Maxi GoM Feminized Seeds


Maxi GoM is equal parts indica and sativa and 20% ruderalis; gifting you with a cerebrally uplifting and physically relaxing high.

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Maxi GoM Feminized Seeds Viewed 357 times today. Purchased 94 times today. Purchased 301 times this week. This unique hybrid auto-flowering strain that is equal parts indica and sativa and 20% ruderalis is the offspring of the legendary Auto Mass and Auto AK strains. Maxi GoM’s THC levels run an insane gamut ranging anywhere from 8%-28% due to its high ruderalis content and depending on the plant cultivator who bred it! As such, the potency of its effects are all over the charts, but no matter what, Maxi GoM will give users a nice long high from the very get go.    The uniqueness of Maxi GoM If ruderalis is something new to you, in brief, it is a shorter and more fibrous plant than sativa and indica and has low THC concentrations, but its genes make it possible for cultivators to craft an auto-flowering hybrid that is combined with the potency and taste profile from the other plants it is bred with. With small, feathery dark green nuggets adorned with vibrant orange hairs all blanketed in a glimmering coat of golden crystal trichomes, Maxi GoM is definitely a rare bird worth experiencing.   Effects of Maxi GoM cannabis With its cloyingly sweet tropical flavor and earthy, floral, mango aroma, a Maxi GoM high begins as a cerebral high that is ethereal and uplifting, giving clarity and focus to your thoughts. As your mind clears, you’ll begin to feel your body unwind and relax and maybe even end up with a hardcore case of the munchies.    Medical benefits of Maxi GoM Medically, Maxi GoM cannabis is often considered an excellent option for those wanting to address and relieve symptoms related to ADHD, depression, and chronic fatigue, along with individuals seeking stress relief and alleviation of nausea.


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