Kimbo Kush Feminized Seeds


Kimbo Kush is a powerhouse of a couch-locking, indica-dominant strain that also boasts some very uplifting cerebral effects.

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Kimbo Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 389 times today. Purchased 92 times today. Purchased 631 times this week.   Thanks to Growers Choice, Kimbo Kush cannabis seeds, once in limited supply, are no longer difficult to come by. Kimbo Kush is a powerhouse of a couch-locking, indica-dominant strain that came about from the crossing of luminary legends Blackberry Kush and Starfighter. As such, it’s of little surprise that it captured an award at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup.   What are the effects of Kimbo Kush cannabis? Relaxed Sleepy Happy Kimbo Kush cannabis seeds mature into plants with a 75:25 indica/sativa ratio and a colossal THC content of 26%. While Kimbo Kush cannabis is definitely going to make you feel lazy, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also come with some very uplifting cerebral effects that will have you feeling filled with bliss and happiness. In fact, its elation is so significant there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself succumbing to joyful fits of the giggles. Kimbo Kush’s deep body-relaxing effects will have you cheerfully sinking into your couch, allowing you to completely unwind from the mental and physical stresses of your day, and where you’ll be content to just lounge about and smile at the world as it happens around you.  Used in high doses, Kimbo Kush is sure to bring on feelings of lethargy and sleepiness, helping users get a good night’s sleep.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Kimbo Kush cannabis? While it’s always advisable to first seek expertise from a professional medical healthcare provider for any and all mental and physical health issues, cannabis does have a solid anecdotal reputation in the medical cannabis community. As a cerebrally uplifting and physically soothing hybrid, Kimbo Kush is reputed to have quite a few therapeutic benefits to offer medical users.  Patients struggling with issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression may find that Kimbo Kush provides them with much-needed, temporary relief. Furthermore, Kimbo Kush has the potential to alleviate chronic aches and pains, insomnia, arthritis, and muscle spasms. Its tendency to induce hunger can be especially useful to those suffering from eating disorders.   What does Kimbo Kush taste like? Kimbo Kush is one great smelling and tasting strain with aromas that will have you feeling like you’ve escaped to some tropical island and flavors that will be sure to more than delight your taste buds. Sweet-tasting Kimbo Kush is defined by its outstanding berry flavor with overall fruity tones and complex hints of pine, citrus, and even earth, making this one you’re bound to enjoy in every way. How do I grow Kimbo Kush cannabis seeds? Resistant to common molds and mildews, and able to thrive indoors and out, Kimbo Kush is an easy hybrid to grow. Plus, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized makes things that much more straightforward for cultivators, as the chances of ending up with male or hermaphrodite plants is incredibly low. Grown outside, Kimbo Kush requires a sunny setting where daytime temperatures range from 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit.   No matter where you grow the pungent-smelling Kimbo Kush, you’ll want to make sure to trim its fan leaves so that air and light can reach its lower-growing nodes.  In addition, if you wish to bring out Kimbo Kush’s soft purple hues, you’ll need to shock your plants near the end of their vegetative growth stage by exposing them to cold, but never freezing, temperatures.   What do Kimbo Kush cannabis plants look like? As is typical for an indica, Kimbo Kush plants don’t grow to be tall in height, but they are quite bushy with broad fan leaves. Kimbo Kush also shows its sativa side in that its nuggets are known for being large and plump in size and feathery and loose in structure. Its soft green buds often display beautiful shades of purple when properly shocked, and are thickly covered in an icy layer of sticky trichomes.   When to harvest your Kimbo Kush cannabis plant Easy-to-grow Kimbo Kush is also known for providing more than ample harvests, making it that much more a delightful strain to tend. Cultivated outside, Kimbo Kush should be harvest-ready in about 8-9 weeks with a generous yield of 500 grams per square meter. Grown indoors, this indica-dominant hybrid should produce about 600 grams per plant sometime around mid-October.   Cannabis strains similar to Kimbo Kush Blackberry Kush this easy-to-grow, high-yielding, indica-heavy hybrid claims Kimbo Kush as an offspring Sensi Star an award-winning, top-shelf, indica-dominant hybrid that also has a 75:25 indica/sativa ratio Grape Ape an indica-dominant hybrid that also provides yields of 500 and 600 grams, indoors and out, respectively White Widow this highly-sought-after, sativa-leaning hybrid also contains 26% THC Double Dream an unusual sativa-heavy hybrid that helps you drift into a trance-like state and get some sleep and also has a THC content of 26%


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