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Tasty Key Lime Pie is pretty balanced and clear-headed in its effects, although it leans to the lazy side of things.

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Key Lime Pie Feminized Seeds Viewed 499 times today. Purchased 63 times today. Purchased 518 times this week. Not that long ago, this strain was only available in clone form, but now you can easily get Key Lime Pie cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Seeds. Sativa-dominant Key Lime Pie is a rare Girl Scout Cookies phenotype, which simply means that it is the physical expression of the traits that an environment pulls from a plant’s genetic code from color, shape, smell, and resin. Used in moderation, this incredibly delicious strain makes for great usage most anytime of the day or evening as it is pretty balanced and clear-headed in its effects, although it leans to the lazy side of things.    What are the effects of Key Lime Pie cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric Lucidity Key Lime Pie cannabis seeds develop into a fabulous tasting, fast-acting strain with 20% THC content. It’s highly recommended that those with a low tolerance to THC or who are new to cannabis usage, start small as it’s easy to have too much too quickly due in part to its incredible flavor and immediate cerebrally euphoric and mind-clearing effects.  Provided that it is not used in excess, Key Lime Pie cannabis quickly begins with lucid thinking and a heightened sense of focus that often results in users feeling more creative and productive. While all of this is happening, its gentle, mellowing body high simultaneously loosens and uplifts your physical being and state. Generally speaking, folk end up feeling more introspective versus disoriented and overwhelmed.  However, if you choose to go above your usual dosage or tolerance level when using Key Lime Pie, then lethargy and couch lock are highly probable outcomes with this potent strain.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Key Lime Pie cannabis? Key Lime Pie’s usefulness extends beyond the recreational and into therapeutic usage. As a bliss-inducing strain, Key Lime Pie seems to help lift users out of the blues and anxious / worried thinking, making it effective in temporarily alleviating stress, depression, and even PTSD-related symptoms. Its physically-soothing properties can be taken advantage of by medical users to potentially relieve chronic pain and aching muscles and joints. Furthermore, as a potent and deep relaxer of a strain, Key Lime Pie may be of great benefit to those needing reprieve from insomnia.   What does Key Lime Pie taste like? It should come as no surprise that a phenotype of the delectable dessert strain Girl Scout Cookies also has its own incredible flavor profile. Key Lime Pie, of course, has very prominent lime and citrus flavors. Its undertones are that of herbs and minty freshness, along with a sweet candy-like taste. When combusted, the smooth smoke of Key Lime Pie gives off a creamy chocolate aroma, and upon exhale leaves an aftertaste of sweet and sour candy with hints of spice.   How do I grow Key Lime Pie cannabis seeds? Not only do you no longer have to try and find someone growing Key Lime Pie in order to obtain a clipping so that you too can cultivate it, but you also don’t have to worry about ending up with a lot of male seeds as all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. While it is not 100% impossible for a novice cultivator to be able to grow Key Lime Pie, the truth is it is a strain that will have a greater chance of successfully maturing when grown by someone with at least an intermediate amount of experience under their belt.  This strain will thrive both in and outside, where regardless of where it is grown it will need to be topped early on so that light and air can get to the lower flowering branches.  Grown outdoors, Key Lime Pie requires a warm and humid setting where daytime temperatures stay between 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are going to cultivate it inside, you have two different options with two different results in that if you plant Key Lime Pie in soil you’ll get better flavors, and if you use hydroponics you can anticipate more significant growth. To bring out Key Lime Pie’s purple hues, you need simply to shock it by exposing it to nighttime temperatures that are about 10 degrees cooler than usual just before it flowers. One important thing to remember is that you should not expose these plants to freezing temperatures.   What do Key Lime Pie cannabis plants look like? Medium-height Key Lime Pie is a very stunning strain to behold. It produces compact nuggets that are small to medium in size. Its fuzzy buds are bright green, often displaying striking purple accents, and a heavy frosting of crystal trichomes. Due to how resinous Key Lime Pie’s nuggets are, they are quite sticky, which makes breaking them apart without the use of a grinder quite difficult.   When to harvest your Key Lime Pie cannabis plant The quality of Key Lime Pie’s yields more than make up for its relatively average-sized harvests. Despite being more indica in structure, Key Lime Pie’s grow time is more in keeping with its sativa side. As such, if you are cultivating this strain indoors, you can anticipate a harvest of around 350 grams per square meter in 9-10 weeks. Grown outdoors, Key Lime Pie should begin to flower in the early part of October providing an approximate yield of 400 grams per plant.   Similar cannabis strains to Key Lime Pie Girl Scout Cookies without this delicious sativa-dominant strain there would be no Key Lime Pie Special Reserve Black Lime an award-winning, indica-dominant hybrid that also has dominant lime and citrus flavors  Fortune Cookies also a sativa-dominant strain with Key Lime Pie’s same sativa to indica ratio of 75:25  California Love this sativa-dominant strain also used to only be available in clone form Neville’s Haze for fans of sativa-heavy strains that also provides a strong burst of euphoric bliss and ends with feeling drowsy


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