment of styles and profiles. Let’s see what makes Mexican Haze stand out beyond its Mexican heritage. Mexican Haze Is A Sativa-Dominant Strain Get up and go with Mexican Haze! The sativa attributes of Mexican Haze are dominant, as it comes in at 80 percent on the sativa front, with only 20 percent of the indica genetics in the mix. Cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy the effects of the Cannabis sativa plant definitely perk up in the presence of Mexican Haze. Many landrace strains have modest THC content, and Mexican Haze is indeed such a strain. The THC level of Mexican Haze is 17 percent. Strains between 15 and 20 percent are moderate in terms of THC, which is the psychoactive chemical compound found in marijuana. Not every cannabis connoisseur loves a ton of THC, though. While high-THC strains that really pack a punch are indeed popular with many, there is a reason why we sell so many varieties of cannabis seed strains. Feel The Energizing Effects Of Mexican Haze If you need to make an extra effort to get some pep in your step, a sativa-dominant marijuana plant like Mexican Haze could be perfect for you. Sativa is the energizing force in the world of cannabis. Strains of the sativa variety deliver energy and verve, and they are also known more for giving you a heady high. The cerebral effects of a sativa-dominant strain like Mexican Haze are potent, but the modest THC content of this strain makes it less likely you’ll get overwhelmed. Indicas are the strains that are relaxing and have more body effects. Of course, there is a bit of indica in Mexican Haze as well. Being energized is the primary sensation associated with Mexican Haze as a strain. Many feel a sense of mental clarity as well. There is a boost of mood to be found in Mexican Haze for good measure. The hint of indica does round out the experience, giving you a smidge of relaxation, but generally speaking, Mexican Haze is all about being energetic and happy. This strain is an ideal option for wake-and-bake smokers, but it is not a strain suitable for use before bed, because it may keep you tossing and turning instead of sleeping. Is Mexican Haze Good For Therapeutic Use? Cannabis fans who turn to Mexican Haze tend to use it recreationally, but can it be a multipurpose strain? While Mexican Haze is not a top medical strain, it could help you with some medical conditions or health concerns. Indicas are better for sleep issues and pain, but if you have issues with fatigue, then Mexican Haze could be great for you. It can boost your energy, but it can also help with stress relief as well. There is also the possibility that Mexican Haze can help you with a lack of appetite. Mexican landrace strains are often purported to curb stomach sickness, which can cause appetite loss. If you are struggling with stomach sickness, a little Mexican Haze could help with that, and get you eating if need be. The Flavor Profile Of Mexican Haze Hey, let’s not overlook this crucial aspect of the experience! The aroma of cannabis strains is key, as is the flavor profile. It’s fitting that Mexican Haze is so tied to the land of Mexico, as this is an earthy strain. This is an earthy, spicy, woody strain in aroma and flavor. There is a hint of citrusy flavors some note in Mexican Haze as well, but the dominant flavor profile here is earthiness and spice. What’s It Like To Grow Mexican Haze Feminized Seeds? We would classify Mexican Haze as a strain at the intermediate level of difficulty to grow, but there are some perks to it. The thing you need to note is that, as a sativa-dominant marijuana plant, Mexican Haze is a tall variety of marijuana. Sativas, traditionally speaking, are taller pants. That can mean more effort is required to prune your plants, and also you may have to top it more than once. Now, if you are into outdoor growing, there is perhaps less concern about the height of your plant, and this is where Mexican Haze excels. Indoor growing works, but owning to its landrace parentage, Mexican Haze does better outside than many cannabis strains. After a flowering period of 9-11 weeks, your cannabis garden could give you a heavy yield, especially outdoors. Your indoor yield will likely be around 400-500 grams per square meter, a moderate yield, but outdoor growers can give you a bountiful yield of 600-700 grams per plant. Get Mexican Haze Marijuana Seeds Growers Choice Seeds is a cannabis seed bank dedicated to quality. We offer fully-feminized seeds for all our cannabis strains, including Mexican Haze. Only female plants of the marijuana family have buds, which is where almost all the THC is found. In addition to feminized seeds, we offer a germination guarantee on every order, assuming you use our germination guide. If you are a cannabis connoisseur with an affinity for Haze strains, here are five more Haze strains to consider: 1. Cannalope Haze cannabis seeds: This strain is even closer to being a pure sativa, as Cannalope Haze comes in at 90 percent on the sativa front. It also has THC levels of 20 percent, making it quite the cerebral experience. 2. Orange Haze feminized seeds: If you are looking for citrus flavors in your Haze strain, Orange Haze has you covered. It’s also a balanced hybrid, giving you what you like from haze without such a sativa-heavy experience. 3. Haze feminized seeds: Where it all started, the original Haze strain is still out there and kicking. See where it all started with this pungent, sativa-dominant, high-THC strain. 4. Silver Haze marijuana seeds: Feel the energy with marijuana seeds of the Silver Haze variety. It’s a near-pure sativa that comes in at 22 percent THC. 5. Blue Haze cannabis flower: Two iconic, old-school strains, the original Haze and Blueberry, joined to create Blue Haze. It went on to be an overall winner at the Cannabis Cup.


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