Kandy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Kandy Kush is a candy-licious way to kick back, unfurl, and relax, making it particularly useful after a long hard day.

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Kandy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 450 times today. Purchased 76 times today. Purchased 650 times this week.   Kandy Kush, aka “Candy Kush,” cannabis seeds are about as close as you can get to growing candy in your own backyard. This perfectly-balanced indica/sativa hybrid is the descendant of OG Kush and Trainwreck. While it makes for good usage most anytime, it’s especially ideal for the end of the day, as Kandy Kush is a candy-licious way to kick back, unfurl, and just relax.   What are the effects of Kandy Kush cannabis? Relaxed Happy Uplifted With Kandy Kush cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to grow evenly-balanced plants with a moderate, yet effective, THC level of 16%. When using Kandy Kush cannabis, don’t be fooled by its relatively mild THC content, as if you choose to use a bit too much its fast-acting, cerebrally soothing sensation could turn to couch lock. However, used in moderation, Kandy Kush is an excellent way to experience full-bodied relaxation and stress relief. Known for being an uplifting strain that puts users in a euphoric and happy state of mind, Kandy Kush is likely to relax your face into a smile of sheer contentment. It also has the tendency to bring on the munchies, so there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself merrily snacking your way through your kitchen. All in all, Kandy Kush is a great way to unwind after a long hard day, and just enjoy the feeling of blissfully joyful calm, as you absent-mindedly snack on some savory or sweet treats.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Kandy Kush cannabis? Like most all cannabis strains, Kandy Kush’s benefits are not limited to the recreational side of things, as it has its own therapeutic benefits for medical users. Many use Kandy Kush to help temporarily relieve chronic stress or anxiety, depression, and even mild cases of PTSD.  Kandy Kush has also been known to alleviate chronic pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and insomnia. However, all of these things said, it’s important to remember that no cannabis strain is a solve-all for any mental or physical health issue, and seeking help from professional health care providers for serious and chronic cases is always advised.   What does Kandy Kush taste like? Some say that Kandy Kush tastes the way you might imagine the candied gems in the game Candy Crush would taste.  Not surprisingly Kandy Kush has a sweet, fruity, candy-like taste with strong citrus notes and a hint of skunk. Its flavor is definitely considered quite enjoyable and flavorful, with a well-balanced hard candy and berry taste. Those with particularly discerning palates say that they also can pick up peppery undertones amidst all the candy-sweetness.   How do I grow Kandy Kush cannabis seeds? Here’s two great pieces of news if you’re wanting to grow Kandy Kush for yourself: all Growers Choice seed are feminized, and this 50/50 hybrid is considered an easy grow, making it a good option for novice and even first-time growers. Kandy Kush, which is mold-resistant, can be grown in and outside, where outdoors it will thrive in a cool climate. Grown indoors, using the Screen of Green method is recommended.   What do Kandy Kush cannabis plants look like? Kandy Kush with its green, purple, and blue buds is colorful like a jar full of candies in a candy store. It’s considered to be one of the most resinous cannabis strains around due to the fact that it begins to produce trichomes in its fifth week all the way until harvest time. Its large, super-sticky nuggets are lumpy in shape and dense in structure. Along with being thickly blanketed in resinous crystal trichomes, Kandy Krush’s buds are heavily interspersed with wispy orange hairs.    When to harvest your Kandy Kush cannabis plant While Kandy Kush doesn’t provide the largest yields on record, the fact that it’s so easy to grow means you should be more than satisfied with its average-sized harvests. Plus, when you grow Kandy Kush indoors, you can employ the low-stress training method to help increase its yield. Grown indoors, this hybrid should begin to flower in 8-10 weeks with a harvest of about 300 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, you can anticipate a larger yield of 400 grams per plant in the autumn.   Cannabis strains similar to Kandy Kush OG Kush this ever-so-slightly sativa-leaning hybrid from the 90s is one of Kandy Kush’s parent strains Trainwreck this potent sativa strain that provides a clear-headed high is Kandy Kush’s other parent strain Tahoe OG Kush a 50/50 hybrid that’s a relative of Kandy Kush’s as a member of the legendary OG Kush family Orange Kush one of the tastiest and strongest 50/50 hybrids around  I-95 the seeds for this 50/50 hybrid were once incredibly rare and hard to come by, but, fortunately for you, Growers Choice has them  


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