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Tart-tasting Lemon Diesel, aka “Lemon Sour Diesel,” is especially popular among those seeking stress relief and good, positive vibes.

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Lemon Diesel Feminized Seeds Viewed 305 times today. Purchased 67 times today. Purchased 662 times this week. When you invest in Lemon Diesel cannabis seeds, you’re getting the indica-dominant strain that’s the resultant cross of Lost Coast OG and California Sour. The reason for clarifying this is that there are several variants with the same name, which can lead to confusion. Lemon Diesel, aka “Lemon Sour Diesel,” is especially popular among those seeking stress relief and good, positive vibes.   What are the effects of Lemon Diesel cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Talkative Euphoric Focused With Lemon Diesel cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow citrusy-tasting plants with a robustly uplifting THC level of 21%. Lemon Diesel cannabis, which can take up to 30 minutes before you feel its full effects, starts with mentally stimulating euphoria and joy that tends to bring out one’s talkative and social side. Its cerebral effects also include a sense of calm and inner well-being along with a greater ability to focus on what needs to be accomplished. Despite containing 90% indica and being full-body relaxing, Lemon Diesel isn’t known for inducing couch lock as much as it is for a peaceful body buzz that can lead to drowsiness. As such, Lemon Diesel is not one that you must relegate to nighttime-only usage, as its ability to soothe and release mental and physical tightness makes for an excellent end-of-the-day or laid-back-afternoon-at-home kind of smoke. This is the kind of strain that’s great for a day or evening when you’re wanting to let go of all that’s bringing you down and, first, have the motivation to get a few things done so that you can then just kick back and catch up with friends or have some much-needed “me” time.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Lemon Diesel cannabis? As a massive stress reliever that imbues users with a sense of bliss, Lemon Diesel may have the ability to provide relief to those struggling with various mental health-related issues like chronic stress and anxiety, as well as depression and PTSD. Its energetically motivating and focusing properties means that Lemon Diesel has the potential to aid those with chronic fatigue and ADHD. This near-pure indica also has analgesic properties that may be of great use to those seeking respite from various aches and pains, headaches, and migraines.   What does Lemon Diesel taste like? The short answer to this question is in this strain’s name. When it comes to flavor, this is one of those strains that’s rather polarizing, as users seem to either absolutely love it or pretty much hate it. Lemon Diesel’s initial flavor is that of a sweet and tart lemon with peppery accents followed by a bitterly pungent diesel note that, although it makes its presence known, isn’t necessarily overwhelming.    How do I grow Lemon Diesel cannabis seeds? Lemon Diesel is a pungent-smelling grower that requires at least an intermediate level of experience to successfully cultivate. As is the case with all Growers Choice cannabis seeds, Lemon Diesel seeds are feminized.  Lemon Diesel, which is resistant to common molds and pests, does best in moderately warm temperatures where it has access to both shelter and plenty of sunlight when grown outside. For cultivating Lemon Diesel indoors, it responds well to both the Sea of Green and Screen of Green methods. If you’re growing this strain inside, know that the Lemon Diesel’s aroma is far from discrete, so you may want to make sure you have an odor filtration system in place. To bring out Lemon Diesel’s purple hues, simply expose it to cooler, but not freezing, nighttime temperatures just before it enters its flowering stage.   What do Lemon Diesel cannabis plants look like? Lemon Diesel spends most of its vegetative stage as a short-growing plant. However, as it enters its flowering stage it can suddenly shoot up to become quite tall and narrow. It produces elongated, tapered nuggets that are shades of mint and brilliant light greens with mesmerizing accents of purples and even grays, all of which are sparsely interwoven with bright, wispy orange hairs. Its dense buds are thickly frosted over in glimmering crystal trichomes that can appear to be both golden-amber and white.   When to harvest your Lemon Diesel cannabis plant Lemon Diesel produces good-sized yields indoors and insanely massive harvests outside. When cultivated indoors it should begin to flower in 9-10 weeks with an approximate yield of 450 grams per square meter. However, by using the Screen of Green method, you may be able to reduce its growth time, and using the Sea of Green method should help to significantly increase the size of your harvest as well. If you are able to grow Lemon Diesel outdoors, you will be so glad you did as it can produce bumper-crop yields of 800 grams per plant around mid-October. Cannabis strains similar to Lemon Diesel Lemon Haze if you like lemon strains but aren’t a fan of the diesel taste, here’s an excellent potently psychoactive, sativa-dominant hybrid Jean Guy this sativa-leaning hybrid also ​​delivers a punch of lemony-scented happiness and focus for a productive day without the eventual drowsiness Ghost Train this sativa-heavy hybrid is also known for helping those with ADHD Cinex this sativa-leaning hybrid with ruderalis also has the potential to temporarily relieve PTSD Original Glue this indica-leaning hybrid also produces an outdoor yield of 800 grams per plant


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