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Magnum is a unique indica hybrid known for its wonderful, levity-inducing, mood-lifting effects, as a relaxing body high courses through you.

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Magnum Feminized Seeds Viewed 325 times today. Purchased 78 times today. Purchased 382 times this week. Also answering to the name “Magnum OG,” Magnum is a unique, perfectly balanced auto-flowering indica hybrid strain that is known for leaving you chatty, happy, and ready to laugh for hours. Its exact origins are known only to its breeders at Buddha Seeds, but it is assumed to be a mix of indica, sativa, and ruderalis with the ruderalis keeping its THC level at a low 10%-15%.    How will Magnum cannabis make me feel? Don’t be fooled by Magnum’s rather unimpressive looking, almost-chalky-white, crumbly, amber-haired nuggets as it actually provides a truly wonderful, mood-lifting high that gives you a sense of levity and makes even the most introverted feel talkative and social as a relaxing body high that won’t leave you stranded on the couch soothingly and progressively courses through you.    What are Magnum’s therapeutic effects? Medically, it has the potential to treat numerous issues including stress, depression, social anxiety, mild pain, glaucoma, and migraines.    What does Magnum cannabis taste like? When it comes to aroma and taste, Magnum has pleasantly pleasing piney, floral, and sweetly earthy notes.   Is it easy to grow Magnum cannabis seeds? For even the most inexperienced of growers, Magnum will be boosting your confidence in no time as it is considered to be one of the easiest marijuana plants to grow and reach 5 feet in height! While indoors is considered the ideal setting, Magnum can be grown outdoors and should be ready to harvest in 11 weeks with a yield of 4-9 oz per plant. Indoors, provides a handsome yield of about 19%-21% oz per square meter in 7-9 weeks. Whatever Magnum lacks in looks, it makes up for in every other aspect–it’s a happy, sociable high that leaves you feeling good about yourself and life in general, is easy to grow, and even tastes and smells great!


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