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“Who’s the master?!” Everybody loves a good crossover, and Master OG is a true merging of epic proportions! Combining only the best elements of Master Kush and Empress Kush, what results is an earthy fragrance with a fast-acting buzz for those looking for the best evening or nighttime enjoyment.

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Master OG Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 334 times today. Purchased 80 times today. Purchased 406 times this week. Colorful and pine-scented with a hint of citrus, Master OG maintains a near-constant fresh scent with an effective flowering time, providing the best effects on those looking to wind down after long and stressful days, maybe curled up on the couch with your favorite comfort crossover movie! It’s high in THC, so this is for experts only as newcomers might be turned off, the same way you might feel jumping into the third installment in a series. As the title suggests, Master OG truly is unrivaled for anyone who wants a great hybrid experience with indica disposition, creating an unforgettable experience. What Is The History & Origin Of Master OG Cannabis Seeds? While the specifics of Master OG’s origins can be a little on the incomplete side with limited knowledge of the history of Empress Kush, portions of it tied to the award-winning Master Kush have a history in Pakistan and Afghanistan, with the latter strain originally called “High Rise” after the building it was produced in, before going on to be renamed. Master OG would go on to be created by the fantastic Cabin Fever Seed Breeders in the Netherlands where it remains incredibly well-liked to this day, showcasing its strength as an indica dominant hybrid strain with an almost sour citrus candy-like flavor (though some have claimed it to have a more earth taste) and a matching bouquet. It’s paved the way for a lot of copycat strains that have emerged since its inception, but none have ever grafted onto the same level of popularity as Master OG. What Is The Appearance And Aroma Of Master OG? When it comes to the appearance and aroma, Master OG’s strain is notable for the earthy-fresh, sweet, spicy, and almost fruity aroma that can be picked up from even a great distance making for an almost immediately enticing strain. The trichomes that surround the plant also help maintain its safety against external hazards but also create a lovely light hue, only adding to its impeccable beauty. If you’re looking for something that both smells, tastes, and looks like something out of this world, the Master OG strain lives up to its namesake. Colorful, Pine Scented Flower Because Master OG’s origin is rooted in a fusion of strains, the resulting look has a one-of-a-kind specialty to it. A deep olive green with gorgeous hints of amber, it’s a colorful plant that’s just as easy on the eyes as it is with its delicious pine-scented flower. You’ll be able to truly enjoy the wide spectrum of tastes ranging from the sweet fruity smells to the more sour citrus hints that many gravitate towards specifically. It’s an instantly, intimately intoxicating experience that you’ll be able to appreciate up close and personal, or even smell from a distance. Dusting Of Trichomes  One of Master OG strains’ most notable physical features is the dusting of trichomes one can see distinctly on the plant. Trichomes in nature have a lot of uses, but in this case, they help protect the plant from potential outside hazards that one might encounter in both storing and growing the strain. The plant overall maintains a lush forest green appearance with some light orange pistils, but the almost orange hairs trichomes create a beautiful accent color, especially for anyone looking to entice newcomers with the strain’s beautiful presentation. The trichomes aren’t just for show, but because of their defense capabilities, they help maintain the aroma and flavor of the marijuana strain longer. White Trichomes Something also special about the trichomes found on Master OG’s strain is that they are white trichomes. They’re luckily some of the most abundant trichomes found on buds, and in addition to the aforementioned visual appeal, they help emphasize the potency, helping hold the majority of the THC and CBD in any given plant. Master OG is luckily not an overwhelming bud, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy the rich textures and flavor but without the overwhelming or even underwhelming sensations one might find in lesser products. It truly is a pot of gold (no pun intended) at the end of a rainbow! Tempting Aroma To truly appreciate Master OG’s aroma is to imagine oneself walking through a forest. Notable for its earthy, pine, and tempting aroma, it’s the kind of experience that’ll make one feel in tune with nature. Couple that with the strain’s proclivity for enjoyment at night, it might even make you feel like you’re in a tree house, star gazing with close friends. It’s a youthful kind of strain, perfect for indulging in your giggly side. Some have described Master OG as even having hints of coffee hanging onto the pallets, perfect for those looking for an almost nostalgic scented option. Growth Characteristics Master OG strain is a wonderful expansive plant for those looking to get the most out of its ample taste and aroma qualities. It’s the type of plant that one might leave a little longer in the oven so to speak, just to really harvest all the best elements. It’ll be important to be mindful of what a plant like this will take to bloom into the best version of itself, but with the appropriate amount of love, care, and patience, the Master OG strain is a more than worthwhile investment for growers. What Is The Flowering Phase? 8 -9 Weeks Whereas other strains might take upwards of twelve weeks to flower, Master OG’s strain requires a much more effective eight to even nine weeks before it can be ready to be harvested. Depending on one’s proclivity for maximum results, it’s suggested that growers leave the plants in for a few days longer than the average grow time to really get the most out of its physical effects. Remember, thanks to the trichomes no matter whether the average or extended length of growing, you’ll get overwhelmingly impressive results, and will allow you to even experiment and find the differences during the growth time before harvest. What Is The Harvesting Period? 60 To 65 Days Because it’s a hybrid it’s important to remember that part of Master OG’s origin comes from Master Kush, it can be expected that it’ll take 8-9 weeks to finish flowering and be ready for harvesting when grown indoors. Growers should be mindful, however, that because of their origins rooted in the Middle East, you’ll want to maintain a relatively dry climate for the plant and give it plenty of sunlight. It’s worth keeping in mind as well that due to some phenotypes, it might take a week or so longer for the plant to fully mature. But you know what they say, good things come to those who wait. What Are The Effects And Benefits Of Master OG Strain? Because of just how strong Master OG truly is, the benefits are hard to compete with, especially for those dealing with certain medical ailments. Now, nothing this good doesn’t come without a few things to be wary of, especially for those who might be suffering from joint pain, but for those more in the clear, it can help with a myriad of issues one might be looking for a respite from. Invigorating Effects On Chronic Pain Sufferers And Chronic Stress Sufferers These are trying times that we’re living in, and luckily one of the best benefits of Master OG’s potent strain is its ability to put one in an almost instantly happy, mellow, and even euphoric mood. It’s a strain that’s focused on relief and relaxation first and foremost, and if you’re suffering from chronic pain, its special benefits from its notable THC count will help soothe you. Some might argue it can mellow you to a fault with some citing its effect on couch lock, but for those who need immediate relief, one shouldn’t look any further. Negative Effects On Joint Pain And THC Levels Master OG’s strain carries a THC content of around 15-20%, making it a bit lower than some of the other THC hybrids, but it still packs a soothing grace to it perfect for those dealing with joint pain. Even after the most obvious effects of Master OG’s high wear off, the body-positive stress relievers remain intact. Naturally, for some, it might engage some paranoia, but for those who’ve mastered that beast at worst, you might deal with some slight dry mouth or modest dizziness. Like any strain, however, it should be used at one’s discretion at their own comfort level. Therapeutic Benefits For Those Seeking Perfect Strain Master OG’s strain is even used by some as an alternative to some pain medication, helping reduce pain, stress, headaches, and muscle spasms. Because of its effectiveness, it’s often said to be best enjoyed at the end of a long day. Inflammation pain can also be staved off thanks to the potency of Master OG. Recreational Benefits With Citrus Fruits Aroma Master OG strain’s citrus fruit aroma is one of its most valuable assets, enhancing the physical relief one can get and making a perfect addition to those who smoke traditional or even prefer to vape. Even the grinding experience unlocks new flavor profiles with a smell that you often find in Diesel strains. 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