Mendocino Purps Cannabis Seeds


Mendocino Purps marijuana is an award-winning hybrid that requires a practiced hand to coax a bountiful yield of deep green and purple buds. The potent strain has something for everyone, with indica-leaning characteristics are best kept for an evening in.

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Mendocino Purps Cannabis Seeds Viewed 417 times today. Purchased 52 times today. Purchased 560 times this week. Mendocino Purps cannabis is a classic strain that proves a balancing act in both cultivation and consumption, but will impress you nonetheless with its mind-bending effects and enticing aromas. Indica genetics dominate the makeup of Mendocino Purps marijuana, a west-coast staple that consistently wins big for its hard-hitting rush that takes over both body and mind. Mendo Purps can peak at around 22% THC, matched by a hefty sedation that can leave you couch-bound and euphoric. Veterans recommend keeping snacks close at hand – notes of coffee and nuts envelope you, adding to the inevitable onset of the munchies.  Mendocino Purps marijuana is extremely versatile, providing as much recreational benefit as it does medicinal. Reduce anxiety, physical pain, depression, stimulate appetite – a calm mind and body for a restful and restorative experience.  Cultivators interested in growing the mendo purps strain will be delighted to know that mendocino farms seeds can thrive both indoors and out, particularly with careful trimming to maintain shape and air flow, and stress training to encourage growth. Expert tip: The seed quality determines whether you get the best purple mendo strain. Also, your Mendocino Purps bush may need support to keep branches from breaking under the weight of its bountiful buds.  By most accounts, Mendocino Purps marijuana seeds tend to flourish when grown indoors, offering an impressive 12-16 ounces per square meter come harvest. Outdoor growers may have a harder go with less control over the environment, but it’s still possible to yield between 3 and 21 ounces from this award-winning strain.


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