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M-39 is a chatty, uplifting, and soothing indica-leaning hybrid that up until recently you could only obtain in clone form.

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M-39 Feminized Seeds Viewed 324 times today. Purchased 63 times today. Purchased 488 times this week. Up until recently M-39, aka “Beasters” in Canada, has only been available in clone form, but now you can get M-39 cannabis seeds from Growers Choice. This uplifting indica-leaning hybrid, which is the resultant cross of Northern Lights No. 5 and Skunk No. 1, made the High Time’s list of Top 10 Canadian strains of all time in 2013.    What are the effects of M-39 cannabis? Happy Creative Talkative Focused Now that you can obtain M-39 cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to grow plants with a 16% THC content and 60:40 indica/sativa ratio without having to track down any clippings M-39 provides a balanced high, which makes it suitable for usage most anytime you feel like it; though many find that its uplifting, happy, and relaxing effects make it especially well-suited for a lazy day or afternoon at home or when lounging around outside with friends. The cerebral effects of M-39 cannabis are bliss, an upswing in one’s mood, an ability to focus more easily, think and act more creatively, and just general all-around good feelings and some chatty loquaciousness. Physically, M-39 soothingly and fully relaxes the body to the point of rendering users sleepy, but not before sending them off to hunt for snacks due to being overcome with a case of the munchies.   What are the therapeutic benefits of M-39 cannabis? Cannabis strains don’t have to contain high amounts of CBD in order for them to have the potential to provide mental and physical health benefits to medical users. As such, M-39, which is low in CBD, still has the anecdotal possibility of helping those who suffer from stress and anxiety, due to its relaxing and mood-boosting effects. These effects can also work to help temporarily alleviate depression and bipolar disorder. Due to its focus-inducing properties, M-39 may also be useful for those with ADHD. Furthermore, M-39 has been known to provide relief to those dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, glaucoma, and loss of appetite.   What does M-39 taste like? Despite smelling strongly of diesel, which is not everyone’s favorite scent, M-39’s flavor is not impacted by its aroma.  In fact, this hybrid strain’s flavor profile is a mix of various tastes like tobacco, lemon, pine, and citrus. It also carries notes of wood and skunk. Many say that M-39 has a fruity taste to it as well.   How do I grow M-39 cannabis seeds? Not only is it great news that you no longer have to find someone who is already growing M-39 in order to obtain clones so that you can grow it yourself, but all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. Plus, M-39 is highly resistant to mold and is considered an easy strain to grow, which makes it a good option for new and novice growers. While M-39 can be grown inside and out, most expert cultivators recommend growing it indoors where it will grow even more quickly. Because this strain has only been available in clone form for a long time, less is known about its exact outdoor growing requirements, so you might have to do a few experiments on your own to find out what kind of setting it thrives best in.  It is also recommended that you regularly trim and maintain M-39’s branches so that light and air get to its lower growing areas.   What do M-39 cannabis plants look like? M-39, which is a medium-height plant that grows more outward than upward, produces very heavy and dense buds, as is often the case with indica strains. Due to how wide it can grow, you’ll want to ensure that your plants are placed far enough from one another. Its green, compact buds are interwoven with orange pistils throughout, and are thickly coated in a copious quantity of crystal trichomes, which is where some say M-39 gets its nickname “Beasters” from.    When to harvest your M-39 cannabis plant Although M-39 produces much larger harvests when cultivated outdoors, its relatively short indoor growing time is something you can take advantage of by being able to reap more harvests in a year. Grown inside, M-39 should begin to flower in just 8-9 weeks with an approximate yield of 400 grams per square meter. If you are able to properly grow M-39 outside, you can anticipate a hearty yield of 600 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to M-39 Skunk No. 1 this prized strain that’s relatively easy to grow is one of M-39’s parent strains Northern Lights if you like M-39’s other parent strain Northern Lights #5, then you definitely want to try this indica-dominant hybrid  Matanuska Mist this sativa-dominant strain also contains 16% THC Kali Mist this award winning, sativa-dominant strain is also easy to grow and contains the same THC content as M-39 Hawaiian like M-39, this tropical treat has an indica/sativa ratio of 60:40


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