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Saying that near-pure sativa Maui is an enjoyable way to kick your day off right would hardly be a debatable statement.

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Maui Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 498 times today. Purchased 78 times today. Purchased 563 times this week.   Maui cannabis seeds are about as close as you can get to growing a tropical getaway on the beach.  This near-pure, stimulating sativa is descended from Hawaiian, and some believe it to be the offspring of Hawaiian and Mendocino Purps. Regardless of its exact lineage, saying that this is an enjoyable way to kick your day off right would hardly be a debatable statement.   What are the effects of Maui cannabis? Relaxed Energetic Euphoric Talkative With Maui cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow plants with a 90:10 sativa/indica ratio and powl powerful 23%TCH content. As is typical for most sativas, Maui’s effects are rapid, gifting users with a jolt of energy that will have you ready to jump out of bed and tackle the day that awaits you with a feeling of happiness and excitement. Its cerebral impact tends to imbue a euphoria that lasts throughout the high, even when relaxation sets in.  Many, including some of the most introverted, shy types, find that when using Maui in a social setting they become much more engaged, talkative, and up for participating in conversations and connections happening around them. When using Maui at home alone, you’re likely to feel up for getting things done around the house or tackling a creative or work project you’ve been putting off.  Its relaxation effects are generally pretty gentle, and couch lock is rare. However, it is worth noting that even though Maui is a mainly invigorating, wake-and-bake kind of strain, those with lower tolerance levels may find its powerful effects on the mind to be a bit discombobulating or even overwhelming.    What are the therapeutic benefits of Maui cannabis? If you’ve been feeling down in the dumps, Maui is the kind of strain that can pull you up and out of darkness and have you feeling as chill and happy as if you were laying on the beach on some perfect sunny, breezy afternoon. As such, its potential to provide medical users with stress relief and respite from depression-related symptoms are two of its greatest therapeutic benefits. Its energy boost may also be quite useful to those feeling fatigued. In regards to physical health issues, Maui may help those looking for relief from mild aches and pains, nausea, and loss of appetite.   What does Maui taste like? When one thinks of a tropical getaway, not only do images of lying on a white-sand, palm tree-lined beach often come to mind, but so do thoughts of refreshing tropical drinks. Maui, which has a very similar taste and smell, very much delivers tropical flavors to users. Known for tasting of pineapple blended with other tropical fruits and citrus, Maui’s smoke is quite smooth with a strong pineapple exhale to it.    How do I grow Maui cannabis seeds? Fortunately, not only are all Growers Choice cannabis seeds feminized, but Maui is considered to be a relatively easy strain to grow. Maui can be grown inside and out, as well as in a glasshouse. However, some recommend growing it in a glasshouse or outdoors due to how tall it can become, reaching as high as 8 feet. When cultivated outside, Maui requires plenty of sunshine, warmth, and space to fully thrive. If indoors is your only option, you will most likely need to employ a training method due to how much space Maui requires. If you grow it inside, Maui will grow well using either soil or hydroponics as a growing medium. Because this strain can grow to be quite tall, you may also want to help keep things under control by pruning your plants in the early part of its vegetative growth stage.   What do Maui cannabis plants look like? Not only is Maui impressive in height, it also impresses via the size of its buds. In keeping with typical sativa structural characteristics, Maui nuggets are loose, piecey, and fluffy.  Its elongated nuggets are bright shades of spring green with twisty, rust-colored pistils sprouting out from between the leaves. Maui buds are generally quite sticky in texture due to their heavy coating of trichomes that envelop the inner and outer surfaces of the leaves.   When to harvest your Maui cannabis plant Maui is not the fastest-growing strain nor is it in the category of “generous yielders,” but neither fact negates the truth that this is a fantastic strain worth having in your cultivation collection as its taste and effects make highly desirable. Grown indoors, Maui should begin to flower in about 8-9 weeks with a decent-sized yield of 300 grams per square meter. Cultivated outside, this almost-pure sativa should produce an approximate yield of 400 grams per plant in the autumn.   Cannabis strains similar to Maui Hawaiian this sativa-leaning hybrid is either the main strain that Maui’s descended from or one of its two parents Mendocino Purps some believe that this award-winning, indica-leaning strain is Maui’s second parent strain Clementine a wonderfully uplifting, sativa-leaning strain that’s also easy to grow Maui Wowie this sativa-dominant hybrid is a relative of Maui’s with a near cult-like following Jamaican Kush another fantastic wake-and-bake strain with the same 90:10 sativa/indica ratio as Maui


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