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With gargantuan harvests, indica-heavy King Kong has surprisingly balanced effects that gradually increase from a blissful state to that of relaxation.

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King Kong Feminized Seeds Viewed 480 times today. Purchased 59 times today. Purchased 437 times this week.   King Kong cannabis seeds just might have you beating your chest with pride once you reap their gargantuan harvest. Even though King Kong, the resultant cross of legendary Chronic and landrace strain Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, is an indica-heavy hybrid, its effects are more balanced than you might expect, as its cerebral high is as pronounced as its physical properties.   What are the effects of King Kong cannabis? Relaxed Happy Sleepy King Kong cannabis seeds grow into mighty plants with an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio and 20% THC content.  Contrary to what its name suggests, King Kong cannabis isn’t a one-and-done knockout punch, but rather a gradual increase from a soothing state of cerebral happy bliss to that of tension-relieving physical relaxation. Despite containing so much indica, King Kong’s effects seem more evenly balanced as its bodily effects don’t slam users into their couch, locking them there, nor do they cancel out the effects of its lower sativa content. King Kong starts off with a sense of tingling euphoria and, as it transitions into eventual sleepiness, there’s never really a feeling of being incapacitated but instead just more and more calm and easeful chill.   What are the therapeutic benefits of King Kong cannabis? One of the best things about cannabis is that not only does it always have a lot to offer recreational users, it also has the potential to provide significant physical and mental health benefits to medical users. As a wonderfully relaxing strain, King Kong may provide those suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression with some much-needed relief. That said, medical users tend to say that one of King Kong’s biggest therapeutic benefits is its pain-relieving properties that have been known to help patients get temporary respite from chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, migraines, muscle spasms, and, of course, insomnia. Some say that it also has helped to alleviate their nausea and loss of appetite.   What does King Kong taste like? Before getting into King Kong’s flavor, which many say is a sort of watered-down version of its fragrance, it’s worth pointing out that this is not a discreet kind of smoke as its smell is quite pungent. In terms of its flavor profile, King Kong’s taste, which is not near as dank as its smell, is that of pine and skunk, giving it a sort of mild sweet and sour taste. Some say its smoke is rather harsh, while others say it’s surprisingly smooth…thereby proving that anything related to the five senses is often subjective.   How do I grow King Kong cannabis seeds? King Kong, which can be grown both indoors and out, is best left to those who are at least at an intermediate skill level. However, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that the chances of ending up with male or hermaphrodite plants is, while not impossible, exceedingly low. Grown outside, King Kong requires a warm, sunny, and semi-humid, Mediterranean-like setting. Indoors, you’ll want to employ various training methods to help control its growth.  King Kong is a very odiferous grower, which means if discretion is important, then you might not want to grow it outdoors, and if you’re growing it indoors, you’ll probably want to use carbon-activated filters.   What do King Kong cannabis plants look like? King Kong plants, which grow tall like a sativa, produce nuggets that show their indica traits in their solid and tightly-packed structure. King Kong’s buds have a conical shape and are dark forest-green nicely juxtaposed with an array of vibrant orange hairy pistils, making for a striking contrast. To top things off, its colorful nuggets are littered with cloudy trichomes that make them quite sticky to the touch.    When to harvest your King Kong cannabis plant When it comes to the size of King Kong’s harvests, you will completely understand where this indica-heavy strain got its name. To say that they are ginormous isn’t an understatement. If you’re growing King Kong indoors, you can look forward to a massive yield of about 900 grams per square meter in just 7-8 weeks. If you’re able to grow King Kong outside, you can anticipate an even larger, more enormous yield of around 1,000 grams per plant sometime near the end of September.   Cannabis strains similar to King Kong Chronic this phenomenon of a perfectly-balanced hybrid is one of King Kong’s very impressive parents Hawaiian Snow this near-pure sativa also produces mammoth outdoor harvests of 1,000 grams per plant Great White Shark an indica-dominant strain that can also produce outdoor yields of 1,000 grams per plant  Lemon OG Kush a popular feel-good 50/50 blend that’s also known for its outdoor yields of 1,000 grams per plant  Bubba OG this dynamic hybrid also has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio


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