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While peace-filled contented enlightenment isn’t something you can exactly buy in a bottle, maybe it is something you can experience a taste of in the embodiment of a high-yielding, feel-good strain like Laughing Buddha, which captured third place in the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup for its potency.

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Laughing Buddha Feminized Seeds Viewed 434 times today. Purchased 86 times today. Purchased 637 times this week. What Are The Effects Of Laughing Buddha Cannabis? Happy Uplifted Relaxed Euphoric With the right amount of cultivation experience, Laughing Buddha marijuana seeds can be grown into fragrant plants that contain a sativa to indica ratio of 75:25 and a moderate, yet powerful, THC level that averages around 18%. As the award-winning hybrid offspring of two powerful landrace sativa strains that hail from Jamaica and Thailand, Laughing Buddha is a highly sought-after-strain that is thought to be named in honor of its Thai heritage seeing as Thailand is the home of Theravada Buddhism. While there is no doubt about it that Laughing Buddha is a sativa-heavy strain, it’s not the kind that just slams into you with a big jolt of jittery energy. Instead, its uplifting cerebral effects are gentle and patient, kind of like we believe the Buddha to have been, and fill users with a subtle, yet unmistakable, stream of balanced energy that motivates users to accomplish their goals for the day. As a happy-making strain, Laughing Buddha provides a sense of levity and lightness of being that can leave users feeling more sociable and ready to share some deep belly laughter with friends. In addition, its euphoric and clear-headed effects prevent one from feeling “super stoned” and “out of it,” making Laughing Buddha an ideal strain to start your day off with or to use as a pre-game before heading off to a party in the evening. Basically, if you think about the depictions we see of “The Laughing Buddha” in various texts and works of art, that look of deep joy, amusement, and tranquility that is shown on his face is pretty much what using the cannabis version of Laughing Buddha is akin to. What Are The Therapeutic Benefits Of Laughing Buddha Cannabis? As an uplifting, bliss-filled, and soothing strain that eases both mental and physical tensions, etc. Laughing Buddha is a popular choice amongst medical marijuana users, not just for its potential to bring calm and healing to the mind and body, but also because of how it provides the kind of effective daytime pain management that won’t render them incapable of moving about and functioning. All of which is to say, Laughing Buddha has a reputation for being a highly-functional medical marijuana option. As a sativa known for filling users with positive and happy feelings, Laughing Buddha is reported to be effective at providing relief and a reset for patients who are weighted down by chronic stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD-related issues. While Laughing Buddha has a low indica content, it is enough to provide some mild analgesic effects that may serve to soothe mild to moderate levels of chronic pain, loss of appetite, and headaches. Finally, as a gentle yet energetically rousing sativa, Laughing Buddha has the potential to vanquish fatigue without leaving you feeling like you’ve been overly caffeinated. What Does Laughing Buddha Smell And Taste Like? Laughing Buddha is a pleasantly aromatic cannabis strain that gives off distinctly sweet aromas with hints of fresh herbs, nuts, and spices that balance out its fruity overtones that fill any room they are in. As for this sativa-dominant hybrid’s taste, it has a pungent herbal overtone with strong citrus and pineapple notes to boot. When combusted, Laughing Buddha gives off a smooth and rich smoke that is gentle on the throat and lungs. Its inhale is said to be that of tropical exotic fruits, and its exhale has a more skunk and lemon quality to it with some herbaceous accents. Those with particularly discerning taste buds also point to Laughing Buddha leaving a unique, but enjoyable, aftertaste that’s reminiscent of roasted peppers.  How Do I Grow Laughing Buddha Cannabis Seeds? While Laughing Buddha can thrive both indoors and out, it is considered to be a relatively difficult strain to cultivate, which means it’s not a good choice for beginners to try their hand at. Fortunately, since Growers Choice Seeds only makes feminized cannabis seed strains available to its customers, the chance of ending up with non-flowering male plants, while not impossible, is only 10% or so, which means that in all likelihood all or 90% of your seeds will pop and grow into female plants. As the offspring of two landrace strains from places known for their tropical, warm climates, Laughing Buddha requires an outdoor setting that has plentiful sunshine, is humid, and is akin to a tropical environment in order to achieve its full potential. Also, because this sativa has a longer flowering period than is typical for a sativa, it’s recommended to plant it a bit earlier than usual. Cultivated inside, Laughing Buddha’s tall plants need plenty of space in which to grow, or they need to be regularly trimmed and pruned early on in their vegetative growth stage. In addition, because this sativa grows to be quite tall, you may want to help support its stalks with stakes, etc. so that its branches don’t end up sagging from the weight of its large and heavy nuggets. Finally, know that even if you are growing this sativa using hydroponics and the proper grow lights, it will still take a minimum of 10 weeks to begin to flower. What Do Laughing Buddha Cannabis Plants Look Like? As previously mentioned, Laughing Buddhas produces tall plants that appearance-wise look like your run-of-the-mill average marijuana plants in regards to coloration, etc.  Its fluffy, ragged-looking nuggets, which are a fairly typical color combo of dark and forest greens with hints of brown, do set themselves apart in terms of being distinctly large and elongated in shape. Furthermore, Laughing Buddha’s buds, which are interwoven with twisty rust-colored and orange pistils, are covered in an icing of white crystal trichomes that can give them a frosty appearance. When To Harvest Your Laughing Buddha Cannabis Plants When it comes to harvest sizes, Laughing Buddha is a high-yielding strain that more than thanks cultivators for all their hard work, attention, patience, and care by repaying them with some massive bounties. As such, while most sativas tend to take 7-8 weeks, waiting 10-12 weeks for Laughing Buddha to enter its flowering time is 100% worth it. If you live in a part of the world that is not known for its tropical climate, then you’ll want to cultivate this sativa inside. After flowering in about 10-12 weeks, indoor breeders can look forward to reaping a more-than-generous harvest of anywhere from 450-600+ grams or 16 to 22 ounces of buds per square meter. For those who are able to cultivate Laughing Buddha outside, it should produce a mammoth yield of approximately 22+ ounces or 600+ grams per plant after going into its flowering time outdoors somewhere around the middle to end of October. Similar Cannabis Strains To Laughing Buddha 1. Jamaican Dream: this wake-and-bake strain that is a low-maintenance grower that even newbies can cultivate is known for imparting joy and enjoyment is another that comes from a sativa landrace that’s a Jamaican strain 2. Game Changer: this easy-to-grow indica-leaning strain that gifts users with a calming yet upbeat high also has a Thai sativa landrace strain as a parent 3. Buddha’s Sister: while not related to Laughing Buddha, this indica-heavy hybrid, which is known for its super chill, Zen-like effects, is pretty much the nighttime version of Laughing Buddha 4. Montana Silvertip: with a reputation for being a provides an exhilarating hybrid that provides a unique mental boost and welcomes physical calm, Montana Silvertip also has a sativa-to-indica ratio of 75:25 5. Lemon G: this hybrid, which is considered one of the hardest-hitting sativas around, also has a 75:25 sativa-to-indica ratio, and even though it hits hard and fast to the point that it will completely overwhelm your senses, it won’t leave you couch-locked.


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